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My Understanding of Physics is ‘Superficial’.

But i am reasonably certain that There is A Lot of MisInformation & MisQuoting of The Ideas Relating to Quantum Mechanics,

And Physicists don’t have any idea What The Causal Mechanism is behind Gravity & ElectroMagnetism ( Light ) is.

These Things have been very well ‘Described’ & There are Blackboards full of Equations that Provide A Precursory ability of Physicists to ‘Predict’ what Carefully Constrained Experiments will Produce

But How Gravity reaches out & pulls things across space, is completely undescribed.

And Magnetism. Same thing.

Are Magnetic Fields something or Nothing ?

Obviously; They are not nothing, But explaining how every Proton in The Universe can reach out in all directions & pull other Protons & Neutrons towards it, with a Range of Infinity,

Is Baffling.

Is The Smoking Gun ( ? ) that we’re living in a Fractional Reality ?

That would be The Test wouldn’t it ?

If you Ask ( ? ) Are we living in a Fractional Reality, That is; A Simulated ‘Computer’ Game, or Screen Saver, The Question from Beings living in Game might Ask;

Are there ‘Elements’ of our Reality that are So Impossible that this Infers that Our ‘Reality’ can’t be ‘Real’.

That our Reality doesn’t have a Foundation of Cause & Effect.

That at Various Focal Nodules, The Causality of These Things must fall to An Instruction in a Line of Programming, And that is how Gravity & Magnetism work. There’s No Causality behind them, they Behave The way they do because there are lines of code that tell them how to behave.

If this were correct ( of course ) then The Reality Generator wouldn’t actually be ‘Organizing’ every proton or Electron. These ‘Artifacts’ are conveniences for our model of Reality that tell us how things are ‘Made Up’.

Our Reality consists only of What we Experience in our Bubbles of Perception. These Bubbles are literally Bubbles that Surround us, & Act like movie Screens that we use to Perceive Reality, like on an Imax Movie Screen.

Theres is No Reality outside of these Bubbles.

The Reality Generator may have a Ball-Park Understanding of A Greater Reality that all of The Bubbles move Through, But it doesn’t bother to Render any of that, Unless it falls without someone’s Bubble.

- -

But my Rant today is not about that.

i was wondering what The Strength of Magnetism or Gravity would be if these forces were sufficiently isolated from other Magnetic or Gravitational Forces that weren’t effectively Canceling them out.

If you were to take one little magnet & set it beside another little Magnet way out in empty, empty, empty space somewheres, far, far, far away from any other magnets or anything;

Then you’d be able to perceive how these two little magnets behaved without The interference of other magnets that would be canceling out their desire to tug at each other & nothing else.

So i was thinking; Well An experiment like that couldn’t actually be done; But we may be able to do The Opposite, & simply set up an experiment so That one little magnet is set beside another little magnet & then surround both of these magnets with so many other magnets that The two primary magnets would no longer be attracted to one another.

What would be The Point of that ?

- - -

Physicists are now talking a lot about Entanglement, but from what little i know about this ( assuming that there’s anything to it, to begin with ( ! ) ), What this should mean in The real world, is That All Particles are Entangled with All The Other Particles in The Universe.

So that talking about any two Particles being Entangled in such a way that Isolates them from all The Other Particles, is Crazy.


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