Monday, September 09, 2013

Wake Up Call ( ? )

Friday, September 6, 2013 5:13:37 PM

The Ways of Angels...

The Ways of Angels are Not The Ways of Myn.

Just now, on The news, was an account of a local motorcycle rider being hit by lightning, & despite this; He was able to steer his bike off The road & then seek medical help, even though his ear was burned off & much of his hair was melted to his helmet ( ! )

The News Readers then noted that this was a Random Event,

Which is clearly wrong.

It was an Act of gawd ( Angels / Ξ.6 Controllers )

But was it an act to punish The Motorcycle Rider,

Or merely to get his attention ( ? )

Very often; Persons that eXperience & Survive Near Death or Nearly Near Death Experiences, come back from them significantly changed for The Better.

The Point being;

When something horrific Happens to you, & you are willing to accept that it was an act of gawd ( et. al. ),

It might not have been to punish you for your common & petty iniquities.

It might have been simply to wake you up.

( ? )


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