Monday, November 25, 2013

Fragmented Memories

Saturday, November 9, 2013 8:18:17 AM

Fragmented Memories

i’m pretty sure that i’ve always suffered from Fragmented Memories, but Lately, this annoyance is becoming much worse.

What i define as Fragmented Memories; Are Memories that persist only as tiny, unconnected pieces of ( presumably ) a larger memory that is completely inaccessible.

Another Flavor of The Fragmented Memories are Streams of Thought that Are Completely Forgotten in an Instance when i’m momentarily distracted, or i merely change my orientation, turn my head or The Stream of Consciousness evolves from (A to (B, Leaving (A Completely forgotten.

: : :

One Pure Instance of this occurred as i recently watched an episode of Breaking Bad, in Which The Quasi-Evil Character ‘Mike’ has The Tip of his Right Ear Shot Partially Off.

The Very Odd Bit of this is that i am Absolutely Certain that i Watched this Same Event ( A Character having part of their Right Ear somehow cut off ) in Another Film within The Last Week. But i can’t recall -Any- Details about this Prior Event at all.

So that when i watched The Breaking Bad Episode; The Ear Incident had a decidedly Deja Vu Ambience to it, Except that The Recollection took place several days ago, Not as an echo of The Recent Event.

The Only thing i can recall about The First Ear Severing Event was that after The Event & The Other Characters were trying to be comforting to The Character that lost a Piece of their Ear, Was that a Reference to The Boxer Holyfield, that had The Top of his Right Ear Bit off by Mike Tyson / Specifically that “The Injury is hardly noticeable now.” But i’m not even sure how The Ear was Severed in The First Occurrence.

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