Monday, August 19, 2013

Teachers with Guns / vs / A More Reasonable Solution ( ? )

Saturday, August 17, 2013 7:40:19 AM
Teachers with Guns ?
Did i hear this wrong ( ? )

i think ( ? ) i heard on The Radio

that Teachers somewhere or another ( Clarksville, Arkansas ) will be actually carrying, wearing, packing guns in The routine teaching duties.
i would like to believe that everyone hearing this, would realize that this is a stupendously stupid idea, but apparently not.
On it’s first level of analysis; The idea that you want to prevent guns from being brought into school, by bringing guns into The school is tautologically insane.
If a child or stranger ever desires to go on shooting spree in The school, they don’t have to obtain their own guns, The teachers/school will provide them for their quest.
Even if The guns have somekind of kooky safety ( ? ) feature that prevents anyone from using The gun unless some additional feature is exercised; That method will undoubtedly become known & exploited for mischief.
Additionally; How long will it be before one of The Teacher’s pulls out their gun to ‘Control’ & ‘UnRuly’ Student ?
If you’ve never had a gun pointed at you; It a supremely terrorizing experience. Even being around someone is deeply unsettling, & if that person is a quirky, kooky teacher to begin with; That is Terrorist Act.
- -
My solution :
If any Solution is deemed necessary for this Extremely low Probability Event, Certainly much less likely than many other Disasters that have not provoked any measures to guard against; such as; Cars driving amuck across playgrounds, Simply Incompetent Teachers, Poorly Designed, Antiquated Curriculums, Numerous Safety Issues involving such benign Architectural features as loose stair railings or much more threatening, Inadequate maintenance to boilers or Food Preparation Areas.
The Chances of a School shoot occurring at any given school or any given school being struck down by a shooters bullet is far less likely than any of The Daily injuries or fatalities that do in fact occur every day
And this doesn’t consider The Ubiquitous Occurrences of Bullying that approaches The Level of PreAdolescent Terrorism by The Student’s Peers, Teachers, Janitorial Staff, School Administrators, Nursing Personnel & Regional Shop Vendors.
- -
The School might provide a number of easily accessible Emergency Terrorism Deterrent Stations; Which consists of a Large Glass Covered Case that includes a Bean-Bag Gun with 200 comparatively small Bean-Bags that can be rapidly fired, & pack sufficient force to knock anyone off their feet when hit at any point along their body length. Additional rounds by several shooters will undoubtedly be sufficient to incapacitate anyone until a more permanent containment solution be applied to them.
This Case is constructed with Safety Glass that Breaks into those harmless glass Beads, of The Type used on Automobile Windshields. The Glass should be difficult to Break, But Not if The person desiring access is satisfactorily motivated to get into it.
When The Glass is Broken, a Locally Powered ( to prevent disabling it by cutting The Main Power lines ) Siren that doesn’t simply sound an alarm, but produces a very loud, psychologically disorienting series of tones, bleats, screeches & honks to create a controlled environment of bewildering pandemonium. The Shooter will have The Protection of Industrial EarMuffs that are included in The Case.
The Entire Case & it’s contents would be well designed & Crafted to present a feeling of Aesthetic Tranquility & Confident Security
As Opposed to Oppressive Perilousness & Disheartening Brutality, Which The Implemented Solution certainly produces.
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