Monday, October 28, 2013

Tendency to Shy Away from ‘Terrorism’

Friday, October 25, 2013 6:35:37 AM

Tendency to Shy Away from ‘Terrorism’


i’m not sure what this means; But i’ve noticed that lately in The News; A Variety of ‘Violent’ Acts; that only a few months ago would have been Designated as Acts of Terrorism, Are now Very Specifically; Labeled as NOT Terrorism.

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Sometimes The Act is Very Definitely Performed with The Intention of ‘Terrorizing’ Victims, But by these New Definitions, Only ‘Officially Licensed Al Q’dae Terrorists’ are Capable of Terrorizing anyone !

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i think that The Proper Direction that this should be taking, Is to Refer to what Islamic Arabs with The Proper Certification & Credentials to Perform Terrorism do; Be called something Else

So that our Local Criminals & Ne’er-Do-Wells can be given The recognition that they have worked hard to achieve, Of Terrorizing Their Regional Communities.

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This is just another of The Long List of ‘Cases’ in which We have allowed ‘The Terrorists’ to ‘Win’ & Rob us of our Freedoms, By Allowing our Own Government to Steal Our Freedoms.

It has always been Argued that The Terrorists Hate Freedom & Want to Take away our Liberties, But it’s Not Islamic Mullah’s that are Enslaving Us; It’s our Own Government !

This is widely accepted as True; But The Extent of how This Process is Whittling away at our Most Precious Fundimental Human Rights may Not be fully Realized !

Now they are Taking Away Our Rights to Be Terrorists !

We aren’t even allowed to Terrorize anyone anymore; Now all we can do is Act Mischievously as Individuals

Which is Exactly The Opposite of How The World is Actually Working NowADays ! It’s these Foreigners that are Engaging in Isolated & Usually Benign Acts of Harmless Mischief, While our Own; Serious Political Agitators are Humiliated with A Cheapening of their Efforts by A Linguistic Reallocation of Our Emotive Glossary to make their accomplishments mere Shenanigans.

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