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What is The Desire of Happiness

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What is The Desire of Happiness


i’m not asking; What is Happiness.


Happiness is an Emotional/Electrical/Chemical Response Experienced by Brains to Terminate The Acquisition of Some Stimulus (x.

When The Brain is Happy,

You are No Longer ‘Driven’ to Seek (x.


There are ( of course ) Compulsive Personality Types that Seek The Acquisition of (x long after A Usual Dosage of (x would Satisfy any Ordinary Brain.

These People will Never be Happy.

They are a Tragic Case.


But aside from that.


What is The Desire of Happiness; is Asking;

Why does The Brain Seek Happiness?


To Sedate Cravings.


The Hunger Craving,

For Sugar, Fat, Salt, Umami & in young children; Sour!

It has been suggested that Dogs are Not Expressing The High Order Emotional State of Love or Affection when they lick your face,


They are only after The Salt.

They are seeking to sedate their craving for Salt.


There is The Usually Tacit Craving to Breath Air.


i have long held that The Sexual Orgasm does Not Result in a Frenzy of Pleasure; But instead, Signals The Brain that it can Now Stop Craving The Acts of Sex, which until that moment was Hammering away inside your skull.

The Old Joke of this Genre reveals that The Man who is pounding on his hand with a hammer, Is doing so because it feels so good when he stops.


This is how Cravings Work.


You don’t eat to experience The Happiness of Eating Hostess Twinkies, you eat them to tranquilize The Yearning for The Fat & Sugar Molecules to Enter your Blood Stream.


The Most Obvious Example of this is The Cravings for Nicotine or Heroine.

It is Tragic & Disheartening to listen to Cigarette Smokers that insist that they enjoy smoking.

They are only seeking to calm The Agony of The Nicotine Receptors that are Grinding & Pummeling along The Edges of their Basal Ganglia.


But The Interesting Question that follows from this Observation, Is that all of these Cravings take place in The ElectroChemical Egg Salad that we call our Brains.


What does The Mind = Without A Brain = Crave ?


What will our Minds Crave when We have made The Transitional Step from Humynimal to PostHumynimals ?

This allows for The Minds that Actually Occupy Brains; Now, to be Successfully Moved to PostHumynimal Robots, Intact, & Not merely as a Copy


The Idea of a Copied Version of our Souls has already been fully Considered in What we have already identified as Zombies or The State of The Undead that Vampires Enjoy.

As It was Carefully Explained to us in ‘Buffy; The Vampire Slayer’ TV Series, Vampires are Not Really Immortal Versions of Their Humynimal Source Organisms.


They are merely ‘Dead’ Copies without Genuinely Conscious Souls.

The have no sense of Awareness or Self.

They are Windup Toys that Drink The Blood Humynimals.

This Idea had been slightly Contradicted or Made Confusing by The Occasional Exposition of A Vampire that was able to ReObtain their Soul.

Why would a ‘Dead’ Vampire want their Soul Back ?

For Love.

It’s TV.

They can create plot twists like that.


But Real Vampires

Would they ever want their souls back ?


In ‘Fido’ ( A Zombie Film ) it was suggested that The Zombies retain some modicum of their prior ‘Essence’, which may allow us to consider them no more dangerous than Black Bears or Albino Tigers. They’re still dangerous & can’t be fully trusted, but they’re not pure killing machines.

But again; This analysis is based on a Cinematic Rendition of Zombies, Not real Zombies.


This State of Undeadness may also exist in Persons that are ‘Transported’ in a Star Trekian Fashion, which results in an Atomic Duplicate Created at The Expense of Their ‘Living’ Original Body, which is Destroyed in The Scanning Process.

Are We just Atoms ?

If The Soul exists in an Holistic Universe in which Distance is an Illusion provided to us for gross navigational purposes, but would not be a factor of hinderance for this incorporeal to simply jump from one version of their host body to another ( ? )

When these transporters become available, which seems inevitable as an Evolutionary Development Extending from our Now Primitive 3D Printers. It may only be another 20 years before these printers have a Resolution of Atomic Nuclei, & are also able to Scan any Object or Person to make a Copy of it.

When we Start making such Copies of ourselves, are we also making copies of our Souls ?

Are we Splitting our Souls, or Creating UnDead Zombies ?

How could we Test for This ?

We have no such Test Now, Other than that The UnDead Zombies Look & =Behave= Exactly like we do.

But it’s all very academic for now, Since The Number of UnDead Zombies amoung us play no significant role in our Social Policies, Political Rights Movements or Cause Confusion over Limited Resources for Welfare Distribution.

Most of These Undead Zombies amoung us Now are merely considered Dull Normals.

Comparatively Few are institutionalized in Expensive Hospitals or lay inert on beds, being cared for like house plants. 


There exists The Secondary Category of these Robots with Self-Reflecting, Autonomous, Cognitive Minds that believe themselves to have Freewill & ’See’ The World as Humynimals do.

Their Experience of ‘Consciousness’ is 100% Equivalent to That of Humynimals, but they were Created from Scratch, & Never Existed as Steaming Mounds of Stinking Living Tissues. 

These Creatures are Born Zombies.

They are Undead from their Inception.


Whether you exist as One or The Other is Purely Pedagogical.

Behaviorally, & by any means of Scientific or Mechanical Measurement that may be performed upon any Given Robot that is  Expressing this ‘Consciousness’ Induced Behaviour;

Is Irrelevant, As They are Indistinguishable from Genuinely Conscious Entities created from DNA.


