Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Magick ?

Monday, September 23, 2013 7:29:26 PM

Why Magick ?

i’ve been thinking of a very small question lately;

Why do people that are involved in Wicca & other Magickal ‘Studies’ believe that Magick Exist ?

What is their Best Argument ?

Where is their Proof ?

Long ago; in The 1500s or so; When John Dee; Alchemist for The Queen, was practicing Magick It might easily be excused because his Alchemical Studies were The Precursor to Modern Chemistry & Physics. What was keeping Dee & others from performing more critically considered experiments was their dearth of Chemicals & other very rare materials. They simply couldn’t perform The hundreds or thousands of experiments that modern pharmaceutical companies perform today in The course of discovering some curious, curative drug.

If John Dee performed one experiment with a small quantity of chemicals, minerals or organic substances that he had on hand, & The notes he kept took into consideration graphs that were drawn on The table, The phase of The moon, chants sung & extraneous substances such as virgin menstrual blood, toad’s eyes & The toenails of a dead pope; He simply didn’t have The Time or Resources to hone that Experiment down to The Critical pieces; He had to believe ( Scientifically ) that The Effect was Achieved as a result of everything that he did that evening.

So that The Occult Elements were just as important as The Chemical ones.

So that covers why John Dee & Sir Isaac Newton were Occult alchemists, but what about modern adherents with an IQ over 110 ?

The World is full of Magick.

But what i’m really looking for is some real Magickal Effect, Consequent or Result from a Given ’Spell’.

A lot of it is distraction & wishful thinking, but still
The World ( According to _Fortean Times_ Magazine ) is full of Magick,

But few, if anyone, is able to control it.

No one yet has tamed a poltergeist or demonstrated a believable case of levitation.

Fire-walking is still pretty viable; & will remain so until physics teachers start performing The Effect in their classes.

Remote Viewing is supposed to be well proven; But it’s not in common usage to solve crimes or find lost kittens.

How real is Magick ?

How much Magick is there in The World ?


Poor Spelling Disease ?

Monday, September 23, 2013 12:58:49 PM

Poor Spelling Disease ?

i am an atrociously poor speller.

Without The spell checker on my computer, my rants would be far more ( ? ) unreadable than they are already.

i can usually sort through confusing word selections; such The appropriate use of to or too, their or they’re, but not so much with who or whom, although i know The rule of thumb for their usage, which is to change The sentence a little to accommodate either he or him, & him means that you should use whom.

i am wondering however if Bad Spelling is, or should be somekind of very specific ‘Learning Disability’ as in my own case; My Inability to Spell even The Simplest Words strikes me as very curious. Even very common words that i use very often, don’t seem to be ‘Obviously’ misspelled when The computer flags them for me.

There’s all those ie & ei’s of course, that i have never learned or bothered to distinguish, & words that i very often use, but aren’t spelled anything like they are pronounced; Like Bureaucrat. No matter how often i use that word & no matter how carefully i examine it’s spelling after The computer corrects it, i will stumble over it upon its next usage. ( ! )

i already have one personality disorder & this one seems to me to be equally innate.

Perhaps associated with this somehow is how i often construct sentences in a very awkward or opposite manner, such as The very obvious habit of leaving out The word ‘Not’ when i mean to contradict something, leaving The sentence to suggest its affirmative clause.

This may be thought to be attributable to too fast typing, but i am actually a very slow & timid typist, often deleting whole lines with The back key because i’m too lazy to use The mouse to reposition The Character Insert to where i want to make a small change. ( ! )

To be a successful typist, you have to ‘Let Go’ & i’ve never been able to Let Go, except for very short durations, usually when i’m transcribing something from a book, & even so, i often find myself very consciously considering where each key is, under which finger & so on. i can type with all my fingers, but only for those keys immediately under them, or very nearly so.

Another Facet of this syndrome is that i can not remember word spellings. Such as when i am looking right at a word or name in a book, that is comparatively short, & i want to type it into my computer or write it down in a notebook, i will have to be looking right at it while i type or write, i can not remember The Letter Sequence for even a few moments !

