Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Get Along with People

Saturday, August 17, 2013 4:22:19 PM

How to get Along with People.

If you love to argue, hysterically & with flailing arms,
This rant/essay/tutorial is Not for you.
Most people are imbeciles. People are about as smart as fish, & yet, somehow, with The constant supervision of angels, The world goes on.
Change is inevitable, But Change in The form of evolution doesn’t axiomatically infer that this change is for The better. Things aren’t getting better. The Sponges from a Billion years ago, or The Kooky Animals from The Pre-Cambrian Explosion of MultiCellular Life Six-hundred & Fifty Millions of years ago, were just as functional as The Animals That fill our Zoos today.
This pertains just as well to The presumed evolution of our Souls.
If it were true that gawd & reincarnating souls have been evolving for Quintillions of years; Is it reasonable to believe that our Ethical/Moralistic/Logical Minds & Souls are The Expected Outcome of that Or is more Plausible that our Souls aren’t particularly Evolving, They’re merely changing through The Endless Eons, & The way we are now, is A Consequence of that Indifference to Betterment.
Consequently; The Journey that you are on as you pass The highway markers of life, is on A Bicycle that is carrying only you.
Don’t try to bring anyone else along on your pilgrimage to unknown spiritual cairns that you hope may finally reveal why you were never able to keep a goldfish for more than Two weeks.
Any given Library only seems like it contains a lot of books because they are always built to hold The number of books piled up in The Parking Lot.
The real Library is empty. As it was pointed out in The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy; There isn’t any life in The universe. Any Trace amounts that may discovered from time to time represent such a tiny percentage against The Volume of Available Space, Is Effectively Zero.
There is far more Ignorance in The Minds of our Greatest Geniuses than Water in The Oceans.
Don’t think that you know better.
You don’t.
Rules :
Treat everyone like cats.
The friendly kind that come right up to you & jump in your lap.
If you’re a dog person; Replace Friendly Cat with Friendly Dog.
People don’t expect anything from friendly cats or dogs, they just expect them to be friendly. give them a good belly rubbing & scratch them behind their ears.
There should be a lot more belly rubbing in The world, people shouldn’t go around dreading belly rubs, you shouldn’t be teaching your children to scream & weep at The thought of a belly rub from a stranger.
Just agree with Whatever they say.
People are always saying The darnedest things.
Don’t try & correct them.
If they’re suggesting that we all get together & overthrow The Government next Tuesday, Express your natural curiosity & Ask engaging questions. If there is an obvious flaw in their thinking, let them discover it on their own.
They are The Expert. You are Dunce. The Dunce asks questions & accepts all answers as true. Build on their truths so that they may reach your conclusions in due time.
If you can’t lead them to believe your reasonable opinions, then feign a dentist appointment on The Specified Day.

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