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Alternative Monsters / Failed ( Incomplete Hallow's Eve ) Project for 2013

Every Year; I start a project envelope for Z-Mass and Halloween, believing that I will add ideas to these projects as the year goes along, and in the last month or two before they come due, I will have produced a zyne or series of postcards or whatever, and each year, I nearly always fail to finish them ! ( !!! )

This Year's Hallow's Eve Project ( 2013 )
Alternative Monsters :

Neglected ( Real ) Monsters & Other Horrific Realities

Monsters & A Story Line for A Film

1) Vampire that licks The Tears from The Cheeks of Babies & Infants

2) My Favorite is Ghouls.
Ghouls are just Ordinary People that like to eat the flesh of recently deceased people.
They don't have any Real SuperPowers,
But they have a Ability to Disregard all Cultural Taboos.
They are able to Think & Act Completely Free of All Cultural Restraints.
This is Far beyound the trivial & inconsequential lawlessness of The Petty or Career Criminal,
Complete Freedom from Cultural Programming is A Remarkable Gift.
Batman is to Superman as Ghouls are to Vampires.
Ghouls do have a ‘Folkloric’ Superpower which has been documented with the same rigor as The Personal Histories of Pop Musicians or The Scientific Behavioural studies of Pentecostal Ministers. And that is; That Ghouls can Absorb & Use The Memories of The Dead that they Eat. They are also ( Reportedly ) Able to ‘Project’ by some Psychic means; The Appearance of The Dead that they have Eaten. Such Projections only work on People, Not Video or Photographic Recording Materials. There are many Dubious Case Files of these Abilities.

3) Aliens that don’t believe Humans are capable of True Sentience.

4) El-Chupacabra / Monkey Man /

5) The Coyote Trickster

6) The Ξ.6 Controllers

7) Jinn

8) Kraken / Giant Squid / Giant Octopi

9) Bad Witches

10) Genius’

11) Normal People / Baerbers

12) Thunderbird

13) Windigo

14) Vampire Kits & other Monster Assisting Accessories

15) Paper Cuts

16) Stubbed Toes

17) Intelligent Zombies that bring wisdom & guidance from The other side

18) Anomalous Ghost Traits / Hairy / Wet Lipped

- - -

Bonus Monsters

1) Artists / Media Whores / That Preempt the Natural & Healthy Evolution of A Societies Culture, Taking it off along UnPrecedented Tangentals that abruptly end, leaving teenagers & The Economy rolling backwards as they re-gear for The Next Pop-Fad whose Substance have been artificially Validated by The Internet & Celebrity Gossip Venues.

2) Scientists & Lay-Intellectuals that Promote Gratuitously False Notions of ‘How The World Works’.

3) Ghost Escorts / Most times if you ever happen to see a ghost, you will be sufficiently startled to be left stunned & unable to act upon The Sighting in any intelligible way— Or The Ghost will appear so Substantial, that you won’t realize it was a Ghost until some time later, when you come to understand that The Figure you saw couldn’t have been there. / But. / There is another kind of Ghost that is known as The Ghost Escort. When you see a Ghost of this Type, They appear at ones first examination to be unmistakably a Ghost, & The Usually Accompanying ‘Oz Effect’ will be Missing. If at this time; You choose to approach The Ghost Escort & Come close enough to it— It will Escort you to The Other Side, Where The Majority of Ghosts Proper live out their dismal & forlorn, Timeless Existence’s. You will find this realm quite disturbing, & will remain trapped there, experiencing this world & your own as The Ghosts do, Until you find a Mortal Escort to pull you back. These Mortal Escorts are usually Nearly Ordinary Folk whose lives are Transitory in a way that allows them to form a bridge between The Two Worlds. They may not be aware that they are Mortal Escorts, until The one day when someone suddenly appears beside them, with full solidity, & is quite hysterical. No explanation is usually ever provided for this phenomena, leaving everyone that witnessed it; quite addled.

4) A Scribbled Monster / Drawing by a Small Child becomes ‘Filled Out’ to form a creature that is very much unlike any terrestrial animal, chimera or phantom from a nightmare. To Additionally complicate this Process; The child ‘Designer’ is alway blind, so that they can’t possibly have any inkling of what The Drawing Process is Intended for. The Magicians that perform this feat use The Oldest of Magickal Principles; Used by The Most Ancient of Priests that worshiped no gawds, but created things themselves with single words, musical notes or scratches carved into meaty backs or cold slabs freshly dug from deep wells. They send these abominations out to perform their biddings, pick up groceries, deliver packages, find lost trinkets, keep away gnawing rodents, or drive enemies insane with riddles that defy logical analysis.

