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Two Muddled Rants on FreeWill

Two Muddled Rants on FreeWill

i believe that i have The ‘Solution’ for FreeWill Here,

But My thinking on The Finer Points is Still Very Muddled.

Items ( Terms ) that Need Good Definitions :

Ba ( Egyptian Distinction of The Unique Personality )
Ka ( Egyptian Distinction of The Life Force )
Ren ( Egyptian Distinction of The Person’s Name )
Sheut ( Egyptian Distinction of The Person’s Shadow )
Ib ( Egyptian Distinction of The Person’s Independent Thoughts )
Ha ( Egyptian Distinction of The Robot Shell )

Decision Making
Monad / Agent
Organic Chemistry
The Kitchen Floor ( The Bottom of The Universe )
The Troll Queen ( The Reality Generator )
The Ξ.6 Controllers ( NonDenominational Angels )
The Continuum of Realities
Elemental Particle
Elemental (x
Irresistible Influence
The Universe
The ( Local ) Universe
Screen Saver Universe
Fractional Propositional Logic
Jiggery Pokery
Judicial Process

Is an Agent of FreeWill Limited in Their Freedom by The Constraints of their Own Unique, Autonomous Personality ?

If your Unique, Autonomous Personality Determines that you will Invariably choose a Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich over A Bologna & Mustard Sandwich, Does this Constraint Prevent The Agent from Exercising The FreeWill to Choose The Bologna Sandwich ?

Number One :

Friday, November 29, 2013 9:29:38 AM

The Orders of Problems with FreeWill

The Principle Problem with FreeWill is that It is Obviously True that ‘You’ have FreeWill.

From my own Introspections of my Thoughts & Behaviour, i am willing to Allow that i do Not have FreeWill, But i do have Autonomy, which is a Minor & Irrelevant Concession to The Belief that i am a Unique Personality.

Before i mention what i believe is The Second Order of The Problem with FreeWill; Let’s just briefly mention The First Order Problem(s.

If you; An Agent of FreeWill is Making a Decision;

You Must Either ( ! ? ) Exercise A Mechanism of

a ) A Decision made for Reasons
b ) A Decision made for No Reasons.

In other Words; You Think about The Decision that you are making, or you don’t.

There doesn’t seem to be much latitude in either mixing those up & finding a palatable Grey Area between them.

In either Case though; It is Not FreeWill; Either The Machinery of Logic & Reason will make your Decision based on The State of The Universe Surrounding you, or You Merely Randomly Choose The TunaSalad or Bologna Sandwich.

The Second Order of The Problem with FreeWill has to do a little with Consciousness or Awareness.

While i accept that i am A Robot; i am a Robot with Consciousness.

i am Aware that i am a Robot,
But i also Believe that Robots Can Not be Conscious.

When you start Trying to Place Consciousness inside an Organic Brain, you can easily ( ? ) point to various neurons that are Active when a particular Thought is Being ‘Active’, But when you then start to Say or Ask; Which Neurons are ‘Aware’ of that Thought; Then you have a problem.

Neurons just form patterns of ElectroChemical Activity in The Brain, So you have to somehow allow that it’s The Patterns that are Aware; But that seems ‘too kooky’.

Does this suggest that any pattern is Somehow Conscious, or does any given pattern have to have some additional Quality added to it, like Electricity or Static Electricity or Gravity Waves or is Consciousness formed in The Magnetic Fields that jump around in your hair ?

Getting back to FreeWill; i do Believe that having FreeWill is a Product, or Function of A Unique Personality, Which is Dependent on The Attribute of Autonomy.

The Unique Personality; While it may seem like it’s easily influenced by Subliminal Advertising, Crowd Hysteria, Peer Pressure, Emotion Inducing Odors, Horrific Physical Pain, Magnetic Fields, Hallucinogenic Drugs, Sugar or Caffeine, Color Therapy, Nicotine or Spider Venom, Annoying Hangnails &/or A Poke in The Eye; Your Current ‘State of Mind’ is A Product of All those Local Conditions, but also A Sum Total of All The Gravity Waves that have ever passed through you from The Moment you were Born.

i have also wondered if Photons or other Particles that Skim along The Edges of Black Holes might Slide forwards or Backwards in Time ( i doubt it ) So that Not only is your ‘State of Mind’ A Product of The Entire Universe; But also All The Universal Conditions from The Beginning to The End of Time.

The Universe ( Now or Forever ) is Autonomous & that Autonomy is Bestowed to Each Individual in The Universe by Each Individual’s Position in that Universe, So that Each one Sees The Universe Slightly Differently.

So that Each Individual both Shares The Autonomy of The Universe, & by Their Position has A Unique Autonomy that they alone possess.

But that doesn’t explain Consciousness; It only provides FreeWill with The Autonomy that it needs to Exist & Produce a Unique Personality.

The Second Order of The Problem with FreeWill is this:

If you consider that Each Featherless Parakeet is A Robot, Mechanistically ( with Autonomy ) Producing their Individual Decisions, Those Mechanistic Decision must be Determined by An Agent that Chooses The Decision.

( ? )

That is; The Autonomous Robot’s Gears or Neurons grind away to make a Decision in a perfectly mechanistic/Deterministic sort of Way, But even if we ignore a Magical Homunculii that Sees & Acts as The Driver for The Robot; We are left with The ‘Other’ Big Problem; And that is; Before The Decision can be made by The Robot; The Decision must be Made for The Deterministic Machinery to Twist The Lever to that Decision.

The Decision must be made before The Decision is made.

Even if there was an Homunculii to do this; That would retain An Infinite Recursion that is The Second Order Problem with FreeWill.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

So how do i resolve this ?

The Robots of This Universe simply can’t possess FreeWill or Consciousness; Both of Which we Obviously Possess.

