Thursday, January 23, 2014

RSVP for My xxth High School Reunion

Thank you very much for inviting me, and i congratulate you on your ability to track me down,
the FBI has gone to a lot of Trouble to keep my new identity a secret !
If you'd like to see what i'm up to these days,
check out my Flickr Album under 'chrstphre'
or my blog 'The Translucent Amoebae Consortium'
i regret that although i live about a mile from JRHS,
whenever i think back to those days,
i weep blood & soil myself.
Best of luck to everyone !

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thoughts on The ‘New’ HP Prime

Thoughts on The ‘New’ HP Prime


Derived from A User & Start Up Guide that i Found on The Intertube.

In years past; i had been very enthusiastic concerning The Many Calculators that Hewlett-Packard was making. They’d come out with many, many different designs, which ostensibly served various niches, but were really just jewelry designs.

Many people ( that i knew ) bought them all, just to ‘have’ them, because it was very prestigious to have an HP Calculator. They were Very, Very Well Made, Featuring A Quirky Operating System called RPN &/ or RPL & made The Keys in a way so that The Characters could Never Wear Off, Because they were made with an Injection Process, So that they Characters ‘On’ The Keys went all The Way Through Them ( ! )

The Feel of The Keys was also very different from The Key Press of Other Calculators, & The Technology of These ‘Early’ Calculators was Way beyond where The Rest of The World was. 10 Years before Home Computers came out, HP was selling The HP 41 which was a fully programable computer that Scientists could hook up to their Lab Equipment to Control & Record their Results.

Their Last Head Butting Calculator was The HP 48gx. Circa: Late 1990s.

Since then; Hewlett-Packard has just lost interest in Calculators, They’ve been producing a lot of Crap which makes me very sad.

i have a problem with The Name ‘Prime’.

It seems to me that HP is committing The Old Cannon 35_mm Camera Mistake of Giving it a Name that can’t easily be superseded.
When Nikon came out with its Ground Breaking F Camera, Cannon then followed that up with its own somewhat inferiour 35_mm Camera, calling it The F1.
Obviously; They were courting The Phenomena of Consumer Confusion;
But more importantly; Nikon did not back down & called their Next Camera The F2.
What was Cannon going do?
They can’t very well call their Next Camera The F2 as well. Were they going to call it The F3 ? i can’t remember what they did call it, but; Clearly, they’d shot themselves in The Foot.
So What is HP going to Call The Next Calculator after this one, The Prime 2 ? ( !!! )
They Should have followed Apples OS Nomclemature & Called it something completely Irrelevant; Like The HP Asparagus ! It may sound silly reading that in this context, but i suspect that The Consumers would have gotten used to that & it would quickly seem like The most natural name imaginable.
The Next Calculator would then be called The HP Whatever Vegetable.
But i would also like HP to get out The Calculator Bznz & into The Software Bznz—
Making Assassin Quality Apps that would make use of whatever The Current Platform Standards are for The Current Line of Tablets or ‘Cell’ Phones.

The Screen Display on The Prime is Laughable !!! But in a Very Sad Way.
         320 x 240 Pixels.
What ( ? )
That’s a third of my 10 year old iPod’s Screen, And apparently with A Casio Spectrum of PreSelected Colors.

The Most Disturbing thing that i’ve discovered ( ? ) which seems unbelievable, so i’m hoping that i have grossly misunderstood what i’ve read so far—
But it seems like that although you can plug The HP Prime into a Computer of Somekind, You can’t exchange Data with The Computer. All The I/O Functions seem to go out of The Way to Insist that you can Only move Data to & from other Primes ! ( ! )
That’s a Deal Killer.
You can’t Print, or upload or use The Prime with an Overhead Projector, or Use it to Control a Robot ?
That must be wrong.
It must be.

The Reduced Keyboard & Hierarchal Menu Driven System seems good, Rather like The Old HP 42 way of doing things, which also had a comparatively small number of Keys, With hundreds of functions & commands.

