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What is Required for FreeWill ( ? )

What is Required for FreeWill ?


The Definition of FreeWill is that an Autonomous Monad ( Homunculii ) Makes Decisions that are Entirely their own without Coercive Influences from External Sources.

- - -

This Definition Precludes a Compulsion that is Equatous with The ‘Other’ Definition of FreeWill; That This Decision Making Process Necessitates a Logical Operation which Produces an If-Then Conditional which Results in Either (p or (q; But Not in The Manner of a Perfectly Conventional Exclusive-Or [ XOR ] Bi-Conditional.

That is— If we were to Allow that This Autonomous Monad were to have an Exposure to Other Autonomous Monads, They would be allowed to Communicate with The Monad Exercising FreeWill, But Not Coercive Influence it.

This Qualification is just as Impossible as A Choice Being Made that is Simultaneously Deterministic & Free of Determinism.

- -

And at this Point; Most Arguments for FreeWill Grind to a Halt.

- -

But— Let us ReExamine our Original Definition that simply States First & Foremost that The Free Monad ( Homunculii ) is Autonomous.

What does this Mean ?

Before we Answer that;

Let us also Ask:

Might it be Perfectly Possible to have more than One Autonomous Homunculii in The Universe ?

Only One Homunculii in The Universe is Solipsism.

Which Argues very persuasively that since ‘I’ am only aware of my own thoughts, & can never be sure that any other being is experiencing this same sense of ‘Awareness’ that ‘I’ am; Is it Not Perfectly Reasonable to Assume that ‘I’ am The Only Conscious Entity ( Monad ) in The Universe ?

This is all The More Compelling when This Considerant Believes that The ‘I’ is Fully Autonomous & Not at all Influenced by ‘Other’ Minds.

In Actual Practice; We are Well Aware that our Own Minds & The Minds of Others are Not Only Influenced by The Mesmerizing Flicker of Television, But Very Obviously Swayed & Controlled by Greater Minds of Superiour Resolution; Such that it often seems that many of our Contemporaries have No Will of their Own at All; And Further; During Moments of Quiet Enlightenment &/or Personal Epiphanies, We Wonder If our Own Beliefs & Convictions are Truly Our Own or Whether we have been Corralled into Positions of Certitude that we Now Doubt were ever True ( ? )

- -

If we allow for Other Minds/Monads/Homunculii to Share This Universe with Us; Then it would seem an Irrefutable Certainty that our own Homunculii is being Constantly & Coercively Influenced by Other Minds, & We are Very Much Not At All Autonomous.

- -

Is there a Way around this ?

- -

Like any Other Good Logical Argument; We must allow for Certain Axioms that we Stand upon when Building our Castle of Cultivated Wisdom ( ! )

One of The Most Obvious Axioms ( That is; A Truth that we Allow to Exist without Proof ) is That The World ( The Universe ) is Pretty Much as we Perceive it to be.

- -

The Anti-Thesis of this; Which is More Probably True ( ! ); Is that The World is Very Much Different than The Way we Perceive it. The Best Analogy for this would be Believe that We are Living in A Screen Saver Universe, A World that, Although it seems very Real & 3-Dimensional to Us ( or A Single Conscious Entity ), Exists only as a Stream of Experiences that are Fed to The Synthetic Homunculii that exists only as Magnetic Tape, on a Screen Saver for a Computer Like Device in A Universe that is Completely Different than our Own. ( ! )

- -

Given The Truth of The Former Axiom then : That The World is Pretty Much as we Perceive it to be;

Let us Consider Gravity & Electro-Magnetism.

These are The Two Principle Forces ( Along with a Few Shadow Forces that are Probably only Permutations of These Two or More Likely ( ? ) All Glimmers of One Force that only seems to be Manifest in different forms ) That are The Causal Proxies of How & Why Matter Does what it Whilst.

The Most Impossible Attribute of these Forces, Which Our Learned Myn of Science & Reason believe to be True; Is that The ‘Limit’ of these Forces is that they have no Limit. Both Gravity & Electro-Magnetism Reach out into Infinity. A Single Dodecahedral Proton or Oily Coated Lepton somehow extends a ‘Field’ of Attraction or Repulsion out to all of The Other Feebly Decorated Quarks in The Universe, Irregardless of how Far Away they Are. Billions of Light-Years in most cases.

Does this Field of Influence Exist Simultaneously for all Particles, Influencing One Another Instantaneously, Everywhere, All The Time ( ? )— Or does it somehow Throw Out Infinitesimally Tiny Particles that Speed Across The Voids at The Very Mysterious Speed of Light ( ? )

Remarkably; Although Gravity & Electro-Magnetism have been thoroughly Labeled & Described; Physicists have No Idea Whatsoever how they Work or what their Underlying Mechanism consists of. You may have heard such terms as ‘Bending of Space-Time’ But let me assure you that these Terms have all The Substance of Techno-Babble used on any Scratchy Episode of Star Trek or Dr. Who.