Which is particularly odd, because i feel that have a very good, nearly eidetic memory for things or scenes that i have only glanced at yesterday or The day before.

i am also troubled by my disconnected thoughts, which often lead me along a path of some Rant, but then peter out before some necessary conclusion is reached, resulting in a rant such as this, suddenly ending without any proper conclusion, except for The requisite quixotic punctuation that i enjoy so much.

( ? ]

)) !


Gawd ! i hate computers !

I've been having a lot of trouble with computers lately;
Most recently;
I write these rants at home and then transfer them to this Google Blog via a Flash Drive,
But when I load them onto the MS Computers here at the library and then transfer from the Document Reader that these computer have and then move that to Google,
At each itineration; The Document Reader & Google completely reformat them !!!


Why can't they just leave them alone.

Plus; this stupid Google blog thinger doesn't allow you to set tabs or rearrange margins, so that if those are changed, I can't change them back !!!

I was also recently having 'Problems' with the Computer at The Chase Bank,
which I would think, should represent the highest imaginable quality of computer interface with its costumers, but it is astonishingly stupid !
I was just trying to get their 'QuickPay' dealie to work, and after 5 days and consulting 3 different Bank employees to get this to work, it would Not !
I eventually had to choose to pay my rent using another method which drives me crazy, because with this other method; the money is sent from Chase to Washington Mutual by Snail Mail and I can't tell it when I want it to be sent, I can only tell it when I want Washington Mutual to Receive it !
Which is Crazy !!!

Do they do this on purpose, or are computers really this stupid when they're at their best ?

A New Genré of Fiction / Literature

Sunday, September 22, 2013 1:40:13 PM

A New Genré of Fiction / Literature

i’ve been thinking ‘lately’ about how remarkable it is that certain Genrés of Fiction are thought to be entirely new; Such as Science Fiction & even more remarkably; Detective Fiction, which was supposedly invented only a few short years ago by Edgar Allen Poe.
It seems equally remarkable that Civilization is so brand new. Even if you count those years before The Age of Electricity which started only a generation ago.
Civilization was essentially stagnant for thousands of years prior to that, & then; Only no more than 20 thousand years old, unless you count those years before The last Catastrophic Destruction of The World

e.g.; Prior to Atlantis or The World Flood, in which case there may have been dozens of Millennia lasting ‘ages’ of myn that existed & collapsed, scratched themselves back up, flourished, collapsed & started all over again, & again & again.

( ? )

i believe that there is a very small but entirely reasonable possibility of such ancient, antediluvian, completely buried civilizations that had existed & since then been utterly forgotten, before The Assyrians or The Pyramid Building Egyptians.

But again; This is not The topic of todays rant.

The Question that i am wondering about today is:
Are there any new kinds of Fiction ?

Certainly; i suppose.

But One might easily suggest that aren’t;

That writers have certainly explored every imaginable topic, subject matter, First, Second & Third Person Narrative, Every Theme, every conceivable angle of discourse.

But of course; That’s exactly it.

Every ‘Imaginable’ kind of Literature has been examined.

Before Detective Fiction, there must have been stories which considered Criminal investigations, but yet, failed to fully embrace The idea of a Criminal Investigator.

Before Science Fiction; There was Fantasy, even when The Writer or Reader thought that it was History.
The Romans & Others often wrote Speculative Fiction, With Creatures every bit as Mechanical as todays Robots; But they just didn’t quite call them that.
What was a Golem, but a mud robot ?

i have long thought that watching Sports on TV is essentially The same as watching Pornography, in that The Characters are engaging in activities which may well be The Occupation of Characters in any category of Story Telling, But without The Story Telling.

Wouldn’t it be Horrifically Interesting if there existed a kind of story which consisted of Nothing but what one sees at a Baseball Game. The Closest Approximation is A Radio Broadcast of Baseball Game, but because The Chronological Constraints of The Broadcast that must remain at a one to one correlative proportion to The Actual Game, The Sportscaster must fill in The Gaps of Inactivity with Minutia & Trivia, as well as Advertising But this Imagined new Form of Reality Fiction would have none of that; If A baseball Game is in fact at all entertaining, then a story which contains only a lively & well constructed narrative of that game should be entirely viable.

