Monday, September 09, 2013

The One Quetions Test

Friday, September 6, 2013 9:10:04 AM

The Simple Test

There’s this test administered by Psychologists & Psychiatrists called the MMPI / The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

It is an Horrific Test.

It consists of literally a Thousand Questions,

Which Remarkably, are asked again & again & again.

That is; It asks The Same Inanely Stupid Questions Over & Over & Over Again.

The Same Questions Over & Over & Over again.

Not Slightly Different Questions, The Same ones.


There are a lot of Different Questions.

But they’re asked over & Over & Over again.

Whuck ! ?

The Intended purpose is to see if you’re just answering Them Randomly, because as i may have mentioned, they are all insanely stupid.


No one Actually Designed this Test.

The Psychologists that put it together originally, just made up a few hundred of The Stupidest Questions that they & their Psychotic Patients could think up, or reported experiencing in numerous, Therapy Sessions

And then they gave The Test to Thousands of Patients that they ‘Already Knew’ ( ??? ) What was wrong with them.

And then they Correlated The Results with their PreDetermined Diagnoses, & Created A Score Sheet to be used by Less Experienced Psychologists to Diagnose their locally discovered Patients with.

All Very Remarkable.

i have taken The Test at least 3 Times & did very poorly on it each time, because i have a very short attention span, & my mind wanders. If you ask me any question at all, wait 5 minutes & ask me that same question again. i will have since restarted my brain at least 3 times, & i will give you an entirely different Answer.

i have mentioned to a few people, from time to time, that i often say or write things that as they are coming out of me, seem as if someone else is saying or writing them, because they are entirely new to me.

They are often fully formed ideas or concepts that are completely unfamiliar to me. i have never thought about such things, or considered them in The Least.

This is similar to Crazy Dream Imagery, in which Devices, Monsters or Landscapes were clearly imaginatively Designed by some conscious entity; & if they were created while awake, would have taken many hours or days to refine into The form that they are seen in These Dream.

Who is doing all this Stage-Work for our dreams ?

- - -

But that’s not The Theme of this Rant.

i’ve been tinkering around with ideas for a New Test that could be administered on an iPod or Tablet of somekind, & it would be very fun & Engaging to take, so that everyone would enjoy taking it.

It would determine your Personality Type, Intelligence, Honesty, Gullibility, Tendencies towards Fantasy Delusions, Susceptibility to Quixotic Episodes; Such as Seeing Real Ghosts, Flying Saucers, Bigfeet or Hearing The Thoughts of Others.

Employers could jigger The Test to see how to best use your unique skills in their Corporate Hierarchy.

Teachers could use The Test to find Learning Disabilities.

Potential Mates could see if you’re compatible with them.

Parents could use The Test to find out what The hell is The matter with their Children.

And The Goal of The Test’s Structure is to Make The Test Very Short.

25 Questions.

Maybe a few more if The Test is Confused by your special Psychosis.

The Test would consist of a full range of interactive Illustrations, Verbal, Spoken or Musical Queries.

If after your 25 or 40 Questions, you wanted to continue Taking The Test, you could go on & On, with The Test revealing more & more about you.

Also; It would be very hard to cheat on The Test.

Each time you took it, it would be completely different.

And there would be lots of Questions that would try to catch you if you were giving duplicitous or Specious Answers.

Are there Questions that All Insane People Must Necessarily Answer in a Given Way ?

- - -

Then A More Interesting Problem occurred to me.

Is there ONE Question you ask someone to Determine (x about them.

The Question would be tailored to answer a specific Kind of Enquiry, such as Intelligence, Honesty, Sexual Perversity or Ones Tendency &/or Ability to Murder someone.

The Criteria for The Question :

It must be Short, & while it may have clauses, they must not be so interwoven so as to confuse even The Simplest Minded Person.

It must Not ( ? ) concern itself with any factual matter, such as pertaining to any learned particular or topic.

It must be constructed to illicit An Entirely Different Answer from Each Person Asked.

Interpreting The Response :

The Answer itself is Irrelevant.

What The Inquirer is Concerned with is The Structure of The Answer.

Such that if The Question were to determine The Client’s IQ, The Structure would reveal this attribute to A Good Degree of Accuracy.

This may be very useful in distinguishing an Harvard Overachiever from an Indolent, Under Educated Genius.

- - -

What might be The Substance of such a Question ?


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