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The Universal Translation Hypothesis

Saturday, November 23, 2013 1:01:40 PM

The Universal Translation Hypothesis

i’ve been toying with several ideas for many years, & just this afternoon, i realized that they are all Categories, or Classes of a Particular Definition of Problem Translations.

‘Language’ as used in this Description is very Broadly Defined as Any ‘Method’ of Actualizing an Idea, or More Generally; Accomplishing Something.

Typically; Language is used to Convey Ideas

But in This Usage; A Language may also describe A Method of Drawing Specific Figures on a Geometrical Surface with A Straight Edge & Compass ( With Pencil & Paper )

There also exist The ‘Language’ of Assembling Structures with Lego Blocks, Tinker Toys or An Erector Set.

There is Also The ‘Language’ of The Brain, & The ‘Language’ of how The ElectroChemical Activities Produce Brain Residue; Behaviour & The Mind.

With that in Mind;

The Universal Translation Hypothesis simply states that any Concept or ‘Phrase’ of an L:1 Language may be Translated into any Other L:1 Language.

An L:1 Language is any ‘Language’ that is Elementally Complete.

An L:>1 Language is Any ‘Language’ with Superfluous Phrases or A Redundant ( Poetic Supplements ) Vocabulary.

What does L:1 mean ( ? )

i’m not really sure;

But The Hypothesis is Assumed to be True ( ! ) & thus is if is Determined that any Concept or ‘Phrase’ of one Language Can Not be Translated into Another Language; Then Either or Both ( Usually The Second ) Languages are Not L:1 Complete.

An Example of this is The Problem of TriSecting a Angle.

It is widely Asserted that it is Impossible to do this with The Language of A StraightEdge & Compass ( with Pencil & Paper )

But it Is Possible using A StraightEdge that Can be ‘Marked’.

Thus; Assuming that The Universal Translation Hypothesis is True; Then The Language of The StraightEdge & Compass ( with Pencil & Paper ) is Incomplete !

This doesn’t really strike me as terribly heretical. i’m sure that there are many ‘Methods’ or ‘Phrases’ ( The Vocabulary of The Language ) which may be Implemented with a StraightEdge & Compass which have Not yet been Discovered, And that once they are; It will be Quite Easy to TriSect an Angle.

The Other Possible Interpretation of this Particular Problem is that The Language of The StraightEdge & Compass is So Artificially Defined that it is, by this Definition, Hopelessly Incomplete.

Constructions made with The StraightEdge & Compass are not Using a True Language & are thus; ‘Childishly’ Feeble.

Another Case is when there is an Attempt to Translate A French Poem into English; & Ignoring The Problems of Meter & Rhyme, The Conceptual Vocabulary of French is Superiour to English, Making The Translation Impossible. This would Demonstrate that English is an L:<1 span=""> Language Relative to French.

It may well be that French is also an L:<1 span=""> Language, As Various Phrases in Chinese or Inuit may be Untranslatable into French !

Is there A Spoken Language that is L:1 Complete ?

Is there an Independent Test that one could apply to any Given Language to Determine if it Is L:1 Complete ( ? )

One of my Older Ideas ( Ponderances ) is;

Might it be Possible to Construct a Very, Very Large Array of Legos bound with other Construction Toys, Such as Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector Girders, & Other such Toys

To Reproduce a Brain; Essentially Translating all The ElectroChemical Actions into Mechanical Ones, So that this Mechanical Brain not only duplicates all of The Behavioural ‘Outputs’ that could Operate a Mechanical Robot, But Also Express A Conviction that it is Genuinely Conscious.

( ? )

Presumably; The Mechanical Lego ( with Supplements ) Brain would Operate Very Slowly; Causing The Human Inquirers to be Very Patient when ‘Speaking’ to it; Which may require a Translation Interpretation of how The Mechanical Brain understands ’Sound’ in a Way that would not Involve Electrical or Chemical Processes as they are handled in The Organic Brain.

Such Translations would also be required for Interpreting Visual Stimulus & The Other Senses.

The Way that i’ve Envisioned this is that The Mechanical Version would Incorporate a System of Transferring BBs from little cups to One Anothers ‘Neurons’ that would take The Place of Electrical Ions at The Tips of The Organic Neurons ( ? )

Many Other such Solutions would be Required.