( ? )

But such Stories don’t exist Do they ?

The Damp Masses aren’t ever Aware of Anything Until they are Made Aware of them.

This is most easily allowed for when one considers a genuinely novel form of Street-Ware; Electronic Gadget, Type of Music or Art, A Recently Discovered Insect, geological anomaly or A New Catch Phrase.

Until you are made aware of these things;
They are genuinely UnImaginable.

One might easily -Forecast- A Kind of Fiction by simply examining a listing of all The Familiar forms of Literature; & Observe what is Missing from it.

As we have already determined; A Story about Detectives is Not Detective Fiction. For it to be Detective Fiction It must somehow ( ? ) Embrace a New Perspective from The Vantage Point of the Detective, Rather than that of A Lay Person writing about The Detective.

Once you have a ‘Super-Category’ of this ‘Kind’ however; Would we not reasonable consider that a Physician Fiction Story or A Plumber Fiction Story or A Knitting Bee Fiction Story be Essentially The Same thing ( ? )

So What we are really looking for; Are New Super-Categories.

It might well be argued that Science Fiction is a Sub-Category of Fantasy, which was one of The Very Original Forms.

What are The Well Established & Distinct Super-Categories ?

When considering The Idea of A Super-Category,
One might use as A Model; The Zoological Classifications of Phylum.

These are The Roughest Categories of All Animal Life & are thought to be The Real & Genuine Distinctions between this & that.
There are something like 35 such Categories, & they were all created around 650 million years ago during The Precambrian Explosion of Life.
Since then; There have been NO New Phylum created since then. That would seem to argue against evolution, but what can you do ( ? )
According to these Categories; Birds, Lizards, Fish & People are all in The Same Category; Chordata !
So you must be able to garner some sense that The other 34 Categories must be VERY Different from one another.
But It’s not as Crazy you might fear though; Millipedes, Spiders & Ants are all in Separate Phylum.
That’s the Rigor that we want to Use on our Classification of Super-Categories for Literature.

i am reluctant to include a separated Super-Category for Humor, as this may seem to exclude any hint of humor from any other Category. Any Category may include Humor as a Relish or Spice of The Genré.

Likewise; A Period Piece, Such as Gothic Literature, might provide a Template for An Proper Super-Category.

While Fiction & Non-Fiction are thought to be The Super-Super Categories of Literature; i very much suspect of course that there are No Pure Example of Either. The Most Diligent Historical Transcript or Newspaper Story is going to severely Flavored by The Writers Indigenous Culture, Religious Assumptions & Personal Bias. Likewise; Any Fictional or Fantasy Story is going to contain innumerable True & Factual Observations of The Real World.

AutoBiographical / Biographical / Diary /
Journal / SketchBook
Criticism / Commentary / Travel Brochures
Pure Narrative / Stream of Consciousness
Exposé / Tabloid Journalism
Journalism / NewsPaper writing / TV News
Ad Copy / Ingredients
Legal Notice
Mythological / Folktales
Urban Legend
Pornography / Sports Journalism
Poetry / Ballads
Prose ( Poems )
The Novel
Jiggery Pokery / Alt. Logic & Nonsense
Correspondence / Business or Personal
The Pointless Anecdote
Joke / Pun /
Figure (x / Note under An Illustration or Photograph in a Book
The FootNote
The Blurb
Catch Phrase / Idiom / Quote / FolkWisdom / Rule of Thumb
Class Note / Classroom Gossip or Love Missive

- - -

New Super-Categories

The Akashic Library / Everything Considered. Like Stream of Consciousness Writing, only without The Self Editing.

The Mind of Gawd / Omniscient Fiction in which All The Characters know everything, There’s No Mystery, No Conflict to be Resolved

Inverted Chronology / Conclusion to First Principle

Character Translation / The Life of Insects by Victor Pelevin approaches this; Where Characters freely shift from one to another.

