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Mathematics & Physics are a Scam

Sunday, November 3, 2013 12:05:51 PM

Mathematics & Physics are a Scam

One of my crazy ideas that i would like to implement if i ever won a multi-million dollar lottery :

Is to Demonstrate that Mathematics & Physics are a Scam, A Con, A Bamboozling of The Damp Masses, in That The Esoteric Mystical Knowledge that they claim is just to subtle for Ordinary People ( Featherless Parakeets & Traffic Cones ) to Understand.

Granted; Most People ( IQCs )* are Very dumb & couldn’t understand how a toaster works, no matter how long or what resources you expended to show them They would never ‘Get It’.

But My Assertion is that if you ‘Properly’ Explain these Most Subtle Ideas & ‘Discoveries’ to An Attentive ( B- to C+ ) Third Grader, they would be Able to Understand these ‘Most Subtle’ Ideas.

The Format that i would propose is a 15_minute Video, with Plenty of Graphics & Animation, Accompanied by a Pretty Young Girl with a Pleasant Voice, That would Step The Viewer through Elemental Premises to The Big Idea.

The Reason that i think i would need to win a Big Lottery to ‘Organize’ this is :

a) i just don’t get along with people, & i would have to ‘recruit’ representatives to contact all The people that ‘Understood’ these ‘Big’ Ideas, & Squeeze out of them The Little Ideas to Make The Films with. It is My Prediction that These Interviews would be Astonishingly Tedious in that The Mathematicians & Physicists would just Flat Out Refuse to Answer ‘Stupid Questions’ or Insist on Jumping Around in their Arguments or Answering Questions that they make up in their own minds after you just asked them something completely different.

b) The ‘Machinery’ of making a really good film is very tedious & requires a lot of people to help with it.

c) Another Thing; Probably more applicable to Physicists than Mathematicians, ( ? ) would be that they would Insist upon Allowing for ‘Axioms’ that Entirely Unproved & Don’t make a lick of Sense, & Moreover, Can not be Demonstrated in any Tangible Form. Pushing through that would strain The Sanity of any Shaved Hamster.

Once The Films are made & Shown to a Class of ‘Attentive’ 3rd Graders, they would be allowed to watch The Film any number of Times, But they couldn’t Refer to any Additional Source Material, Except for that which they’ve accumulated up to The 3rd Grade ( 3rd Quarter ).

The Test for whether or Not The 3rd Graders ( 80% of The class ) Now Understood The Idea, Would be that The Mathematicians or Physicists would create a short set of questions to inquire about The Idea. These Questions would demonstrate that The 3rd Graders ‘Understood’ The Significance of The Idea, & More-So, How To Apply it as any Other Mathematician or Physicist would Apply it to New Problems, Puzzles or Bigger Ideas.

Additionally; The Validity of these ‘Questions’ would be Tested on Randomly Picked Graduate Students ( 30 Say ) of The Field that would be Expected to Understand this Big Idea, & If 80% of These Graduate Students Answered these Questions consistently, Then they Would be Verified as Responsible & Intelligible Questions to Test The Effectiveness of The Video.

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* IQC = IQ 100s



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How does a toaster work. I don't know. Miracle of science?