Another Application for The Universal Translation Hypothesis is founded on my Annoyance with The ShortComing of Decimal Mathematics ( Or Any Base Used ); In that Interesting Transcendental or So Called ‘Irrational’ Numbers are always Defined as Rough Approximations. What if there were another Way to ‘Do’ Mathematics so that Everyone ‘Thought Of’ π & Other such Numbers as Precisely Defined, & Further; When you Worked with them; This Precision would Run Through your Calculations.

This Application that i’m thinking of, Is to Take all known Mathematics & Translate them into a Geometrical Language, So that Instead of Using ‘Numbers’ & ‘Algebraic Symbols’, You’d do all your Calculations with Lines, Curves, Circles, Noting Intersections, Plotting Graphs & Such. This New Method would Never Consider ‘Infinitesimals’, But always Carefully Calculate The Area under Curves & inside Polygons & Other Shapes with a Deeper Understanding of Curved Geometry, So that even in this Case; An Area wouldn’t be Given a Numerical Value, but Given A Equivalence with Some Other Well Defined Circle, Square or Other Form.

As Such; Values like π wouldn’t be an imprecise Decimal Value, It would be a Location on a Number Line that is Precisely Defined as an Element in some Geometrical Construction.

Still Another Extension of The Universal Translation Hypothesis is whether or Not it’s possible to Translate Ordinary Electronic Functions to An Equivalent Informational Content produced by Constructions made with Origami ( ? )

This actually sounds much more Plausible than some of The Other Translations ( ? )

For The Universal Translation Hypothesis to Be Considered Valid;

Is there any Substantive Validity to The Idea of ‘Complete’ Languages. There are Certainly Incomplete Languages, But when does a Language become Complete ?

( ? )


The Language of The Brain

Sunday, November 24, 2013 11:01:38 AM

The Language of The Brain

Another Dilemma that i have with FreeWill is that i don’t believe ( ? ) that Brains ‘Think’.

When you think you’re thinking; You imagine that you’re making decisions; But my contention is that you are Not !

The Brain doesn’t make Decisions; which are The Foundation of FreeWill.

Instead; A Brain is like Dominoes Falling in a Well Constructed Project that Leads The Dominoes to a PreDetermined Result.

With The Brain though; This PreDetermined Result is The Unknowable Consequences of The Future.

No One has Contrived this Project with our Brains to End in Some Predicted Way; But it is Very Deterministic with An Indeterminate Result ( ! )

The Most Confusing Aspect of The Universe; That is; What makes Understanding The Universe so Confusing Is Colors.

Colors make everything seem like Separate Things.

The Sky ( On a Sunny Day ) is Blue all over, So we Easily think of it as One Thing; But Clouds may come along & like A Crayon Rubbing over a GraveStone; Reveal The Subtle Bumps that are so very hard to see. Clouds show us what That Blue Sky really looks like, with all The Invisible Swirls, Electrical Pockets & Thermal Columns.

The Whole Universe is Like that; It is One Thing that only seems like Separate Things because Colors & Shadows reveal some of The Subtle Details.

The Whole Universe is Swirling Around & In Any Given Instant; It would be Revealed as a Unique Pattern of Tiny Particles Bunched Up Here & There, with Invisible Fields of Gravity & Magnetism Swishing along their Edges.

In an Given Brain; The Same thing is Happening; The ElectroChemical processes Swirling around under The Influence & As a Tiny Component of this Whole Universe in Chaos; & At any Given Instant; This Activity would reveal itself as having a Unique Pattern that we somehow Experience as Consciousness.

There are No Little Bumps inside The Activity of The Brain that somehow Defy This Ocean of Reality that each Brain is UnDifferentiated From ( ! )

The Whole Universe that contains these tiny Brains as merely a Patch of Itself like a drop of water in an Ocean or a Cloud in The Sky; All Swirling Around; Never Making Decisions.