The Opening Paragraph in The User Guide refers to Hundreds of Commands & Functions, As opposed to The Thousands of Commands & Functions of The 48 Series.
This may be OK ( ? ) if you can still accomplish everything that i could do with The 48, Using different approaches.

How much Memory does it have.
The Guides seem to go out of their way to avoid this.
When The 28 first came out, The Guides avoided this Question as well; Which turned out to be 2k which was amazingly small, even for that era of calculators & Computers. The Next 28 that came out had 32k, which was big enough for my doodling purposes, certainly enough for any actual calculating purposes.
i would hope that The Prime has at least a few Gb’s, But it doesn’t say.

It should probably have come with a Stylus ( & Stylus Hole ) Built into it.

i can understand how many people hate this solution, as they are always losing The Stylus, But if you’re going to use a Stylus anyways, & now you don’t have a good place to put it, that’s an even worse solution.

You will really need The Stylus for working with Graphics & Arranging Geometrical Figures on The Display; Or even for simply reliably hitting option selectors in The menus, pulling back from miss-strikes can be very annoying & frustrating.

i like The One Button Arrow Keys, which, with The Touch Screen, seem crazily redundant, But i was advocating this approach 15 years ago. Actually; The Solution that i envisioned was a single small button that possessed movement from left-right, front-back so that it would act like a minimally mobile mouse. This left-right, front-back would also allow The User to move This Button Diagonally, providing a much freer range of movement for The Cursor. 

The ToolBox Icon for The ToolBox Menu seems clunky, as it’s The only key that makes use of an illustrative pictoglyph. ( Along with The Settings Quasi-Iconographic ‘House/Home’ Button ? )

These Buttons That fill in The Space around The Redundant Arrow Ring, are all rather oddly designed, in that all of those functions should be menu driven. The Arrow Ring is Redundant because The Screen is Ostensibly Touch Sensitive. They should have taken all of those keys & Ring out, & made The Screen Bigger, If they were intent on keeping The Calculator about The Same Size as The HP48.

Overall; The Design, Keyboard & Menu System seems to reflect an Ergonomic Philosophy that should have been implemented a year or two after The HP 48 came out, not 15 years later.

One of The Very Kooky things that i’ve noticed about Personal Digital Assistants ( ? ) is that many years ago; The Palm Devices had a Writing Recognition Platform, which apparently never worked very well, & then Apple followed that up with The Newton, which was also supposed to have a feature like that; But now; 15 years later, You can’t even get an app for either The Apple iOS or Android that will recognize your handwriting ( ! ) ???
i don’t get that at all.
This Calculator should have something like that to more easily write out Equations & Expressions, which require lots of Super & Subscript Notations. If you had a really Good Screen Resolution & a Fine Tipped Stylus; Those features would make writing out an Equation very easy. The Template system used by The Prime seems unnecessarily awkward.

The Clipboard saves the last four expressions or objects ( ? )

It seems that ‘nowadays’ that should be an unlimited number of objects, with The option of clearing The Clipboard at The User’s discretion.
It annoys The heck out of me when i’m using The Wintel Computers at The Library where The Copy/Cut function will only save one thing at a time !
So; Apparently, The Prime is at least a little better than The Current M$ OS System in that Respect ( ! )
( On my Macbook, The Clipboard ( Pasteboard ) has an index of whatever you’d like to set it to, clearing its history when you reset The computer ( or not ). )

i have dozens of unread magazines & books on my kindle, but as i sit here reading this User’s Guide, it is very enjoyable. i don’t know what it is about reading a technical journal, but it seems like very easy reading to me !

The Sending & Receiving Protocols with their own Non-Standard USB plugs for Sending & Receiving seems 100% Crazy ! What is this about ?