Therefore; We are living in A ScreenSaver Reality on a Computer whose Host Reality is very Different from Our Perceived Reality, So much so that We Can’t even Imagine How it Works to Provide us with these Attributes.


  :   · . · .  · .  · .  · .  · .  ·   : 


Number Two :

Saturday, November 30, 2013 11:39:29 AM

ReWork of The Orders of The Problems with FreeWill

The Principle First Order Problem :

What do you mean by FreeWill ?

The Second Order Problem :

What is Required for The Attribute of FreeWill to be Existent ?

The Third Order Problem :

Is FreeWill Tied to Consciousness ?

e.g.; Is FreeWill Required for Consciousness Or is Consciousness Required for FreeWill ?

e.g.: Can a Robot possess FreeWill ?

e.g,: Can a Robot possess Consciousness ?

The Fourth Order Problem :

IrRegardless of What Process is Provided to Generate A Decision; There is an Annoying PreCursor to That Process that must make The Decision to Direct The Generating Process, Otherwise The Process makes The Decision, which Invalidates FreeWill.

The Fifth Order Problem :

Does Autonomy alone infer FreeWill ?

The Thinking here is that Autonomy would produce a Unique Personality, & It’s that Autonomous Personality’s Decisions that are Judged to be Free or Not. Are they Free ? Yes. Would such an Autonomous Personality then possess FreeWill ? Yes.

The Sixth Order Problem :

Can there be more than One Autonomous Agent in The Universe ?

Any Given Perspective in The Universe, Sees The Remaining Universe from a Unique Position, Such that for That Point, Their View & The Effects of The Universe Upon them, are Unique.

This may sound Crazy; But if The Universe is Believed to be Autonomous; It can be subdivided to Share that Autonomy.

The Most Curious Element of this is that The Kid Next to you that is Urging you to Shoplift a Candy Bar or Cheat on your Wife, Is Not a Irresistible Influence Robbing you of your FreeWill; No! They are an Elemental Part of your Autonomous Personality ! ( ! )

Everything is Contributing to Who you Are.

The Seventh Order Problem :

The Illusion of FreeWill is focused from The Intuitive Desire to link FreeWill to Decision Making. This is Wrong.

While FreeWill Knocks Heads with Determinism; The Way that Most People Visualize Determinism is as A Giant Clockwork Set into Motion at The Beginning of Time by Gawd.

A Better way to Think of Determinism, which makes it far more Palatable with FreeWill, Is to Visualize Determinism as The Dao; A Flowing River that Carries everything Along with it as The Water Tumbles over Rapids & Winds Around Circuitous Aquatic Avenues. You a Leaf floating on this River. You are just along for The Ride; And you Are Aware of your Trip, But You have No ‘FreeWill’ to Influence it.

The Eighth Order Problem :

That is The Resolution.

You Have ‘FreeWill’ but you can’t use it to Influence The Events in your Life.

FreeWill is Defined here as a Unique, Autonomous Personality.

This may sound Exactly Wrong; But this Model allows that you have a Unique Personality that doesn’t make Decisions, It merely Flows through The Universe, Spatially & Chronologically.

When you may believe that you are choosing between Sex or Soup, The Conditions ( State of The Entire Universe ) Around you & In your Brain are already set to ‘Choose’ one or The Other.

There is No ‘Choosing’ Though; The ‘Choice’ is The Inevitable Outcome of Finite, But SuperQuantified Circumstances.

It’s The Difference between Accepting that Only Possible Things are Possible & The False Notion that A Wide Spectrum of ‘Possibilities’ are Possible.

FreeWill Solved. ( ! )

- - -

Additional Consideration & Questions :

- - -

Are People Morally Responsible for their Actions ?

The Question of Morality is Wrong. This Assumes that there is a Right & Wrong way to Do Things, or that ‘Actions’ will Result in either Good things Happening or Bad Things Happening.

This is Wrong.

Things just Happen.

As a Unique, Autonomous Personality; You are Allowed to Observe what Happens, But you aren’t Participating.

Furthermore; All of your Thoughts, Fears, Worries & Joys are Produced by Your Unique, Autonomous Personality. Your Awareness/Consciousness only Experiences them, Your Awareness has No Influence in these Thoughts ( ! )

- - - -

This may sound very Harsh; But to set it into an Example :

A Young man is about to be sentenced for an Horrific ‘Crime’ that he Unambiguously Committed. His Lawyer argues that The Perpetrator is a Victim of Their Unique, Autonomous Personality; To which The Judge Readily Agrees that His Unique, Autonomous Personality is The ‘Responsible’ Agent in The Young Man’s Actions, But The Judge Concedes that they Too are A ‘Victim’ of their Unique, Autonomous Personality, & Sentences The Young Man to A Communal Stoning.

- - - -

This Version of ‘Daoistic’ FreeWill may seem Equivalent to ‘Determinism’ without FreeWill, But The Alternative AntiThesis is that The Universe & it’s Agents are Being ‘Directed’ by A Non-Mechanistic ‘FreeWill’ Agent.

The Mechanistic Forces which Precede The Agents of FreeWill are Things like Gravity that Brings Matter together to Make Stars & Planets, The Lesser Forces which Bring Leptons & Quarks together to Make Matter, The Rules of Chemistry that Allow for Self-Replicating Molecules to Form & Evolutionary Pressures to Bring About Zebras, Giraffes & Atomic Bombs.

If you insist upon Bringing in An Agent of ‘True’ FreeWill that is Responsible for Organizing our ( Local ) Universe to The Form that we are Familiar with; This Agent of ‘True’ FreeWill somehow Circumvents The Recursive Homunculii Dilemma. ( ? )

- - -



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