Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Monday, August 12, 2013 2:39:45 AM


The Realty Agency that handles this Building that i live in ( KPS ) is doing something hinky.

i don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s not right.

The Principle Evidence that i have that they are up to No Good is that they refuse to allow Electronic Banking to pay The Rent.

Everyone nowadays does all their Billing with Electronic Banking, except KPS. Why Not? i don’t know. Is it because they don’t want an Irrefutable Paper Trail to follow all their Billing Practices around behind them?

They also charge $15 for The Use of a Debit Card when paying your Rent. No one does anything like this. Except for KPS.

So anyways.

i got a crazy Cheque in The Mail The Other day from Avista, My Electric Company. It was for $71.31.

i was told that i can either cash this Cheque, or ‘Return’ it, & if this latter option is chosen, The Amount will go towards my Electric Billing until it’s exhausted.


A few years ago, i opted for a Thingy offered by Avista to Pay my Electric Bill called ‘Comfort Billing’ ( or some such ( ? ) ), which meant that i’d pay The Same amount every month, irregardless of how much Electricity i used.

A few years ago, it started out as $15 a month, & then after a few years, it rose to $18.

Then every month when they sent me my bill, it would reveal how much i’d ‘Actually’ used, & this amount would always be very high; Like $50 or so.

i always knew ( pretty much ) that this was completely wrong, but i was only being billed The $18, so i shrugged it off. i supposed that it was an artifact of their crazy billing ‘method’ which somehow included The previous month or something something.

Apparently though, Someone else noticed that Avista was doing something hinky.

And Eventually; It caught up with them. Resulting in a Lawsuit of somekind, which bounced back to all of Avista’s Customers, Which resulted in this Cheque sent to me for $71.31.

This Cheque seems to defy The Very Principle of Comfort Billing.

i agreed to pay $18 irregardless of how much The Amount actually was.

It if had been; really more than $18 a month, would i now have received an addition bill to pick up The Balance that i ‘owed’ them ?

i can only assume that they’d been knowingly Over Billing me for several years now, & that was what this was all about.

This is what i expect will happen with KPS someday.

They’re going to get caught, eventually.

Their petty criminal activities are going be discovered & they are going to either stumble or fall, & they are not going to enjoy it.


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