MIT recently came out with a new version of Scratch ( Scratch 2 ), A very, very simplified Programming Language for Toddlers ! ( Which i enjoy using ! )

—That neglected to include Any of The Hundreds of Features that The Scratch Community was begging them to include in it, & in fact, dumbed it down substantially, taking away The users ability to download The Application to their own computers. ( ! )

So that now you can only use Scratch 2 online, in The Cloud ! Like The Old Terminal Based Computers worked. ( ! ) ( 30 years ago )

And Now; It seems like The Prime is following this same example of taking Power away from users. Like ( ? ) Somewhere, Somebody thinks that it’s too dangerous to allow Users to write their own truly functional & useful programs. ( ? )

Lego Robotics is The Same way. They are specifically designed to disallow The User of these Lego Robot Bricks to use more than 4 motors or sensors at a time. It should be designed to give any number of motors or sensors their own names & call on them whenever you’d like to.

There is something kooky going on. Computers are getting both faster & dumber.

i also find it rather curious that their is no really good way to permanently store data from any computer with the expectation that it will last in a given medium for more than 10 years. ( ? ) Those DVDs that your computer can burn for you will probably fail in as little as 5 years.

& Hard-Drive Prices have remained stagnant for about 3 years ( at least ), That is; A Terabyte hard-drive is about The same cost now as it was 3 years ago.

They should be getting bigger & cheaper.

i have now found out ( ? ) that apparently you can connect a Prime to a Computer, But only A Wintel Platform, Not Macs or Linux OS’s, They have been Shut Out by A Software Screen Door Whose =Purpose= is to Shut them Out ( ! ) ? If HP had simply chosen a Universal Generic Connection Platform such as USB, then you could use any Platform at all to Connect with The Prime, But HP has written a Communication Protocol that will only work with The M$ OS.

What is that About ( ? )

Lego did that with their Robot Software. Not only did Lego create their Communications Software So that it would Only work with The M$ Platform, but they padded it up with so much Spaghetti Code that you needed State of The Art Memory & Processing Speed to write tiny little .txt scripts that you’d download into Their Robot Controller. ( ? )

It’s obvious that M$ is still amazingly Evil, but why is HP playing along ?

The Last Calculator The HP Produced that was of Sincere HP Quality that they Established with their First Calculators, was The HP28. Although The Following 48 Series was very Nice, They were decidedly cheaperly made than The previous generations of Calculators. All of Their Calculators since then have been startling lame. The Ones after The 48s were specifically designed to look exactly like The TI Calculators to produce Consumer Confusion, hoping that High School & College Students would mistakenly buy The HP Calculators after being instructed by their Teachers to get The Cheaper TI’s which were becoming The Educational Standard due to their Cheapness.

HP has already been dead to me for more than 10 years,
& this only makes them more dead to me.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Room Number Three

The Room of
Lee Marvin Regnier & Carey C. Sterling
Number 3 at 903 West Spofford / Spokane Washington

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i hadn’t had any contact with these two,
& i don’t think i’d even seen them in The few months that they were living in our building, But in that Time, our Building Owner called me up 2 or 3 times asking me about them ( ? )

Apparently; The Family downstairs ( Below them ) were complaining about The Noise they were making.

Wei Yan was attempting to Confirm or Refute these Claims, to determine who were The Crazy People; Lee & Carey or Ki’anna & her Mother ( ? )

i lived upstairs on The other side of The Building, & i am annoyed by any small noises, So i wear Ear-Plugs All of Time; So that i was out of The Loop.

Apparently Wei; If i may be so filled with Hubris, ( ! ) seems to think that i may be one of The More ‘Reliable’ or ‘Responsible’ people in The building.

i think Jim; That lives below me & Next to Lee & Carey is more knowledgeable about what is going on in The Building, But he is also clearly & Clinically Schizophrenic, So that tends to taint his appraisals.

Anyways; Whenever i’ve gone past their room ( Lee & Carey’s ) i have noted that they are Always Arguing, Loudly, & i let Wei know that.

Then on NewYears or Thereabouts, there was a Big Ruckus & Jim called The Police ( ? ) Who kicked in their Door ( ! )
813 2017 !
Cross with Snowman
Careys Lees
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Then Carey moved out.

Then Lee Disappeared.

