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FireFighters ( Usually Heros

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 9:00:00 AM

September Eleventh Heroes ( ? )

First off.

i don’t believe The Orthodoxy regarding 911.

A lot of very hinky things happened on that day,

& some of them exceeded The Expectations of The Bell Curve for hinkiness.


One aspect of The 911 Mythology that i have never ( ? ) heard mentioned ( because it’s deeply Taboo ( ! ? ) ) is The Heroic Behaviour of The ‘First Responders’ ( Firemyn ) that arrived at The Twin Towers.

They are Universally Heralded as Heroey Heroes.


Every Firemyn, everyday, is a hero of various degrees.

When a Firemyn runs into a burning building, even if they’re wearing all their gear, they’re still heroes. Firemyn are routinely killed with all their gear on.

When a Firemyn helps a cat out of Tree, they are sustaining The elemental glue of Western Civilization.

Everything they do is Heroic.

Not Necessarily like Grandiose Grandstanding Heroics,

But Existing as a Totem Figurehead as The One Job in Our Society that Really Serves Everyone, Absolutely Selflessly, with Never a Thought of Ever Harming Anyone. They Serve All Races, Religions, Political Parties, And Saints & Sinners alike

They may chastise you for smoking in Bed, or carelessly putting out a campfire, but in The Course of Their Primary Activities of Protecting us all From The Daemon that is Responsible for Feeding All of our Modern Conveniences; They Serve Silently, Stoically & Without Ever Asking for Thanks.


When The Firemyn arrived at The Twin Towers on 9.11—

What were they hoping to do ?

The Airliner’s Crash ( if that’s what happened ? * )occurred on The 110th Floor, So What ? Were they going to run up 110 Stories in Full Gear & then What;

Aim their Fire Hoses at The Ceiling ?

This assumes that They would be able to connect them to The Water Supply System in The Building.

Pumping water up 110 Stores ( 3,300 ± Feet ) may be a little difficult, since there are Vacuum laws of physics that kind of prevent water from being pumped up more than something like 30 feet. It can be done of course, but only with numerous oneway valves & relay pumps. Which would have had to have been carried up as well.

Sadly; The New York FireDepartment didn’t seem to have a viable Contingency Plan for fighting high rise fires, which seems crazy doesn’t it ? Most of The Buildings in NewYork aren’t The Tallest SkyScrappers in The World, & maybe they thought that those few that were really, really tall, should have their own plans to deal with this sort of thing.

1 in a Thousand Catastrophic Fire; Yes.

1 in a Million Catastrophic Fire; No.

The Point being; The only thing that The Firefighters at The Twin Towers succeeded in doing was blocking The Stairwells & preventing more office workers from Escaping The Buildings.

What should they done ?

No One Expected The Buildings to Collapse.

That’s Crazy.

And there’s no way that they should have or could have.

There is no Way that they Could have.

Unless something very, very hinky was going on.

There’s no Particular Reason to have suspected that anyone substantially below The Crash Level would have been injured, so that there wouldn’t even have been any need or efficacy in sending paramedics up.

They should have just stood around on The Ground Floor & Tried to Contain The Damage & get escaping office workers to safety, while The fire burned out, & then figure it out from there.

As a result of The Fiasco; 343 Firemyn & Related Personnel were killed that day. And all The Others as well.
- - -

* One The Kookiest Aspects of The 9.11 Conspiracy Theories is that Several are Mutually Canceling.

That is; If one is True, Then The Other Can’t be.

Each Theory has all this Wonderful Evidence for it, but if One is True, The Other, as well as all of it’s contributing Evidence must be False.

There is a very Interesting Bit on The Loose Change Film; on ‘You Tube’, that seems to compellingly argue that there were No Planes that day. The Explosions occurred from within The buildings, & The Planes were later added with CGI ( ! ) ???

The Other very convincing Argument is that The Planes were not The Commercial Planes, but Military Planes equipped with Special Devices attached to their undercarriages.

Whomever was responsible for 9.11

If it took place at all ( ? )

What was for ?

Who expected to gain anything from it ?

There are A LOT of contenders.

And assuming that The Invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan were an integral part of The Scheme from The Beginning, then more Contestants must be included.

Was it all orchestrated just to steal Ancient Egyptian artifacts ?

Make a few dollars on The Stock Exchange with Short Bonds ?

Collect on The Insurance for The Twin Towers that were failing as A Retail Space Outlet ?

Control The Oil Fields of North Africa ?

Obtain Justice for The Palestinians ?

What does Afghanistan have That The Russians & The United States want so very badly ?

To Control The Mineral Resources of Afghanistan ?

To Drum up Business for Dick Cheney’s Halliburton ?

To Test The Gullibility of The Damp Masses ?

To Demonstrate our Energy Beam Weapons to The Aliens ?



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