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Brain’s Don’t Think

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 8:27:54 PM

Brains Don’t Think


There should be an alternative form of A Logical Proof that is vaguely like; Reductio ad Absurdum*, but works from within The Position that is being argued for.

In this Alternative Usage; An Irrefutable Argument is Created, But The Premises or Axioms are shown to be False, Ridiculous or Impossible to Allow as True, As this would lead to An Untenable Understanding of How Reality Works Nevertheless; The Conclusion of this Argument Must be True.

Which Means that Reality is Impossible or The Way that we Perceive Reality must be Radically Flawed.

. . . . .

^ Reductio ad Absurdum is a Logical Backdoor which proves that A Position’s ‘Opposite’ is Completely Absurd; Thus The Opposite of that; Your Position, Must be True. This of course requires that a Viable & Correct ‘Opposite’ be Full Actualized, Otherwise this approach is merely another variation on A Strawmyn Argument.





Brain’s Don’t Think

  Brain States / The Dao

It’s often thought that The Brain is something very much like a Computer After all; They do pretty much The Same thing Right ?


A Computer has a very specific region for ‘Deciding’ things. This is The CPU, & Like a Brain; It doesn’t ‘Think’ or ‘Make Decisions’. It Flows.

The CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) & The Brain Express ‘States’.

What i mean by ‘States’ is that if you were to fill a barrel half full of Marbles ( So there’d be plenty of Room for them to Shake Around in ) & Shook it up; At any given moment, At any given Instance, The Marbles are in a Particular ‘State’. They are Arranged in a Particular Order, With all of them in a Particular Place.

Of course; With a Bin full of Marbles,

They don’t Signify Anything ( ? )

But with a CPU, It is Designed to Express a Finite Number of States, based upon how The Input Leads are ‘Lit Up’.

In The Case of The Earliest CPUs, From Which all The Modern, Contemporary CPUs are descended from, & only more complicated, by several gazillion factors

The CPU ( in The Simplest Form ) has 4 Sides, Each of Which has 8 ‘Pins’. Two of these Sides are for ‘Data Input’, One is for ‘Operation’ & One is ‘Output’.

The Two Data Inputs are A Number between 0 & 127, which may later signify a number, a character, a bit of sound, a color on The Display Screen or an instruction to be used later.

The ‘Operation’ is a Function based on Boolean Logic, But in Actuality are all permutations of NOT-AND ( NAND ). These Operations ‘Tell’ The Numbers how to Arrange themselves into a Unique New Pattern, Or State. This Process doesn’t involve any Thinking or Decision making, In one ‘Clock-Cycle’, or ‘Instant’ of Computer Operations, The CPU Takes The Two Input Numbers & The Operation & These Create a Comparatively Unique Pattern in The CPU. While 128 x 128 x 128 = 2,097,152. They are shaved down to 128 Patterns which are expressed in a Pattern for The 8 Pins that Indicate The Output.

With this Process, you can add 1 + 1 = 2 or perform a Logic AND, OR, IFT ( If Then ), XOR ( Exclusive Or ) or a Host of Other Functions which aren’t ‘Logical’ but have their Purpose.

The Very Strongest Point that i’d like to make though; Is that Inside The CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) during one of these Clock-Cycles; The CPU is ‘Turned On’ with a Set of Unique Inputs & An Operation, Which Cause a Comparatively Unique Pattern to ‘Form’.

The Brain works like this; Except that there isn’t one Centralized CPU, & it doesn’t Operate under The Guidance of ‘Clock-Cycles’.

It’s just ‘On’ all The Time, & Operates Continuously. At Any Given Instance; The Brain has a ‘Brain-State’ which somehow, Impossibly perhaps, creates a Continuous Stream of Conscious Thoughts & Also Drives all of our Behaviours; Such as Hopping, Tittering, Eating & Participating in Egregious Crimes.

