Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Magick ?

Monday, September 23, 2013 7:29:26 PM

Why Magick ?

i’ve been thinking of a very small question lately;

Why do people that are involved in Wicca & other Magickal ‘Studies’ believe that Magick Exist ?

What is their Best Argument ?

Where is their Proof ?

Long ago; in The 1500s or so; When John Dee; Alchemist for The Queen, was practicing Magick It might easily be excused because his Alchemical Studies were The Precursor to Modern Chemistry & Physics. What was keeping Dee & others from performing more critically considered experiments was their dearth of Chemicals & other very rare materials. They simply couldn’t perform The hundreds or thousands of experiments that modern pharmaceutical companies perform today in The course of discovering some curious, curative drug.

If John Dee performed one experiment with a small quantity of chemicals, minerals or organic substances that he had on hand, & The notes he kept took into consideration graphs that were drawn on The table, The phase of The moon, chants sung & extraneous substances such as virgin menstrual blood, toad’s eyes & The toenails of a dead pope; He simply didn’t have The Time or Resources to hone that Experiment down to The Critical pieces; He had to believe ( Scientifically ) that The Effect was Achieved as a result of everything that he did that evening.

So that The Occult Elements were just as important as The Chemical ones.

So that covers why John Dee & Sir Isaac Newton were Occult alchemists, but what about modern adherents with an IQ over 110 ?

The World is full of Magick.

But what i’m really looking for is some real Magickal Effect, Consequent or Result from a Given ’Spell’.

A lot of it is distraction & wishful thinking, but still
The World ( According to _Fortean Times_ Magazine ) is full of Magick,

But few, if anyone, is able to control it.

No one yet has tamed a poltergeist or demonstrated a believable case of levitation.

Fire-walking is still pretty viable; & will remain so until physics teachers start performing The Effect in their classes.

Remote Viewing is supposed to be well proven; But it’s not in common usage to solve crimes or find lost kittens.

How real is Magick ?

How much Magick is there in The World ?


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goon said...

If you write the name of a jerk on a piece of paper and burn the paper, the jerk will burn.

For good luck, put one marble in each nostril and chant "usnstri 675".