Then a few days later, When i as coming in, i noticed their door open, which seemed mildly odd, & upon examining it, i noticed that it was kicked in.

i didn’t know at that time that it was kicked in a few days before, But later; i learned that after that; The door had been ‘Fixed’, But Now; It was Kicked in Anew !

So i Asked Jim to come out & ‘Witness’ me entering The Room to see if there were any Dead Bodies, which i didn’t find, Although i didn’t really look very carefully ! There may have been one or more stuffed into The Shower or behind boxes in The Closest, but i was satisfied that no one needed medical aid at that time.

At that time i observed The Writings on The Walls, & i could just bat myself about The nose & cheeks with a frozen waffle for not thoroughly Documenting everything at that time, but i felt a little guilty for being in there, & i also suspected that i was standing in a crime scene & was about to call The Police, But when i came out & discussed this a little with Jim, he Assured me that that wouldn’t be necessary ( ! ) Instead, he suggested that i simply notify Wei, which i did.

Then a few days later when i was coming in again; i ran into Wei as he was just about to investigate The Room, & he wanted me to ‘Witness’ his entering The Room, So i Followed him in & he was very befuddled ! And i Finally came to my Senses sufficiently to take a few, Very Poor Quality Pictures !

The Preeminent Thought(s that i had at this time was that it was very Sad that they had only been in that room for a few months. If they’d had been able to stay for a few Years, just imagine what a Startling Piece of Art & Religious Work they would have Created on The Walls of that Room !

All Pictures were ’DeSkewered’ & Slightly Enhanced to Make them Easier to View.

Phone Nook


Fuck You Carrie You Pycho Bitch

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

East Wall by The Door


Fuck You Phucho!
# 5
[ Cross ]
[ Note on Paper by Electrical Socket ]

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

East Wall


My Honey More Than Money
Go Very Fast
[ Image of Holly ]
- - - ?
Christmas Eve 2013
2 - - - ? X:mas Day
3 Days away from Lee
[ : ( ] Rotated 90˚

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

South East Wall

Luke 10:22
No one knows who The Father is Except The Son & The One to Whom The Son Wills to Reveal Him¹
= Why I Know
- - -
- - -
Luke 2:11
For in Born to you this Day in The City of David a Saviour, Who is Christ The Lord.
- - -
Go Confidently in The Direction of your Dreams
8-13-2017 @ 14:11 - 2:22 pm PDT
¹ Matt 24:36
All Rev 3 ( I am Coming )

Armageddon Pre-Rapture ?
Bible Coding after 10 yrs experiences
Jesus is Coming Pyschosis

Matt 6:8-13 = Jesus’ a Comended Prayer : The Our Father, Thy Kingdoms Come  8 - 13 - ’98  My Sermon on The Mound

Moment to Give All Away - - -
Fight Evil in The Day not - - - rrying
About Food, Clothing or Shelter
In Venice Beach

Acts 2:17 = Increase Mental Disorders = 21 yrs ( 21 angel plagues ) from 1997 Gawd 2:00ish Mountain Head Injun - - - uka

Romans 14:11 = Every Knee will Bend, Every Tounge will Confess ( Military Time ) + Many Mind Blowing 2:00ish days moments ( 10 y - - - orth )

Phil 2:11 = 2nd + Only Other Place for Knee Bending & Tounges Confessing

       2:22 = backwards in mirror = 666  The Moment Jesus Lands. Satan is Bound 1000 yrs


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Center South Wall


46  50
- - -
To B - - - ?
Matt 6: 19-21
[ Verse ]
- - -
[ Snowman ]
[ Candy Cane with Bow ]
[ Stockings Hung Up ]
[ Water with Fish ]

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Sunday, Aug 13th 2017 @ 2:11pm-2:22pm P.D.T.
- - -
All Eternity / Heaven
- - -
[ In Cloud ...
Lee M. Regnier Sterling
Carey C. Sterling - Regnier
Holy Spirit ]

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Faith / Hope / Love
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Jesus Says - - - ?
Try Sermon on The Mound
Sell All, Give to The Poor
Fight -?- with Love ( ?
Don’t -?- for Self
C -?-

Jesus in Action via The Holy Ghost
Food, Clothing, Shelter
-?- Puts down Love
- - -
The All Produce -?-
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

West Wall

Too Degraded to make Significant Transcriptions from !

