Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poor Spelling Disease ?

Monday, September 23, 2013 12:58:49 PM

Poor Spelling Disease ?

i am an atrociously poor speller.

Without The spell checker on my computer, my rants would be far more ( ? ) unreadable than they are already.

i can usually sort through confusing word selections; such The appropriate use of to or too, their or they’re, but not so much with who or whom, although i know The rule of thumb for their usage, which is to change The sentence a little to accommodate either he or him, & him means that you should use whom.

i am wondering however if Bad Spelling is, or should be somekind of very specific ‘Learning Disability’ as in my own case; My Inability to Spell even The Simplest Words strikes me as very curious. Even very common words that i use very often, don’t seem to be ‘Obviously’ misspelled when The computer flags them for me.

There’s all those ie & ei’s of course, that i have never learned or bothered to distinguish, & words that i very often use, but aren’t spelled anything like they are pronounced; Like Bureaucrat. No matter how often i use that word & no matter how carefully i examine it’s spelling after The computer corrects it, i will stumble over it upon its next usage. ( ! )

i already have one personality disorder & this one seems to me to be equally innate.

Perhaps associated with this somehow is how i often construct sentences in a very awkward or opposite manner, such as The very obvious habit of leaving out The word ‘Not’ when i mean to contradict something, leaving The sentence to suggest its affirmative clause.

This may be thought to be attributable to too fast typing, but i am actually a very slow & timid typist, often deleting whole lines with The back key because i’m too lazy to use The mouse to reposition The Character Insert to where i want to make a small change. ( ! )

To be a successful typist, you have to ‘Let Go’ & i’ve never been able to Let Go, except for very short durations, usually when i’m transcribing something from a book, & even so, i often find myself very consciously considering where each key is, under which finger & so on. i can type with all my fingers, but only for those keys immediately under them, or very nearly so.

Another Facet of this syndrome is that i can not remember word spellings. Such as when i am looking right at a word or name in a book, that is comparatively short, & i want to type it into my computer or write it down in a notebook, i will have to be looking right at it while i type or write, i can not remember The Letter Sequence for even a few moments !

Which is particularly odd, because i feel that have a very good, nearly eidetic memory for things or scenes that i have only glanced at yesterday or The day before.

i am also troubled by my disconnected thoughts, which often lead me along a path of some Rant, but then peter out before some necessary conclusion is reached, resulting in a rant such as this, suddenly ending without any proper conclusion, except for The requisite quixotic punctuation that i enjoy so much.

( ? ]

)) !


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