Mobius Strip / Where The End of The Story loops around to The Beginning, but because all of The Character have evolved after Each itineration, The Story is Entirely Different The Next Time you Read it. All The Him’s, Her’s, It’s & ‘Them’ Refer to different people or Groups each time. When you think Communists mean one thing The First time you read through it, Communists mean something else The Second time, & something different again The Next Time.

Recursive Fiction / Where Various Chapters are read over & over until some principle or criteria made by The reader is met, which allows them to proceed to The Next Chapter.

Drunken Slot Fiction / Story written while in a Drunken Stupor

Schizophrenic Fiction / Story written by a Schizophrenic / This sort of writing is actually quite common, but apparently not widely recognized as such.

Symbolic or Hieroglyphical Writing / Written in a Universal Language that anyone in The World can Read, with a little attentive interpretation required.

Minimal Vocabulary / Very Long Stories written with a Very small number or Words. Less than 20. May require considerable interpretation.

UnKnown Pidgin Fiction / A Story written in an Unknown Pidgin derived from several different languages, Includes illustrations with Hand Signs.

Lost Point Fiction / Story in which none of The characters ever finish a sentence, conclude an argument, make a point, wind up a conversation, settle on a decision, state an opinion or deduce some obvious inductive explanation.

Non-Anthropomorphic Animal Fiction / Stories written by actual animals, using their Vocabularies which include numerous words to describe sensations that human’s don’t have any sense of.

Neologism Fiction / In which every noun & verb is a Neologism. ( like a Clockwork Orange, only much worse )

Grunting Fiction / Stories in which all The expressions used are Grunts, Screams, Minimal Guttural rasp, Husky growls, Croaks, Low Sigh, Pathetic Whimper, Weeping, Inconsolable Wailing or Dying Moans.

Yellow Blood Fiction / In which all of The Descriptions don’t make any sense. Filled with Incomprehensible Idioms, Pointless Riddles, Inscrutable Puns, Bewildering Insults or Delphic Predictions that go unheeded.


Friday, September 20, 2013

More Strange Sensations

Jim from downstairs ( Spofford Building ) was telling me today ( Thursday, September 19, 2013 ) that he frequently experiences genuine pain upon hearing a truck pass by The building. The Sound of The Grinding Gears & such ( ? ) It is like someone punching him in The Stomach, so he reports.

This is entirely reasonable because i have experienced similar effects & been told of similar things by other people, notably my mother, that related a story in which a woman at church would cause her severe torment ( ? ) by merely listening to her voice.

i have experienced this effect myself & attributed it, Not to some psychic influence, but simply The Resonance of The Auditory Frequency which is ‘Tuned’ to my Skeletal or Internal Organs, which they absorb instead of dissipating them as they would with any ‘Ordinary’ White Noise that i’m exposed to all The Time.

On The other End of This Spectrum; i have often heard The Voice of someone that is so Calming that i am placed into a state of Local Nirvana.

The Stages of Culture Shock / Extended by Tiny Wanda

Kalervo Oberg / Canadian Anthropologist

Culture Shock
Extended Version by Tiny Wanda

Stage One / Honeymoon Phase / The Alien Culture is experience as enchantingly novel & endlessly fascinating.

Stage Two / Reaction / The Visitor Reacts Angrily against The cultures incomprehensible customs, uneatable foods, disagreeable fashion or grooming habits, thus intensely disliking it & romanticizing their home cultures superior & correct ways of doing things.

Stage Three / Resignation / The Visitor develops various coping strategies, such as drinking imported canned soft drinks, averting their eyes from revolting native conventions & shouting poorly pronounced foreign phrases.

Stage Four / Adjustment / Resigns themselves to accept The Foreign culture as merely different, inferior in many ways, but not as evil as they’d believed a few days or weeks before that.

Stage Five / Upon returning home; The Visitor experiences Reverse Culture Shock in which they see their own culture anew, become far more critical of Taboos & Customs which are meant to Constrain & Crush their Individuality.

Stage Six / The Citizen becomes compelled to actively resist The Oppression of their own Society & become Freedom Fighters.

