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Thoughts on Syria

Friday, September 6, 2013 5:50:17 PM

Thoughts on Syria

Should The USA bomb Syria.


i would like to believe that there are some smart people in The Middle East ( North Africa ).

And that these Smart People ( Some of which live in Syria ) have been -Expecting- The USA to go to War with them for some time.

Every Country in The ME/NA should expect that The USA will go to War with them Eventually. It’s not ( as they say ) If, it’s when.

Consequently; What would be a Reasonable Response from one of these ‘Little’ Countries when they’re invaded by a Big Fat, Giant Country, Full of Hubris, like The USA ?

Fight an Honest War by The Rules - Or something else?

i would like to believe that these smart people in Syria have given this some thought, & won’t be caught with their shoelaces tied together, like some other countries, when they were Invaded, that shall remain nameless.

It is curious though, that one of these nameless countries repelled The Soviet Union after a 10 Year Intrenched War, & although The USA declared Victory in this country after being there for 2 Weeks, The USA is still there after 12 years.

This tiny, Nearly Stoneage country doesn’t want to be invaded.

Speaking of Stoneage Countries that Kicked America’s Ass

They might have had a little help from (c, But really— Was (c bombing The USA during this time, or were they just providing this tiny stoneage county with bath mats & chewing gum ?

And we didn’t exactly ‘Win’ The Not A War in North Korea either did we ?

And so on.

Why did we invade Afghanistan ? To Save The Giant Buddha Statues ? To Save This Country’s Clitoris ? Or to take possession of The Mineral Wealth that we’ll be needing to satiate our Gluttony for Electronics ? There is also some loose talk about Oil Pipelines, but i think that’s a distraction, Another Distraction.

- - -

If Syria does have a few genius’ working towards it’s Preservation of political & Social Autonomy & Repel The Westernization that Germany & Japan suffered after WWII, What might they do after they’re attacked by The USA in a Clumsy, Ill Conceived Bombing Strategy ?

Syria should be prepared right now to activate any number of successfully hidden sleeper cells in The United States that aren’t manned with Drunkards & Braggarts that are just itching to tell The FBI who they are & what they’re doing.

These Cells can then immediately get into real mischief, & sustain this mischief, day after day, week after week for months or years until The USA unconditionally Surrenders.

i have every confidence that if i had access to a few hundred reliable sleeper cells & a budget of 5 Million Dollars, i could conquer The United State of America in 6 months.

An Active Guerrilla Resistance by our Skinheads, Retired Army Kiwanis or Freemasons wouldn’t make any difference, As Princess Leia suggested; The more that our own Standing military tightens their grip to repel my army of DADA freedom fighters, The more they will multiple & slip through their crab like mittens.

So what is The Explanation for Why Either of These Two Countries we are currently at War with, Plus this International Terrorist Organization with a Budget of Billions of Saudi Oil Resources, & Thousands of Eager Terrorist Agents, have not only Not Conquered The USA, but not effectively dented it in any way. This Terrorist Organization is Essentially Invisible. ( ? )

( Or Non-Existent / Just like The Communist Threat or The Rain of Bigfeet Trampling out of our Overgrown RedWood Forests, that we’ve been warned about for more than 40 years now. )

Is it because of The Remarkable Effectiveness of The FBI, CIA & Homeland Security ( Which sounds awfully Naziesque to me ) ?

If This is So; Why are they so ineffective when it comes to The War on Drugs.

Is it that Syria & Al Q’da are run by imbeciles ?

Might it be that there is No Al Q’da ?

But What about Syria.

If they really are getting into such Mischief,

Why is Russia & China Defending them; Just to spite us ?

That’s not impossible.


Syria really needs to find its own solutions.

If we want to lend them some of our Genius’ Ideas, we could give them some of The Intelligence ( ? ) that our CIA has gathered

( Does anyone remember all The Deep Underground Tunnels that were supposed to Web through Subterranean Iraq ? We knew that they were there because we had all The Plans that were created by Germany Contractors. What ever became of those burrows ? )

And The ‘Good’ ‘Freedom Loving’ Operators in Syria can fight their own War.

People need help sometimes, but If The USA is going to be the World’s Police Force, We need to change The Insignia on our Uniforms.

Oh. Wait.

We have; The Backwards Flag !

Why doesn’t The USA or Britain or France send in some Double Ought Agents to Surgically Solve some of these Needle Point Problems & leave without leaving any discarded Candy wrappers or damp towels.

We might also sneak in to Syria & like Hogan’s Heros just make their Government’s Daily Operations intolerable. Not that you’d assassinate anyone. No. If you kill someone, they’d just be replaced with someone hungry for that position.

What you want to do is Protect The People at The Top & make their lives miserable.

- - -

There’s an Ad for Barnum & Bailey Circus on The TV right now ( Feature News Promotion ) & from The little clips they’re showing, it looks very lame. It seems to me that they should watch The Circus du Soleil & try to surpass that. Barnum & Bailey should be like Circus du Soleil with Crazy Vicious Wild Animals & with more popcorn.

The Solution of Syria should be solved by The Organizers of Circus du Soleil.

What can’t they do ?


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