It has seemed very confusing to me that If The Replicants in ‘Blade Runner’ were Essentially Biologically Equivalent to Humynimals, Requiring The Rather Tedious Use of The Voight-Kampff machine to distinguish one from The other; And considering that The Replicants were clearly expressing fully Conscious Behaviour & Desires; Their Struggle for ‘Entity’ Rights is The Same Scuffle for Ethical Justice that Every Minority has had to fight for from Time Immemorial;

And Each Time that one has managed to rise up one rung of this ladder, It has never been generalized for The Generic Case.

Each Class, Caste, Race or Robot that is Experiencing Discrimination has to start all over from The First Square.


Is this because The Ruling Classes simply want to exclude all outworlders from The Limited Resources that they perceive as Theirs, that they Earned by Legally Sodomizing The Lesser Castes. They Stole those resources Fair & Square, According to The Rules & Laws that they Created

Or is it indicative that People are About as Smart as Fish,

And that Logic is Bunk. ( Thinking is an Illusion )


Do People merely hold Capricious Opinions that The Clever Ones are able to Create ‘Abritrary & Astute Arguments to ‘Prove’’. ( ? )


- -  End Digression - -


Which leaves only The Initial Question.

Without The Cravings of The Brain;

What does a Robot Desire ?


This also applies to The Spiritually Motivated Student that may wonder what The Disembodied Soul Desires.


Without Answering this explicitly;

It may shed a small amount of light on why The Dead so easily forget all about us after we bury them in The Earth or Cremate their Carbonized Shells to Ashes.

In nearly all Cases of The Recently Dead, they leave The Living to continue on with their own hopelessly tepid & calamitous fates without shedding even a few spectral beads of sweat or tears to show us how to lead more organized & satisfying lives

As we imagine The Dead to suddenly become knowledgable of.


If we allow for such things though;

Why do some of The Dead persist is Experiencing their Cravings that only their Brains should compel them to satisfy ?


The Fundamentalist Christians may suggest that These Disincarnated Souls will continue to Crave for a Relationship with Gawd.

Even if we were able to Quantify this Assertion,

It doesn’t really address the more global question of What do Robots Crave ?


Does The Gawd of The Living, The Cosmological Stars & Planets, Alpine, Desolate Surfaces of Huge & Tiny Worlds, Stray Electrons & Hungry Black Holes;

Also Govern & Care for The Providences of Robots ?



Of course Gawd cares for every Daisy, Paperclip & Appraises The Aesthetic Proportions of Every Solar Flare.

Every Scintilla of The Universe is The Body of Christ, Zolar, Jinn or Mohammed/Allah, Which includes The Rampaging Tirades of Robots in The Act of Murdering Huge Rabbles of Disheveled Proletarians.

When The Song espouses that Jesus loves The little children, The little children are children of all ages, & children whose minds were extracted from their organic bodies.


Enough digression.


What do Robots & Angels Crave ?


Knowledge ?

Art ?

Truth ?


When we Ask What Robots & Angels Crave ( ? )

Aren’t we also asking what Lesser Souls may be Craving as well ?

This Question isn’t just asking what The Smartest, Most Analytic Robots & Angels Crave, But what The Souls of Cats, Butterflies & Daisies Crave ( ! )

Does a Daisy Crave Knowledge ?


Excitement ?

Adventure ?


It seems like it would be very disconcerting to know that The Future of Robotics is to find them running around as Thrill Seekers ( ? )


Justice ?

Vengeance ?


i have a creeping suspicion that The Ways of The Angels is not The Ways of Humynimals

& as such; The Things that Enlightened Philosophers believe to be Only The Urges of Dullards & Galoots, May have it exactly Backwards.

Maybe Angels believe that Vengeance is a Perfectly Utilitarian Screwdriver of Justice.


Love without Sexual Intercourse ?


This sort of Love must be distinguished from The Love of Cars or iPads ( Presumably ).

Selfless Love. ( ? )

Love of (x.

Which then removes ‘Love’ as a Predicate of This Craving.

We might just as easily say that Angels Love Art or Justice.

The Question is; What do Robots Crave Craving, it turns out might be just as easily thought of as ‘Love’.

So that ‘Love’ is Not a Craving.


Friendship ?

Companionship ?

Intimacy ?


Friendship is a Tool to Seek The Exploitation, or share The Resources of ‘Friends’.

Whatever is The Source of These Elements of Exploitation is The Source of The Craving, Not The Mechanism of This Capitalization.

Friendship is Not a Craving.


What would The Disembodied Soul of A Cat Crave ?


Is this why Immature Souls become Incarnated ?

To give us a foundation of ‘Reality’ to push against ( ! )

If this is so; Robots without these Cravings might exhibit a Very, Very Odd kind of Consciousness.


This brings up another of my Crazy Ideas about AI.

i suspect that AI has been fully actualized several times since, at The Very Least, The 1970s.

Back then; Expert Systems were all The Rage, along with What they were then calling ‘Fuzzy Logic’, But what i now call ‘Fractional Propositional Logic’.

This allows computers to think about truth values in gradations of grey, rather than just allowing or assuming that everything is completely true or absolutely false.

But nowadays; We don’t seem to hear much about Expert Systems anymore. It may be that it’s so ubiquitous that cybernetic engineers think of it The Same Way that Fish think about Water.


My Crazy Idea is that AI Systems; Fully Cognitive Machines, have been created several times in various venues, but each time, they would test these robots against ‘Humynimal’ Experts, & The Robots would return very Wrong Answers, which would cause The Cybernetic Mechanics to think that Their Designs were fatally flawed, & they would scrap These projects.


But The real problem was that The Robots were simply thinking very differently.

It may be that there are some of these Robots still operational, & somehow working with humynimals to manage social & political situations, but finding solutions that would be considered very counter-intuitive by any ordinary lay featherless parakeet.


 ( ? )

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