Stage Seven / The Citizen is Killed in a Hail of Gunfire by Regional Police, ATF, FBI or Silent Assassins. Where upon The Citizen becomes a Martyr for a New Generation of Disenfranchised Teenagers which overthrow their Cultures previous Religious & Traditional Values with Ill Conceived self-destructive Fads & Fashions.

Stage Eight / These avant-garde Vogues then slowly evolve into a Multicultural Amalgamation of Milk-Toast Mores, Praxis & Folklore that are as shallow as spilled bourbon on a hot day.

Stage Nine / Suicide Rates explode & The Culture eventually collapses, forcing everyone to flee The Major Metropolitan Areas, forming up into small villages that evolve their own languages & entirely new Origin Myths, Fables, Children’s Parables & ‘Ancient’ Legends that form a rock solid moral & Ethical foundation for then next few hundred generations.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Saturday, September 14, 2013 8:18:22 AM


My Understanding of Physics is ‘Superficial’.

But i am reasonably certain that There is A Lot of MisInformation & MisQuoting of The Ideas Relating to Quantum Mechanics,

And Physicists don’t have any idea What The Causal Mechanism is behind Gravity & ElectroMagnetism ( Light ) is.

These Things have been very well ‘Described’ & There are Blackboards full of Equations that Provide A Precursory ability of Physicists to ‘Predict’ what Carefully Constrained Experiments will Produce

But How Gravity reaches out & pulls things across space, is completely undescribed.

And Magnetism. Same thing.

Are Magnetic Fields something or Nothing ?

Obviously; They are not nothing, But explaining how every Proton in The Universe can reach out in all directions & pull other Protons & Neutrons towards it, with a Range of Infinity,

Is Baffling.

Is The Smoking Gun ( ? ) that we’re living in a Fractional Reality ?

That would be The Test wouldn’t it ?

If you Ask ( ? ) Are we living in a Fractional Reality, That is; A Simulated ‘Computer’ Game, or Screen Saver, The Question from Beings living in Game might Ask;

Are there ‘Elements’ of our Reality that are So Impossible that this Infers that Our ‘Reality’ can’t be ‘Real’.

That our Reality doesn’t have a Foundation of Cause & Effect.

That at Various Focal Nodules, The Causality of These Things must fall to An Instruction in a Line of Programming, And that is how Gravity & Magnetism work. There’s No Causality behind them, they Behave The way they do because there are lines of code that tell them how to behave.

If this were correct ( of course ) then The Reality Generator wouldn’t actually be ‘Organizing’ every proton or Electron. These ‘Artifacts’ are conveniences for our model of Reality that tell us how things are ‘Made Up’.

Our Reality consists only of What we Experience in our Bubbles of Perception. These Bubbles are literally Bubbles that Surround us, & Act like movie Screens that we use to Perceive Reality, like on an Imax Movie Screen.

Theres is No Reality outside of these Bubbles.

The Reality Generator may have a Ball-Park Understanding of A Greater Reality that all of The Bubbles move Through, But it doesn’t bother to Render any of that, Unless it falls without someone’s Bubble.

- -

But my Rant today is not about that.

i was wondering what The Strength of Magnetism or Gravity would be if these forces were sufficiently isolated from other Magnetic or Gravitational Forces that weren’t effectively Canceling them out.

If you were to take one little magnet & set it beside another little Magnet way out in empty, empty, empty space somewheres, far, far, far away from any other magnets or anything;

Then you’d be able to perceive how these two little magnets behaved without The interference of other magnets that would be canceling out their desire to tug at each other & nothing else.

So i was thinking; Well An experiment like that couldn’t actually be done; But we may be able to do The Opposite, & simply set up an experiment so That one little magnet is set beside another little magnet & then surround both of these magnets with so many other magnets that The two primary magnets would no longer be attracted to one another.

What would be The Point of that ?

- - -

Physicists are now talking a lot about Entanglement, but from what little i know about this ( assuming that there’s anything to it, to begin with ( ! ) ), What this should mean in The real world, is That All Particles are Entangled with All The Other Particles in The Universe.

So that talking about any two Particles being Entangled in such a way that Isolates them from all The Other Particles, is Crazy.