  :   · . · .  · .  · .  · .  · .  ·   : 

Another ( Tangential ) Idea that concerns this Idea of ‘The Language of The Brain’

Is that i’ve often thought it very odd that if The Brain had a Language of it’s own, Independent of Any Spoken Languages, Such that even People & Animals that haven’t ever learned to Communicate with Others; They must Retain some Internal Language that allows their Autonomous Brains to Juggle Thoughts around & ‘Make Decisions’ ( !!! )

What is very Curious about this Idea; Is The Consequences of ‘An Internal Dialogue’

Isn’t it very Odd that when we think about things; Those of us that have access to A Social Language; We Think in That Language.

So that When we are Considering An Idea; The Brain, In it’s Language, Created that Idea, Then Translates it into ‘English’ Which we then Internally ‘Hear’

But of Course; This Sentence or thought that we Hear is Encoded in This Language which doesn’t make any Sense to our Brain, Until its Translated back into The Language of The Brain ( !!! )

What is The Point of The Intermediate Step when its Perceived as Being in ‘English’ ( ? )


Fragmented Memories

Saturday, November 9, 2013 8:18:17 AM

Fragmented Memories

i’m pretty sure that i’ve always suffered from Fragmented Memories, but Lately, this annoyance is becoming much worse.

What i define as Fragmented Memories; Are Memories that persist only as tiny, unconnected pieces of ( presumably ) a larger memory that is completely inaccessible.

Another Flavor of The Fragmented Memories are Streams of Thought that Are Completely Forgotten in an Instance when i’m momentarily distracted, or i merely change my orientation, turn my head or The Stream of Consciousness evolves from (A to (B, Leaving (A Completely forgotten.

: : :

One Pure Instance of this occurred as i recently watched an episode of Breaking Bad, in Which The Quasi-Evil Character ‘Mike’ has The Tip of his Right Ear Shot Partially Off.

The Very Odd Bit of this is that i am Absolutely Certain that i Watched this Same Event ( A Character having part of their Right Ear somehow cut off ) in Another Film within The Last Week. But i can’t recall -Any- Details about this Prior Event at all.

So that when i watched The Breaking Bad Episode; The Ear Incident had a decidedly Deja Vu Ambience to it, Except that The Recollection took place several days ago, Not as an echo of The Recent Event.

The Only thing i can recall about The First Ear Severing Event was that after The Event & The Other Characters were trying to be comforting to The Character that lost a Piece of their Ear, Was that a Reference to The Boxer Holyfield, that had The Top of his Right Ear Bit off by Mike Tyson / Specifically that “The Injury is hardly noticeable now.” But i’m not even sure how The Ear was Severed in The First Occurrence.

( ? )


First Axioms to FreeWill

Sunday, November 24, 2013 12:06:42 PM

First Axioms to FreeWill

The First Step in Determining if you can build a spaceship that can travel faster than The Speed of Light is to Discover why Light must Obey this Speed Limit ?

Likewise; If you’re going to Argue about FreeWill,

You should first determine what your Axioms are.

Are you going to allow; For Example, that you are An Immortal Soul that has existed forever; Receding into an Infinite Past & Infinite Future

Or : Are you A Finite Soul that Came into Being Recently & Will Dissipate in another few years

Or  : Were you Created Recently; But Will Continue to Exist for a Very Long or Infinite Period hereafter ?

The Necessity of Clarifying this Point is that it is Pertinent to Asking Where you’re Motives Came from ?

By What Process was your ‘Unique & Autonomous Personality’ Created ?

If you’re an Infinite Being; Then you were who you are from The Non-Beginning of A Universe without Time.

But if you are a Finite Being that Recently Came into Being, Either when you were Born ‘This Last Time’ or Some Number of Reincarnations ago, Then you have been ‘Created’ by The Circumstance of your Existence. All That Happened Around you, Made you into Who you Are.

Your Motivations would Stem from that.

Is your Hope for FreeWill OK with that ?

These Motives are What Your FreeWill Uses to Make Decisions.

But you must also allow that you are Constantly being ‘Modified’ By your Environment, Which Includes all The Other Souls that are Trying to Dominate You! Your Creation Process didn’t Stop at some Point It is a Never Ending Evolutionary Process that Continues to Make you Someone New, Every Moment of Every Day.

You are a River whose Water, Course & Banks are Constantly Changing.

Despite this Idea of You Being A Unique & Autonomous Personality; The Hope & Desire for FreeWill will Often Require Some Additional Ability to ‘Break Away from These Deterministic Constraints !’

