Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Loose Ends

A few days I posted a rant after seeing a news item on Good Morning America concerning a huge Sun Spot that covered about a third of the Sun. I was bewildered that when I looked for this news item on the interweb, I couldn't find any mention of it !
So a few days later; there was a news story ( one ( 1 ) ) that covered this; and the Event happened 2 weeks prior to any news releases about it, perhaps those that noticed it, thought that maybe it was the end of the world or somesuch.
It turns out the photo used was in the X-Ray Spectrum, and the X-Ray pictures of the Sun are always very kooky looking !
So the Whole story was very Disingenuous !
( ??? )
What was it really all about ?

Very often; I will see or hear a news story on the Regular news about some Science thingy, and they will invariably forget to ask any pertinent questions, especially when it turns out that the Whole Story is just crazy.
Such as one awhile ago that reported that Scientists had succeeded in Transporting A Photon from one lab to another, just like in Star Trek.
One Photon.
 ( ??? )

- - -

Another item that I was thinking about recently was accidents that involved a bride or groom.
I recall that when I lived in Hawaii, there were frequent accidents that killed a bride or groom or both, usually in a helicopter crash!
So I looked this up on the internet, with an open ended question about accidents that involved a b or g, and there were a Lot of Them !!!
This really requires a more rigorous examination of statistical probabilities, with an eye open to how angels are arranging these events ???
You may already know that I don't subscribe to the school of thought that there good and bad angels, No! There are only angels, and the ways of angels are very different from the ways of myn !!!
So what are they up to ?

 Does it all have to do with hubris, or what ?

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