FireFighters ( Usually Heros

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 9:00:00 AM

September Eleventh Heroes ( ? )

First off.

i don’t believe The Orthodoxy regarding 911.

A lot of very hinky things happened on that day,

& some of them exceeded The Expectations of The Bell Curve for hinkiness.


One aspect of The 911 Mythology that i have never ( ? ) heard mentioned ( because it’s deeply Taboo ( ! ? ) ) is The Heroic Behaviour of The ‘First Responders’ ( Firemyn ) that arrived at The Twin Towers.

They are Universally Heralded as Heroey Heroes.


Every Firemyn, everyday, is a hero of various degrees.

When a Firemyn runs into a burning building, even if they’re wearing all their gear, they’re still heroes. Firemyn are routinely killed with all their gear on.

When a Firemyn helps a cat out of Tree, they are sustaining The elemental glue of Western Civilization.

Everything they do is Heroic.

Not Necessarily like Grandiose Grandstanding Heroics,

But Existing as a Totem Figurehead as The One Job in Our Society that Really Serves Everyone, Absolutely Selflessly, with Never a Thought of Ever Harming Anyone. They Serve All Races, Religions, Political Parties, And Saints & Sinners alike

They may chastise you for smoking in Bed, or carelessly putting out a campfire, but in The Course of Their Primary Activities of Protecting us all From The Daemon that is Responsible for Feeding All of our Modern Conveniences; They Serve Silently, Stoically & Without Ever Asking for Thanks.


When The Firemyn arrived at The Twin Towers on 9.11—

What were they hoping to do ?

The Airliner’s Crash ( if that’s what happened ? * )occurred on The 110th Floor, So What ? Were they going to run up 110 Stories in Full Gear & then What;

Aim their Fire Hoses at The Ceiling ?

This assumes that They would be able to connect them to The Water Supply System in The Building.

Pumping water up 110 Stores ( 3,300 ± Feet ) may be a little difficult, since there are Vacuum laws of physics that kind of prevent water from being pumped up more than something like 30 feet. It can be done of course, but only with numerous oneway valves & relay pumps. Which would have had to have been carried up as well.

Sadly; The New York FireDepartment didn’t seem to have a viable Contingency Plan for fighting high rise fires, which seems crazy doesn’t it ? Most of The Buildings in NewYork aren’t The Tallest SkyScrappers in The World, & maybe they thought that those few that were really, really tall, should have their own plans to deal with this sort of thing.

1 in a Thousand Catastrophic Fire; Yes.

1 in a Million Catastrophic Fire; No.

The Point being; The only thing that The Firefighters at The Twin Towers succeeded in doing was blocking The Stairwells & preventing more office workers from Escaping The Buildings.

What should they done ?

No One Expected The Buildings to Collapse.

That’s Crazy.

And there’s no way that they should have or could have.

There is no Way that they Could have.

Unless something very, very hinky was going on.

There’s no Particular Reason to have suspected that anyone substantially below The Crash Level would have been injured, so that there wouldn’t even have been any need or efficacy in sending paramedics up.

They should have just stood around on The Ground Floor & Tried to Contain The Damage & get escaping office workers to safety, while The fire burned out, & then figure it out from there.

As a result of The Fiasco; 343 Firemyn & Related Personnel were killed that day. And all The Others as well.
- - -

* One The Kookiest Aspects of The 9.11 Conspiracy Theories is that Several are Mutually Canceling.

That is; If one is True, Then The Other Can’t be.

Each Theory has all this Wonderful Evidence for it, but if One is True, The Other, as well as all of it’s contributing Evidence must be False.

There is a very Interesting Bit on The Loose Change Film; on ‘You Tube’, that seems to compellingly argue that there were No Planes that day. The Explosions occurred from within The buildings, & The Planes were later added with CGI ( ! ) ???

The Other very convincing Argument is that The Planes were not The Commercial Planes, but Military Planes equipped with Special Devices attached to their undercarriages.

Whomever was responsible for 9.11

If it took place at all ( ? )

What was for ?

Who expected to gain anything from it ?