The Two Principle Mysteries

What is The Significance of August 13th 2017 2:11pm-2:22pm P.D.T.

And Who Wrote The Inflammatory Messages by The Door ?

Also : What does #5 Refer to ?

It seems mildly improbable that it was in Reference to The Couple in Room # 5,

Which is Occupied by an Elderly Native American Couple.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Built by Hand ( Book Report )

i just recently checked out a book from my local library whose title is :
Built by Hand
by Bill & Athena Steen, Eiko Komatsu With Photographs by Yoshio Komatsu
© 2003

It’s a reasonably Large Book; 9 by 8 Inches with Nearly 500 Pages of Just Photographs Of Homes & Domiciles of Preliterate or Formerly Preliterate, PreIndustrial Indigenous Aborigines from Around The World, that bleed over every page’s edge.

Firstly; It’s a very pretty Book.

But also; As i have The General Impression that Most Humanimals are Incredibly Stupid & that Civilization was constructed by a very tiny percentage of True & UnMistakably Genius Engineers that started perhaps with The First Genius that Saw an Axehead inside a FineGrained River Rock.

What this Book has done to me; Is awakened The Awareness that People from around The World, without The Benefit of Libraries, State Run Institutionalized Educational Indoctrination Centers or Tools made from Durable Materials; Have Created This Vast Diversity of Wondrous Architectural Forms !

The Curious Bit though is that although The Population’s that have created these Homes are Incredibly ‘Primitive’ in that they have access to iPods with only 8_Gb of Memory And T-Shirts Discarded by Christians throughout Louisiana & Mississippi; They have produced enough Genius’ to Invent this Level of Domicile Construction that any Ordinary First World Middle Management Bureaucrat would Not be able to Replicate; Even if they were provided with Several Notebooks full of Photographs & Doodles of The Desired End Product.

While this book has ( Renewed ) my Respect for Aboriginal Populations, It is ( Also ) very interesting that while These Peoples have been able to create these Delightful Homes, Simple Looms, Intricate Pottery & Inventive Ceremonial Masks

They have failed to produce sufficient momentum to keep inventing new conveniences & amenities that would eliminate many of The Most annoying aspects of their lives.

i love The Idea of People living simple lives in Straw Huts for Millennia after Millennia, But if you have to Endure Horrific Diseases, Insect Dominated Plateaus & Occasional Years of Famine; That takes The Fun out of Remaining in Eden.

An Obvious Observation

Sunday, January 5, 2014 10:35:31 AM

An Obvious Observation

i was just thinking The Other Day;

How would a typical Christian respond to The Question :

‘Do you Believe Or Take Comfort in The Knowledge that when you are Summoned into The Hereafter, Jesus will Punish you, Just The Right Amount, in An Inerrant Judicial Manner, For all of your Mortal & Venal Sins, Petty Traffic Offenses, Social Faux Pas’, Juvenile Iniquities & Ignorance of Virtues while in your Mother’s Womb; Before welcoming you into Heaven ?

- - -

i would like to believe that if The Universe is Run in A Judicial Manner ( which i don’t ), Then This Perfect Justice becomes available & is Vigorously Applied without Bias at some Future Pause in The Tiresome Squirming of Existence.

- - -

But then it suddenly occurred to me that Christianity is Not About Sin at All. Not at All.

It’s not about being good or Evil at All. Not at All.

Yes; There are innumerable ‘Thou Shalt Nots’, But these are Invariably Taboos which are So Pointless that they can be Interpreted in No Other Way than as ‘Inclusionary Rules’.

Wearing your Hair in a Certain Manner ( Leviticus 19: 27 ) isn’t meant to alert you to a Mortal Sins, But to Separate you from Neighboring Tribes that fail to respect your Water Rights.