The Point of This Revelation ( ? ) ! is that During The Brain’s Activities; No Decisions are ever made ( ! )

For a Decision to be Made; There would necessarily have to be An Additional Mechanism that ‘Stepped In’ & Exercised An Infusion of ‘FreeWill’ to Change The ElectroChemical Potential of a Neuron So that a Different Momentary ‘State’ would be Created.

If that’s how The Universe works, Whereas Each Cellular & Neurological Event is Propelled forward by a Constant Stream of ‘Miracles’ that Influence ‘Natural’ Biological Chemistry to allow for Life & Consciousness, That would be Remarkable.

Very Remarkable.

If Reality exists only because The Rules of Existence are constantly being changed to make them work, that would be very, very remarkable.

It would make predictions of future events completely impossible, unless of course; The Miracle Process took that into consideration, & arranged for Non-Causality Predictions to Correlate with Non-Causality Events.

That would be very^5 remarkable.

Allowing then The Universe DOES NOT Exist as a Consequent of An Unrelenting Cascade of Miracles from an UnSpecified Intelligence with a Desired Structure that it is Constantly Shaping for its own purposes

Then The Original Point is that The Brain Doesn’t make Decisions.

All of Our Thoughts & Behaviours are The Result of A Continuous Series of Instantaneous States which Follow one after another, like Marbles being shaken in a Barrel.

What am i suggesting by this?

Freewill is Not at all Locally Driven.

If Monads ( Homunculii ) do possess FreeWill, it is a Function of The Autonomy of The Universe & each Monads Unique Location in The Universe, So that The Universe from their Position looks & act upon them, in a Completely Different Way from any & All other Monads.

The Curious bit of this interpretation is that all The ‘Other’ Monads are an Elemental Part of All The ‘Other’ Monads.

FreeWill is all about being Free of The Coercive Influence of Other Monads, & this Interpretation states that All The Other Monads & Everything In The Universe ARE your Monad. The Other Monads aren’t Coercively Influencing you so much as They Are The Essence of Who You Are. Your Unique Personality that Defines The Source of your FreeWill, Consciousness & Behaviour are The Consequent of Everyone & Everything Else.


The AntiThesis.

What Evidence is there that Strongly Suggests that Consciousness is Directed by Local Objectives ?

It certainly seems very improbable ( ? ) that The World as we know it, with Cities, Technology, Social Organization & such that would have all come about if The Damp Masses were directed by The Chaos of The Natural Universe.

To allow for Both A Natural Universe to Drive The Determinism that Directs people around, And Somekind of Underlying Organization that Produces The World as we Experience it;

Might be Solved by Introducing numerous Layers of Simple Rules that Combine in Tier after Tier producing A Mind Numbingly Complex Hierarchal Structure of Emergent Complexity.

What might The Simplest Rules Consist of ?

Particles of Matter form discreet packets which combine to form Atoms.

Gravity & Magnetism Pulls things together.

Heat & Magnetism push things apart.

Chemistry ( Electron Theory ) allow for Unique Molecules to form.

Some Molecules become Self-Replicating, which allow they to experiment with Slightly different forms, while saving & duplicating The most interesting ones.

Thereafter you ( allow for ) multicellular organisms, organisms with internal organs, sexual reproduction, & such

Then : You have to start coming up with The Neurological Behaviours that keep The Animals alive to begin with, reproduce & additional routines that allow most of these little behaviours to mix & match to create new behaviours that don’t make any sense for survival, but produce The engineering & technology to make helicopters & toaster ovens.



Chemistry keeps Chaos from Throwing Atoms together in Any Combination imaginable. Only some Combinations are ‘Genuinely Imaginable’ The Other Combinations are ‘Inconceivable’ !

Is that The ‘Controlling’ Element that keeps The Universe, & Distant Gravity Waves from causing human behaviour ?

Reasons for thinking that they Do.

  Obsession with Story Telling ? Other Dumb Things that Robots should Not be Concerned with.

= = =

  The Illusion of Logic ? Is The Illusion of Thinking like The Illusion of ‘Seeing’ ? A Robot can Recognize an Object, But a Monad Sees it. What is this ‘Seeing’ ?



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