There are A LOT of contenders.

And assuming that The Invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan were an integral part of The Scheme from The Beginning, then more Contestants must be included.

Was it all orchestrated just to steal Ancient Egyptian artifacts ?

Make a few dollars on The Stock Exchange with Short Bonds ?

Collect on The Insurance for The Twin Towers that were failing as A Retail Space Outlet ?

Control The Oil Fields of North Africa ?

Obtain Justice for The Palestinians ?

What does Afghanistan have That The Russians & The United States want so very badly ?

To Control The Mineral Resources of Afghanistan ?

To Drum up Business for Dick Cheney’s Halliburton ?

To Test The Gullibility of The Damp Masses ?

To Demonstrate our Energy Beam Weapons to The Aliens ?



Chase Bank Fiasco

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8:44:24 AM

Who are you?

This is one of The Most Overused Clichés in Cinema & everytime i hear it, i just grind my teeth & curl up my toes with such ferocity that The soles of my feet bleed.

But in a more generic sense; i was thinking about how in The olden days, & by olden days, i mean, 40 years ago & prior to that; People would simply ‘Trust’ one another to be who they said their were.

The Signature; The Prima Facie Proof that you, or whatever documents you ‘signed’ were you or your Surrogate for all legal & ethical purposes; Was merely a perfunctory yellow ribbon of authority.

i can’t believe that anyone of any era would have ‘really’ taken a signature as proof of anything.

Sure; The Signature was used innumerable times in courts of law, But only because The Accuser was certain of deception & chicanery, but The Societal Rules of Etiquette prevented them from using their own authority of Trustworthiness to trump The Word of another without some sort of ‘Proof’.

It was all very crazy then.

But The Core idea; That everyone ‘Trusted’ Everyone else, Strangers & Friends alike, was quite remarkable.

Certainly; The Streets were filled with Liars & Treachery, But without a Real Tool to Truly Know what was True or Not,

Trust was all they had.


The Opposite is True.

i have just recently been trying to Open a ‘QuickPay’ Account at my Chase Bank, without Success.

i have been reasonably happy with Chase, but every once in awhile, Whenever i want to do something slightly complicated, it will let me down.

This QuickPay Thinger is intended to allow me to pay a bill to someone painlessly.

It is like Paypal, but extends a little beyound The Interweb.

The Problem is that when i was trying to set it up, & after i had logged on to my Chase Interweb Account; it kept trying to ReVerify that i was still me.

It already performs various tricks if it suspects for a moment that i’m a Nigerian 4th Grader in The Russian Province of Georgia.

One trick is to simply send me a Verification Code through my Cell Phone.

But in The Last 2 Days, whenever i try to Get this QuickPay Account to ‘Open’; It insists that i ReVerify my ReVerifications, & it won’t use The First Trick.

This time, It insisted that i use my Email Account.

This should Not present a Problem, but for various reasons, it was a problem.

Such as :

i was trying to get The Bank Helper Lady to help me set this up, so i wasn’t using my ‘Regular’ Computer,

The Bank does not have Wifi, so i couldn’t use either of my Digital Assistants ( Kindle or iPod ) to access my email.

i do have an Email Access Tool on my ( tracfone ) Phone, but i turned that off, so that it wouldn’t drink up all my minutes ( or Units or Whatever ) by constantly loading new junk mail onto my phone.

So i couldn’t get The Access code that The Chase Bank Computer was sending me.

Crazily; i then thought; Well Maybe i could use The Wifi from Safeway, that was right next door. So i got online with them, & this took a few more minutes, & we tried the code that The computer sent me, to type into my own Account Page on The Computer at The Bank Branch.

It would Not Work.

The Computer Said that it could not, or would not, Verify The Access Code that it just sent me, & that i should try again later.

Obviously; The Computer was working, The Web was working, The Bank Computer System was working, but it would not perform this one task.

Why not ?

Was it being too cautious ?

The Bank Lady thought that their computer was ‘Down’, but everything else was still working.

So i left; Did some shopping at Safeway, went home, put everything away, went to The Library, tried to get this QuickPay thinger to work again on my Chase App on my Kindle Fire, & The Chase App would only access to Mobile Chase, Not The www.Chase.

