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Creationist Apologist

12/4/13 10:09:13 PM

Creationist Apologist


While i am reluctant to come right out & say that i’m A Christian Fundamentalist Creationist; i would like to Hedge that a little, by perhaps describing myself as A Rider of The Golden Hamster, ( Dada-Zen Daoist ) Elementalist Creationist that features a ‘Reasonably Intelligent’ Creator. 


The Foundation of Both is that The World was Created a Very Short Time Ago; & While The Mysteries of The Dinosaurs is UnResolved, i would like to Stretch my Theological Doctrines to Include The Feature that Something Very much like Christianities ‘Eden’ Once Existed, & Is Perhaps Still Available by A Mechanism that has yet to be Revealed.


i am basing this belief Structure, Not on Blind Faith, But As an Easy Explanation for A Variety of Mysteries & ‘Oddities’ that The ‘Long History’ Hypothesis fails to Satisfy me with.


The Long History Hypothesis is that The World is Billions of Years Old, And that People have Existed, pretty much as People, for Millions of Years, & That Dinosaurs once roamed The Planet without Fear of Habitat Exploitation by The Featherless Parakeets.


Even The Long History Theory requires that Many Things happened Very Quickly, Such as The Creation of Heavy Elements that Resulted from Dozens of Stellar Life Cycles, While our Own Sun has Existed for Nearly a Third of The History of The Universe.

Allowing for perhaps 5 Billion Years of Hesitant Galactic Formations, That would only provide a Few Billion years for Stars to Contract, Live out their lives, of which our ‘Average’ Sun is Expected to last for 10 billion Years, then Explode outward, Form a New Nebulae of Suitable Materials, then Collapse into The Next Generation of Stars with markedly Different Atomic Compositions to Make The Next Generation of Heavier Metals. This Explanation requires that what is Clearly a Process of Hundreds of Billions or Trillions of Years to Accomplish, as having taken place in a span of 5 Billion Years or Less.

The Big Bang & Contemporary Astronomical Origin Myths are about as Silly as Anything that The Aztecs dreamt up.


The Problem of The Dinosaurs is Perhaps The Most Troubling Weakness to The ‘Short History’ Conjecture. If The Dinosaurs ever really did exist, They must have done so for several Millions of Years, And Even a lunatic like me would be hard pressed to squeeze as many generations of UnMistakable Evolutionary Dinosaur Development, into a Few Thousands of Years. Even if Dinosaurs & People lived Contemporaneously; There remains a difficult dilemma.


So i would Instead Suggest A Very Radical Christian Explanation for The Dinosaurs & that is; That their Bones & Such are Fakes.

If you first allow for A Short History Explanation to be Available for Consideration; Then The Idea of A Mischievous Creator Deliberately Trying to Trick us into thinking that The World is Substantially Older than it really is, Becomes an Entirely InEvitable Consequence of The First Premise.


What really Swings me to Believe in The Short History Idea though, is The Apparently Non-Existent Technological Past of Human Civilization, Or; If you Allow for a Slightly Extended Period of Human Technological Evolution, It’s Path is Very Convoluted & Seems to Double Back on itself Repeatedly.


Don’t you find it very odd that a mere 200 years ago; Two LifeTimes, Perhaps Three Lifetimes ago; Human Technology was at about The Same Level as it was for The Ancient Egyptians 10,000 years ago. The Boats that The Europeans were making 200 years ago were only marginally bigger than The boats made by The Ancients, & that probably has more to do with Economics than Scientific Discoveries. The Buildings & other Structures that The Ancients Built were Substantially -More- Sophisticated & Ambitious than all but a few examples of Commercial Buildings from just a few years ago.


If anything; i have read from several different Sources that Archeological Excavations often find that The Deeper they Dig, The More Sophisticated are The Cultural Artifacts & Construction Methods they Discover; Suggesting that The Oldest City Builders just ‘Knew’ how to get things done, But then as Time Went By, Their children became lazier & more careless, forgetting much of what their parents & Grandparents tried to teach them.


But even if you find such claims wildly dubious; Isn’t it very odd that we have so many very recent, very simple Inventions that became available to us only in The last few years, In less than one life time for many of them.

Such as Razor Blades, Indoor Plumbing, Media Publishing, The Bicycle, Gliding Flight, Public Education, Many Mechanical Innovations, And The Exploration of Numerous Simple Physical Effects; Such as Sound Recordings or Photography.

Never mind all The Innovations that have sprung up from Electricity; But why was Electricity ignored for so long, When it’s discovery & Harnessing was apparently so elementary.


When you examine Lists of The Greatest Inventions of Human Contrivance, Very Few of these Most Amazing & Clever Insights took place more than 100 year ago.


Even according The Long History; While The First Stone Axe was A Work of Genius, It was then Left to stagnate for a Million Years. This is such an Unexpected & UnBelievable Shortcoming to this View of Human Development, that its been postulated that this First Step of Human Innovation was rooted in An Instinctive Faculty, Equal to The Ability of Birds to Make Nests or Lambs to Suckle Teats.


Granted; i am willing to accept that many discoveries & innovations were only possible with The Evolutionary Progression of many Intermediate breakthroughs & Developments, And that there may be A Fundimental Human Nature to Vehemently Resist Change, Choosing to Resist Improvements & New Knowledge as A Threat to Standing Orders of Political, Religious & Aesthetic Hierarchies.


But then; If this were Entirely or Partially True; What explains The Sudden Abandonment of Such Human Behaviours in our most Recent Times for Selected Cultures ?


Essentially; ‘The Short History Postulate’ asks The Simple Question;

Which is more ‘Likely’; That The World Trudged along, barely making any technological improvements for Hundreds of Thousands, If not Millions of Human Intellectual-Years;

Or that Our History of Civilization only goes back a few thousand years ?


The Beginning of This Short History Supposition is UnApologetically UnSpecified.


The Christian Origin Myths state that The Designer & Architect;  E.a, Created The World 6000 years ago.

But there are other ‘Possibilities’.

This Creator may be A Reality Generator for a Screen Saver Reality.

It may be that We are The Progeny of A Race of Aliens ( to this World ) that Crashed on The Earth a few Thousands of Years ago.

Maybe An Expanding Galactic Civilization Inaugurated Life as We Know it, on this World, Fully formed, Ten Thousand Years Ago.

Maybe An Alien Race of Beings took The Raw Materials of this World, Such as A Primitive Species of Apes, & Unrestrainingly Accelerated our Brain Growth, Upright Posture & other Physiological Anomalies to Suit their Needs to Exploit us for Some Ridiculous Purpose or Reason.


Some of these Origin Assumptions do not account for The Problem of A Necessary Dinosaur Explanation, although they may otherwise seem very palatable.

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