Friday, December 13, 2013

Explanation # 90,982,002,827 for FreeWill

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 3:23:10 PM

Explanation # 90,982,002,827 for FreeWill

What if : Sometime in The Future in a Universe that until this ‘Era’, everyone ‘Alive’ is just a Biological Robot, without Consciousness or Freewill. They engage in all The Behaviours of Human Beings as we know them, but They are completely unaware of their actions, like a Toaster that knows nothing of The Bread that it burns ( ! )

So anyways : In this Universe; One of The Robots builds a Time Machine & The Designs for it become Public Knowledge. The Device only costs a few hundred dollars & while Everyone in this World is A Robot, they still have a full spectrum of Human Behaviours, which includes weeping, jealousy behaviour, rage behaviour, sex behaviour, romance behaviour & so on.

So that while The Robots don’t ‘Feel’ anything, they are Aware of Their Behaviours in an entirely Computational sort of way

And: They desire to Improve their Behaviours, because they also possess a ‘Get Well’ Behaviour.

Essentially; Their Motivations & Behaviours are all Exactly like The Observed Behaviours of Conscious Humans, Except that they are Not Conscious. ( ! ) ( ??? )

So : The Robots of this World use The Time Machines, which work by throwing their ‘Minds’ backward or Forward into Time. If they go backwards, they have a natural Predisposition to become Sucked into their Previous Selves. If they go back to far or into The Future, their ‘Minds’ see The World through The Eyes of Others.

At First; The Time Machines only allow The Robots to See The Past or Present, but after a few years, someone figures out how to set The dials so that The Time Traveler can influence events, particularly when they are inhabiting their own previous Selves.

Everyone ( 60% ) of All The Robots are now going back in time to Change, Modify, Repair or Improve their own Decisions & Make their Lives ‘Better’.

But they’ve neglected to consider that everytime someone goes back & changes their own life, they set in motion an entirely new set of Circumstances for everyone else. So that Everyone’s lives are now changing all The Time, Like Layers of Lace on a Table Cloth folded over & over upon itself.

This causes innumerable ’Time Storms’ with all these New Time Lines constantly crashing into one another.

The Net Effect is that there is No ‘Real Time Line’ anymore, It is all thrown into Chaos, Nothing is PreOrdained anymore, All The Determinism that was set into motion when The Universe began has been Destroyed with Randomality & The New Cause & Effect that seems to be responsible for The Orderliness of The World as it now seems to us ( as Orderly ) is Neither Determinism or Randomality.

Plus; This New Order of Physicality has leaked backward in time, Causing This New Order to seep into The Original Determinism at The Moment that The Universe Began, Allowing Consciousness & Freewill to Exist.

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