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Do you eat a lot of Lettuce ?

Sunday, September 29, 2013 11:53:30 AM
Do you eat a lot of Lettuce ?

There’s something of a Folk Aphorism that claims or suggests that if you are craving Lettuce, & you’re a Womyn ( or not ), You ‘May’ have Breast Cancer. ( ! )

This is such a curious idea to my way of thinking.
We have ( You ) no doubt heard of many instances where a person or dog or cat or whatever, will crave a particular food substance that they need for their good health or to assist in a Medicinal Manner ( or Purpose ).

How does The Dog ( whatever ) know that this food ( or not a food ) will serve them in ‘some way’ ?


Even if you were to allow that The Dog ( Whatever ) were to somehow ‘Smell’ or otherwise ‘Sense’ The presence of The Vitamin, Mineral or Protein ( or whatever ) in a given item; How does their Brain or ‘Metabolism’ know that it will be to their benefit ?

Are these things programmed into our/their DNA ?

How about this Crazy Idea.

Whenever you eat anything, it makes you ‘Happy’ in a very particular way. All The Smells & Tastes & so on ( Whatever ) are combined within The Neural Memory Signatures of all these Items. So that -Essentially- Every Food Item that you’ve ever Eaten has a little Portfolio or Dossier on it, that details what it was, what it looked like, how it smelled & tasted ( Whatever ) & Also : How it made your Body ‘Happy’.

i’m obviously using The Word ‘Happy’ here in an odd sense.
The Person ( Monad / Ego / Whatever ) is not Usually Aware of this sense of Happiness beyound The Immediate Satisfaction of Eating something ‘Tasty’, But behind that curtain; There are other parts of you body that are made ‘Better’ & they experience this, in a Metabolical kind of way as ‘Happiness’.

Along with this information that is stored inside you, is The Anti-Thesis of Sadness which your Body Experiences when you are missing The Elements ( Whatever ) that these food Items contained.
So that : If you are ’Sad’ in a very subliminal kind of way, in that you’re ‘Missing’ some of these Elements; Your Body knows which Food Items ( or Not ( Based on ‘Similar’ Odors or Whatever ) ) it needs to find & eat to Refurbish The Elements ( Whatever ) that you need.

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If you liked this kind of Writing;
You should read some Terry Bisson. ( Whatever )


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