There is a very Familiar Demonstration of Gravity which consists of a Funnel that one drops Pennies into; But This Model only Works if you Include Gravity to Pull The Pennies down into The Flue ( ! ) Just how ( without Gravity ) does A Curved Surface Pull or Push anything along its rind ? Inertia Perhaps ? But this would suggest that an Object if set to rest beside a Star would not fall into it unless disturbed, but this is exactly The Opposite of how Planetary Dynamics work.

- -

But these subtleties do not enter into Our Argument for FreeWill;

We merely accept that Gravity & Electro-Magnetism; Do as they Do, without Question.

What we are concerned with is that every Particle in The Universe seems to be Connected in Real Time to Every Other Particle in The Universe Simultaneously.

- -

Given also Then : The Universe as a Whole is Fully Autonomous.

This Position Defines The Universe As Everything. Not just Our Local Universe, which may be a mere 14_Billion Light Years Across or is this measuring its Radius ( ??? )

No; When this Argument says: Universe / It means Everything.

What if these Forces of Gravity & Electro-Magnetism were purely Local ?

Beyound our InAccessible Neighborhood of Galaxies; What if Gravity ceased to Exist ?

Never Mind that.

This Argument Assumes ( ! ) that Whatever is Out Beyound our Local Municipality of Physical Existence; The ‘Other’ Realities are Equally Influential upon us; Perhaps not as Instantaneously, But Existent just as well.

- -

Let us Reassert our Principle Axiom then :

The Universe is Fully Autonomous;

And Each Homunculii within it is Connected to The Whole of it.

- -

Let us now Jump Way Back to The Beginning of this Argument & Restate An Important Point.

For FreeWill to Exist; It must be an Elemental Constituent of An Autonomous Being which Defines a Unique Personality.

If such An Autonomous Being with A Unique Personality were shown to Necessarily Exist; Would This Indicate ( Persuasively ) that FreeWill Existed ?

That is Not A Rhetorical Question ( ! )

Is there some other Necessary Conditional ( ? )

- -

Only One Tiny Additional Step is Required :

Let us Define, or Consider, that Each Homunculii is a ‘Node’ in The Universe.

This Node is Longitudinally & Latitudinally Defined in Any Number of Desired Dimensional Planes of Existence as having a Unique Position in The Universe; Which Separates it from Any Other of These Uniquely Oriented Homunculii that are also Entirely Distinctively Situated.

Each of these Nodes then Enjoys a Unique Relationship to All The Other Particles in The Universe; Which means that The Influences upon Any Given Node is Unique.

- -

And there you have it.

- -

Each Node/Homunculii is Unique by The Finance of its Idiosyncratic Position in The Universe; But Draws upon The Autonomy of The Universe as it’s Own.

There may be A Great Many of these ‘Other’ Homunculii in The Universe, But their Coercive Influence upon any Other Homunculii is an Elemental Part of The Principle Homuncilii’s Unique Autonomy ( ! )

- -

Thus; Each Homunculii is both Unique & Autonomous; Which Satisfies The PreRequisite of A Individual Personality whose Decisions are their Own. ( ? )

- -

( ? )

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Part Two :

Does This Model in Any Way Explain Awareness ?

No. Not at all.


If you wanted to Build a Robot that Possessed FreeWill; You would simply Create A Cognitive Unit of Such Design that The Intelligence Simulator would incorporate Elemental Confluences At The Finest Decision Making Gradations that they May be Influenced by The Gravitational Waves that Pass Over & Through it from Distant Quasars or Stampeding Elephants in India.

The Important Bit here; Is that this Electro-Mechanical Mind must Satisfy The Same Delicate Balance that a Humynimal Brain must Possess, Which Sits Cross-Legged on A Burning Wire over The Chasms that Represent Determinism & Chaos. In The Humynimal Brain; This is Achieved with Sectional Brain-Halves that Struggle with Each Decision; Occasionally becoming Sufficiently UnBalanced to Give Way to A Shopkeeper or Accountant without a Soul, Or A Raging Maniac that Runs Amok in their Pajamas, Shouting Political Slogans in Languages that even The Clouds have long forgotten.

- -

Such a Robot may be able to easily Identify a Bison gazing on a Field of September Wheat, But would such a Mechanoid actually ’See’ this Animal ( ? )

That is a completely different Puzzle.

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