No Matter how Unique & Autonomous You may be; It’s entirely Reasonable that you are Still a Robot that is Aware that You are A Robot. ( ! )

This Idea of A Robot being ‘Aware’ is very Troubling though.

Are we living in A Universe that is So Cruel that it allows us to Be Aware that we are Robots ?

If you are Keen on Refuting this,

Then you have to come up with some New Definition of Unique & Autonomous that Includes An Homunculii that is Both Inside & Outside your Unique & Autonomous Personality.

This isn’t A Paradox; It’s merely a Badly Constructed Sentence.

Perhaps when someone is able to ‘Explain’ what Awareness is; This Inquiry can proceed to The Next Tier.



Monday, November 25, 2013 8:36:52 AM


i may be taken as a Curmudgeon; But this BatKid Thing in NewYork ( & elsewhere ) is really wearing on me.

Everything about it is so Wrong.

The Most Commercial Aspect of it seems to be The Promotion of A New Batman Film with Ben Affleck ???

Also; It’s not a Gift from The Last Wishes Foundation because The Child got better from Leukemia ?

Why was he chosen for this ?

Plus; Being such a young child ( 5 ); How much is he really enjoying this, & does he understand ( at all ) The situations & performances that he’s being put into ?

He may be enjoying The Costume & Running Around; But it seems like he’s really being ‘Manipulated’ ( in some ‘benign’ way ) into being pwned for some ulterior motive ( ? ) ???


Friday, November 08, 2013

Quick Superficial Overview of My Kindle Fire HDs Presentation of The Best American Comics 2013

Quick Superficial Overview of My Kindle Fire HDs Presentation of The Best American Comics 2013

i’ve been collecting ( Listing ) all The little problems on my Kindle Fire HD that i find, & This Listing has become so long, with so much additional commentary, that it’s gotten completely away from me. ( ! )

Even now; i am very Reticent to even touch any of Those criticisms because they are so lengthy; While what really brought me to my Rants Folder this morning was my Recent Frustration with:

The Best American Comics 2013 / Jeff Smith - Editor

i have loved this Series for many years, But this Issue that i’m Reading for my Fire HD has many, many short-comings !

The Easiest Way to Consider these Annoyances is to Compare The Book Reader to Zinio’s Magazine Reader.

The Zinio Magazine Reader offers The Most Elegant Solution to Reading Big Page Magazines on The Comparatively Tiny Fire HD Screen.

The Zinio Structure allows for The Most Elementary Touch Screen Functions, Such as; Pinch to Enlarge or Shrink Which The Book Reader does Not !

The Best American Comics Book Exasperates this further by Adding what its Editors may have thought was being Clever, but Results in just Layers & Layers of Frustration.

When you’re viewing The Page of a Magazine in Zinio; Each page is Presented exactly as you’d view it in The Print Versions, & if you want to Examine something in Detail or Read an Article, All you have to Do is Pinch to Expand The Area that you’d like to See. This is Supplemented a little by a Double Tap which Blow up The Section under The Tap, which can then be fine tuned to just The right size & positioning with subtle finger manipulations. With a Little Practice, this becomes purely automatic on The Readers Part.

In Full Disclosure; As much as i Love Zinio; There is a Slight Ambiguity with this Touch System, in that when you single touch The screen ( sometimes ) The Scrolling Editor comes up along The Bottom. This is easily remedied, but i would much rather this feature was more restricted to a specific activation region, such as very near The bottom of The Screen.

This Scrolling Editor is Very useful for ‘Flipping’ through The Magazine, as well as an Additional feature which brings up all The Pages, Side by Side for Examination which is accessed by a Features Menu.

The Best American Comics Book has none of these Features. It has only The Sliding Button along The Bottom which provides No Real Ability to Scan The Book in a ‘Flipping’ Manner.

It doesn’t even have a Table of Contents which is accessible from any Page in The Book. ( Some Books do have this )

It doesn’t have The Synthetic Reader Either.

One Less Significant Annoyance is that The Pages are Presented with a Beige Side Margin which makes The pages look smaller.

With Zinio; These Side Margins are Black, so that The Pages appear to fill The Screen if they are not proportional to The Dimensions of The Fire HDs Screen.