5) Perfectly Ordinary Looking Animals, usually with sharp teeth or claws; blunted by their incessant ripping of dried corpses dug from frozen ground. What distinguishes these creatures from ordinary varmints; Is that when they attack, The Victim is left befuddled & Scalliwobbled by The Beast’s Peculiar Coloration which defy conventional labels. There are all The Familiar Colors, & their mixtures. Tints & Shadows, Greys & Browns, Translucent Crystal Textures & Metallic Naps— But these are not any of those. Most peculiar; The colors are easily perceived by The Victim’s Eyes, indicating that our Eyes & Brains have been designed to see them, Not like UltraViolet, Radio Waves or Infrared hues which various insects or marsupials can discern; No. These are Colors within our own well documented Color Wheels, which we have simply, somehow, neglected to ever make a paint from. And as The Victim ponders this incredible mystery; Their attention is pushed aside from The Large Form grasping Their Head in a Vice-like Grip & crushing their skull with a distinctive popping sound that they will never hear.

6) Freckled Girls / Whose Freckles are Constellations in Far Away Galaxies. They are Not Living Beings, But Inverted Galaxies that Absorb The Souls of The Living to Inhabit their Universe. Inside these Envelopes of Upside down Reality, Everything is Backwards; All Evils in this world are Good & Beneficial, All Daisies, Kittens & Donuts are Horrific Terrors that Sap your Vitals with Confusion & Despair.

7) Dichotometric Memories
when i was living in bremerton, i was certain that the porch across the street changed color on a fairly regular basis...
So i was thinking for the first time today, that the mechanics of this may be Dichotometric Memories.
For this case; The color of the porch was a given color ( say red ) for the first six months that i lived there ( across the street ) and then someone painted it blue.
If the porch were something that i paid attention to, this would not be a problem, but since it wasn't something that i ever paid attention to; i would then have two equally valid memories of what color the porch was.
So that whenever i looked at the porch, and compared the visual experience to my recollection of the porch ( as we do with everything ) there would be two equally valid memories of equal strength that would compete to claim that the porch color that was now experiencing was true or not...
Resulting in perpetual confusion.
You would think that the new color would overwrite the old color memory... But my attention to the color of the porch, even allowing for this confusion, which is causing me mental anxiety, is not enough to cause me to take the time to form a new, stronger memory.
This phenomena may be more common in the case of someone working in an office building, that sees someone that they recall... but not in great detail. Someone that's a little too tall or too fat or eyes that remind them of someone else...
And this person has worn their hair in a very unique, but not terribly memorial, style for a long time, and then changes it.
Now everytime the confused person sees this person with the new hair style, they experience a Dichotometric Memory.
- - -
An Alternative Explanation for this Perceived Phenomena, which may be ‘activated’ by any number of Casually Observed Events or Objects, in which something seems ‘Off’ or ‘Wrong’.
This Alternative stems from Memories that are most Clear when we’re dreaming; In which we seem have a Very Complete & Detailed Recollection of An Entire Class of Phenomena that Should Fit Neatly into our Waking Life, But when we try very hard to Place these memories there, They will Not Fit. We may try to Relocate them another Town we once lived in, or a Time long ago, or even A movie or Book what we once Read or Saw. But all without Success. What makes these memories so very curious is that they are not just one memory from one dream, but they seem to be a Regular Feature from Many Dreams. A Very Complicated Feature or Features. And The More we try to Fit them into our Waking World, The Less Probable they Seem to Be. They Are Crazy Memories. There are little things about The Way these things would work, that are just completely Wrong. The Other Very Crazy thing about these Memories is that ‘Sometimes’, Very Rarely, But Occasionally; When you tell someone about these Memories of these Things; They will say; ‘Oh yeah, i Dream about those too.’ ( ! )
What is The Explanation for this Phenomena?
Are they Real Events from A Time Past, which has somehow been ‘Erased’, & some of us still have vague recollections about this ‘Before Time’ ?
A Lesser Degree of this occurs much more Frequently when we happen to turn an unfamiliar Corner, or unexpected turn down an isle at The Supermarket that we hadn’t intended to turn down— And thereafter; The Whole World seems a little ‘Off’.
Its as if we stepped into The ‘Other’ World. That doesn’t have (x’s. The (x’s that we were sure were commonplace in our ‘Old’ World. These (x’s most frequently take The form of Words that we’re sure exist, but can not be found in any dictionary, Or simple tools that can’t be found in any hardware store.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Really Real Truth About :

Their Origins & How they Went Bad

i. Vampires

ii. WereWolves

iii. Zombies

iv. BookWorms

v. EarWigs

vi. Albinos

vii. Dwarves & Midgets

viii. Faeries

ix. The Walking Fish People

x. Genius’


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