Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gawd ! i hate computers !

I've been having a lot of trouble with computers lately;
Most recently;
I write these rants at home and then transfer them to this Google Blog via a Flash Drive,
But when I load them onto the MS Computers here at the library and then transfer from the Document Reader that these computer have and then move that to Google,
At each itineration; The Document Reader & Google completely reformat them !!!


Why can't they just leave them alone.

Plus; this stupid Google blog thinger doesn't allow you to set tabs or rearrange margins, so that if those are changed, I can't change them back !!!

I was also recently having 'Problems' with the Computer at The Chase Bank,
which I would think, should represent the highest imaginable quality of computer interface with its costumers, but it is astonishingly stupid !
I was just trying to get their 'QuickPay' dealie to work, and after 5 days and consulting 3 different Bank employees to get this to work, it would Not !
I eventually had to choose to pay my rent using another method which drives me crazy, because with this other method; the money is sent from Chase to Washington Mutual by Snail Mail and I can't tell it when I want it to be sent, I can only tell it when I want Washington Mutual to Receive it !
Which is Crazy !!!

Do they do this on purpose, or are computers really this stupid when they're at their best ?

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