Thursday, December 05, 2013

Good Morning American Plays The ‘I’ve Got Cancer!’ Card Again !

Thursday, December 5, 2013 8:21:06 AM

Good Morning American Plays The ‘I’ve Got Cancer!’ Card Again !


i just noticed on Good Morning America This morning, That Another ( Number Two ) of their insufferable Talking Heads is Playing The ‘I’ve Got Cancer!’ Card Again.

The First time drew a considerable amount of Criticism that it was perhaps a little Cheezy Exploiting Essentially a Private Moment in someone’s life for Health Educational Purposes, But mostly to Increase their Ratings amoung The Gawkers that Just Wanted to See Robin Williams Roberts get sicker & sicker & Die.

But no. She didn’t.

And Now that She’s gotten all better ( in a few weeks ),

They have decided to roll out a new talking head with Cancer again.

This is annoying enough when a marginally familiar CoWorker Reveals that they have Cancer; Begging The Question : What am i supposed to do with this Information ?

But a Media Whore PseudoCelebrity ? Am i supposed to feel compelled to Watch Good Morning America More often & Buy The Crap of their Advertisers to Support this Woman’s Battle with Satan ?


( ? ) !


Wm Jas said...

Robin Williams is a "he," not a "she" -- and as far as I know he has never claimed to have cancer. Perhaps you are thinking of someone else?

A Translucent Amoebae said...

Ack !
How about Robin Roberts from Good Morning America ( Not Good Morning Viet Nam ! )