The Method that The Best American Comics Reader uses to ally The Reader to Read ‘Fine Print’ is to have created an Entirely Customized Interface which ‘Pops Up’ Individual Comix Panes when Double Tapped. Once this has been engaged, you can ‘Flip’ Through The Panes one after another, as you would Flip individual Pages.

The Problem is though; That this Method is Very Inconsistent !

i have spent many minutes wildly tapping on The Screen trying to reproduce an Effect which it just performed !

The Most Egregious Flaw though is The Missing Pinch to Enlarge & Shrink ! If it simply included this One Universal Feature, i would be willing to forgive its many other flaws.

And Worse Perhaps !!! Is that it DOES Include this Feature for SOME panes, But NOT All of Them !!!

When you do Double Tap for The Panes that this Works with ( Not All of Them ! ) It Will Only Enlarge a Section to Fill The Screen Width in Portrait Mode ( It won’t work in Landscape Mode !!! ) So that This Enlargement is only very marginal for many Panes.

For SOME of The Panes; You can Double Tap them into an Enlargement Mode that is common for most books, which Separates The Illustration to A ‘Viewing Pane’ which you can Use The Pinch to Enlarge & Shrink Feature, But to ‘Return’ to The Book, you have to Cancel this by Tapping on The Close (x) Button in The Upper Right Hand Corner.

In The Zinio Magazine Reader; You are Always in The Reader Mode. You can Enlarge & Shrink Pages, Navigate around them, & then Move on to The Next page while always in this One Mode.

It annoys me that i have to ‘Open’ an Illustration to View it in Detail in all The Books. And Additionally; The Illustrations are usually presented in their Smallest Imaginable Size, Like on Wikipedia. So that to View any of these Illustrations, you have to ‘Open’ them to A Second Viewing Tier, Then Close that to Return to The Reading Material.

There is something ‘Kind of Like This’ in The Zinio Magazine Reader, In that for Some Articles in Some Magazines, you can Enter a ’TEXT’ Mode, which allows you to Read a Lengthy Article in The Usual Tablet Book like Format. Which is Very Convenient, & its easy to escape from.

Another Thing that is Obviously Different about The Zinio & Book Viewing Formats, Is that when Flipping from one Page in A Zinio Magazine to another Page, You are Sliding from One Page to The Next, which allows you to see both pages during The Slide, Separated by a Thin White Line.

When you Flip from One page in The Best American Comics Book to The Next Page; The First Page will Slide to The Left, But The Next Page will be Blank for Several moments, then Pop Up.

The Zinio Method Demonstrates that this Pause isn’t necessary, so that its especially annoying.

Another Grievance with The Best American Comics Book is that when you Double Tap on A Pane to Enlarge it, Sometimes The Whole page or Section will Enlarge, & sometimes only The Speech Bubble will Enlarge, & very often; When The Speech Bubble is Enlarged, It will Not be Enlarged as The Bubble, but as a Box which Cuts of The Edges of The Bubble. This may seem like a Trivial Complaint, but If i was The Editor that Used this Method, i would insist The Whole Bubble was Extracted & Enlarged. It’s just a Demonstration of Lazy Tablet Reader Editing.

The Definitive Solution would be to allow Pinch To Enlarge to Work on Every Page !!!

This is very Annoying in The Introduction, which doesn’t have The Top Menu Bar, Which ALL BOOKS do ! So that i can’t make The Text Bigger, & in this Native Mode, As Presented, The Text is Very Small, & won’t even allow me to Switch to Landscape Mode, by turning The Device over on its side.

That is Just Crazy ( !!! ) ?

The Missing Top Menu Bar is also Crazy.

The Missing Table of Contents usually featured in This Menu Bar is Also Crazy, Especially Considering what kind of Book this is ! Finding a Given Comic after leaving it, is very annoying & Frustrating !

The Nut of it is; Although this is not The First Graphic Novel that i’ve bought for my Kindle Fire, it will be The Last.

They have tricked me for The Last Time.

The Other Two ( ± ) Hawkeye & Some Samplers, Suffer from these Short comings as well.

All Illustrative Works should Follow The Zinio Method ! ( !!! )