The Bible doesn’t teach a Undiscerning Love & Respect for The Miracle of Life; It Teaches that there are A Myriad of Cases where Community/Socially Prescribed Murders are Obligatory.

- -

i have long thought that The Ways of The Angels is Quite Different from The Ways of Myn; In that The Angels are Not Concerned with Matters of Life or Death, Property, Status or Respect; The Ethereal World has all The Promise of A Lucid Dream that is many ways, The Opposite of Everything that Mortals believe are Important. Perhaps The Purpose of Becoming Incarnated is to Find Souls that can drown in an ocean & realize that water is an illusion because it must be necessarily impossible. But The Bible often goes beyound even that in that The World of Jehovah is Backwards World.

What The Bible is Insistent upon; Is that ( Nearly* ) all of your Sins are Forgivable, If you merely ( Sincerely ) ‘Accept’ Christ into your Heart Moments before you Pass Over The Tangental River Styx into A Benign, Shadowy NetherWorld to await your Administrative Reparations.

Likewise; It is made perfectly Clear that The Very Best, Righteous Persons that fail to meet The Minimal Requirements of Inclusion for Heaven; Will not simple be turned away at The Gates of Paradise, But will Fall into The Eternal Torment of Perdition.

* And these Exceptions are pretty Quirky.


- - -

If you consider this for a moment; You should suddenly realize The Obvious Fact that The Entire Bible is A Crazy Litmus Test.

- - -

Just Imagine for A Moment that you are gawd.

You have recently ( after an infinity of ponderance ) realized that you have The Ability to Create New Souls !

After trying this recipe a few times & investigating many different combinations of ingredients, you are sorely disappointed that you can’t create a consistently ‘Noble Savage’ !

In Fact; The Proportion of Good Results to Very Disappointing Outcomes is something like 1 in a Million.

Creating Millions of New Souls & Discarding these vast numbers of C Quality Featherless Parakeets into hir compost heap begins to wear on gawds soul ! All of these New Beings are perfectly conscious beings which are alive only long enough to betray their Cowardly Odiousness Nature before they are shunted to a Purgatory of Eternal Misery; As gawd has discovered that once a New Droplet of Autonomous Cognition is Created, It can Not be destroyed ( ! )

So gawd invents an Automated Sieve that s’he/it can fill with New Souls, Where The Wicked, Craven Souls can live in a Reasonably Tolerable Purgatory, for Incarnation after Incarnation, While The ‘Process’ Creates New Souls, from which gawd can Glean for gawd’s own Private League of Comparatively Equal Colleagues.

- - -

After setting this all up; gawd finds that it is very tiresome to wait & wait & wait for good souls to percolate up from The dredge.

What gawd needs is an Accelerant. A Catalyst that will immediately show which are The Feeble, Decrepit Souls that should be ignored, While Exposing The Strong Willed Ubermyn that s’he/it wants to Harvest.

- - -

There are Two Approaches to this :

One is to Tell These Damp Masses that you’re looking for Strapping, Self Assured & Vigorous Souls to Invite to your Special Discotheque that Parties for Nobility, Apprehension of The Universe & Simple Tactile Pleasures.

Or You can Advertise for Exactly The Opposite; Urging The Spinelessly Meek & Underachieving Soft Bellied Bottom Feeders to Stick their Head in a Bucket of Water, Mutilate their Genitals, Persecute The Tyrannized Kittens that have sought a Life of Individuality, And Assure them An Afterlife of Eternal Bliss.

- -

The First option is sure to produce many false positives, While The Second ingenious method will clearly expose those that are willing to Risk Everything, including their own eternal soul to an bottomless realm of horror; In Exchange for a Single Well Spent Life of Virtue.

- - -

Thus; Gawd Commissions The Bible to Be Written, which essentially promises to those that can read between The Lines & are Strong enough to Live According to their Principled Convictions, That only The Damned will be allowed into Heaven.