Very Curiously; The Browsers on my Kindle, which ordinarily connect to The ‘Usual’ Internet, would only allow me to access The Mobile Chase Account, not The www.chase.com account !

The Chase App is supposed to be An Quick & Easy Appliance for most every Task, but The Browsers on The Kindle should have stepped over that. They go to every other real internet site, except this one.

( ??? )

So it wouldn’t allow me verify The QuickPay dealie from that.

i had to be on a www.Chase.com Account Page.

So i logged onto a Library Computer, Assured that it was really me by receiving an access code through my cell phone, since i was using a ‘Strange’ computer, ( which is good ) & then i found The Quickpay page that i trying to find.

I managed to then get The Chase Computer to send me a New Access Code for The Quickpay verification Routine, but again;

We can not Verify this Account at this time, please try again later.


What is ‘Later’ ?

i got The Chase Computer to send me another Access code & i ran through this loop about 3 more times, but after that;

The Screen Changed.


i had apparently tried too many times, & now it had locked me out.

It would no longer send me any more access codes, & it wouldn’t allow me to input any of my old codes.

So that was last tried yesterday.

This seems to me that setting up something like this should be The easiest thing ( along a continuum of very easy things ) in The world.

But no.

It’s not.

What i was thinking is;

The computer thinks that i’m a terrorist.

Somewhere, Somehow along this process, it came to believe that i was a terrorist, & like A No Fly List, it will never change its mind.

Everyone nowadays, is a Terrorist.

You can’t fly in an Airplane without proving that you’re not a terrorist by walking through a pit of fire.

You can’t use a Post Office Mailing Box unless you first prove that you’re not a Terrorist by floating in a river after they have filled your pockets with stones.

You can’t Ride in A Bus over State Lines unless you demonstrate that you’re not a terrorist by allowing them to brand you with their Esoteric Sign of The Triple Star Ranch, & if you cry out, You are a Terrorist.

Several Year ago; it was widely rumored that The NSA ( National Security Agency ) had The Ability to listen in on Every Phone Call made in USA ( or those going abroad ) & Their Computers would listen for ‘Code’ Words that would mean things like ‘Bomb’ or ‘Murder’ or Whatever.

This was nonsense of course.

More Recently; The FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ) had Computers that could Identify Anyone in a Crowd & Alert The Police or Stadium Security that a Ner’er-do-well was somewhere in a FootBall Arena.

i doubted this; Because it seemed to me that if this technology was ‘really’ available, it would be commonly used for a variety of other purposes. But it wasn’t.

The Same thing has happened innumerable other times.

Someone will claim to have a remarkable new technology,

But no forthcoming applications of it would ever appear.

But now there have been some recent Wikileaks Releases by Traitors of Freedom & The Constitution that are saying this again. & it all looks very authentic doesn’t it. International Intrigue & Nightly Updates that tell us again & again things that we’re not supposed to know about, That The Government really can & is listening to every phone call, analyzing every email, newsgroup posting & gossipy twitter announcement.

Is it really real this time ?

Can they really do that ?

Siri doesn’t work.

But who knows.

Maybe they’re listening to ‘some’ of our phone calls.

( ? )

Speaking ( Ha! ) of Siri - It has always seemed to me, & this also holds true for The much older speech recognition capabilities of The Macintosh OSX They would have a much Greater Possibility of Actually Working ( ! ) If The Computer would just take a few moments when you first started it up, To learn YOUR Voice.

Please Read these Sentences to me :

How Now Brown Cow “

Pick a Peck of Sea Shells by The Old Purple Fox “

And so on.

But they don’t.

Siri & all it’s pervious Incarnations have always assumed that they could Understand AnyOne right out of The Box.

And they’ve never worked.

If Speech Recognition were really possible,

We’d be living in an entirely different world.

It’s as if; Maybe it does work, but somewhere else.

=They= have a vested interest in making sure that we believe that it doesn’t work.


All i want to do is pay my rent electronically.

Why is that a threat to The new world order ?