Monday, October 28, 2013

Is it more wrong ( A & B Selections ) ?

Sunday, October 6, 2013 8:59:00 AM

Hate Crimes

Although i’ve already ranted on this topic several dozen times before, i just can’t let go of it ! ( ! )

i have a problem with ‘Hate Crimes’.

Essentially; The Concept of Hate Crimes is Intended to Assign a Value of ‘Wrongness’ to A Particular Kind of Crime of Violence.

The Problem that i have with this is ; What is Wrongness ?

How would someone Assign a Value of Wrongness to (x ?

Adam is walking down The Street & sees another Man ( Bill ) walking towards him & Attacks him, beating Bill Furiously, Incurring Life Threatening Injuries.

Why ?

Why did Adam Attack Bill ?

Adam Coveted Bill’s Money or some Other Possessions.

Adam Thought that Bill was Another Man that was ‘Sleeping’ with Adam’s Wife.

Bill was, in fact, The Man that was ’Sleeping’ with Adam’s Wife.

Adam is Crazy & likes Attacking People for No Reason whatsoever, The Decision that Adam makes to Attack or Not Attack someone depends upon an Internal Chemical Reaction in a Given Neural Area which is Not Connected to Any External Stimulus, Or Perhaps if Pressed on this; Not any External Stimulus that has occurred Since their Infancy.

Bill belonged to An Ethnicity that Adam has had ‘Problems’ with in The Past.

Bill Belongs to An Ethnicity that Adam Perceives ( Rightly or Wrongly ) as The Same Ethnicity as Someone that is ‘Sleeping’ with Adam’s Wife.

It might be noted that The Marriage of Adam & Allison is Very Dysfunctional & That Neither Respects each other or Their Marriage Vows.

Speaking of Wrongness :

What is more Wrong;

Violence perpetrated for No Reason Other than it’s part of your Job,

Or Violence perpetrated as an Artistic Performance, full of Passion & Intellectual Fever ?

What is More Wrong :

Mulling around a Doorway, Blocking The Entry,

Or Bouncing an Eleven Year old Girl on your Knee that you just met at The Mall ?

What is More Wrong :

Walking around a Neighborhood at Night, dressed as a Circus Clown,

Or Licking The Face of A Stranger’s Baby ?

What is More Wrong :

Keeping A Secret that Everyone ( Everyone ) wants to Know,

Or Questioning a Entrenched Cultural Myth ?

What is More Wrong :

Drinking The Bodily Fluids of Domesticated Livestock,

Or Feeding A Hungry Child ?

What is More Wrong :

Releasing a Toxic Aerosol in The Vicinity of Children,

Or Tickling yourself on A Bus ?

What is More Wrong :

Using A Ubiquitous Media Outlet to Whip The Damp Masses into A Frenzy of Hysteria by withholding facts & replacing information from a news story with An Emotive Tirade of Meaningless Banalities,

Or Excessively Patting your CoWorkers on The Back at Work ?

What is More Wrong :

Sticking a Q-Tip in your Ear,

Or Asking a Stranger if you can buy their socks ?

What is More Wrong :

Eating The Flesh of Sentient Beings,

Or Insisting that your Children Murder Strangers in Far Away Lands ?

What is More Wrong :

Video Recording Anyone without their Knowledge,

Or Allowing Politicians to Act Unsupervised ?

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