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An Obvious Observation

Sunday, January 5, 2014 10:35:31 AM

An Obvious Observation

i was just thinking The Other Day;

How would a typical Christian respond to The Question :

‘Do you Believe Or Take Comfort in The Knowledge that when you are Summoned into The Hereafter, Jesus will Punish you, Just The Right Amount, in An Inerrant Judicial Manner, For all of your Mortal & Venal Sins, Petty Traffic Offenses, Social Faux Pas’, Juvenile Iniquities & Ignorance of Virtues while in your Mother’s Womb; Before welcoming you into Heaven ?

- - -

i would like to believe that if The Universe is Run in A Judicial Manner ( which i don’t ), Then This Perfect Justice becomes available & is Vigorously Applied without Bias at some Future Pause in The Tiresome Squirming of Existence.

- - -

But then it suddenly occurred to me that Christianity is Not About Sin at All. Not at All.

It’s not about being good or Evil at All. Not at All.

Yes; There are innumerable ‘Thou Shalt Nots’, But these are Invariably Taboos which are So Pointless that they can be Interpreted in No Other Way than as ‘Inclusionary Rules’.

Wearing your Hair in a Certain Manner ( Leviticus 19: 27 ) isn’t meant to alert you to a Mortal Sins, But to Separate you from Neighboring Tribes that fail to respect your Water Rights.

The Bible doesn’t teach a Undiscerning Love & Respect for The Miracle of Life; It Teaches that there are A Myriad of Cases where Community/Socially Prescribed Murders are Obligatory.

- -

i have long thought that The Ways of The Angels is Quite Different from The Ways of Myn; In that The Angels are Not Concerned with Matters of Life or Death, Property, Status or Respect; The Ethereal World has all The Promise of A Lucid Dream that is many ways, The Opposite of Everything that Mortals believe are Important. Perhaps The Purpose of Becoming Incarnated is to Find Souls that can drown in an ocean & realize that water is an illusion because it must be necessarily impossible. But The Bible often goes beyound even that in that The World of Jehovah is Backwards World.

What The Bible is Insistent upon; Is that ( Nearly* ) all of your Sins are Forgivable, If you merely ( Sincerely ) ‘Accept’ Christ into your Heart Moments before you Pass Over The Tangental River Styx into A Benign, Shadowy NetherWorld to await your Administrative Reparations.

Likewise; It is made perfectly Clear that The Very Best, Righteous Persons that fail to meet The Minimal Requirements of Inclusion for Heaven; Will not simple be turned away at The Gates of Paradise, But will Fall into The Eternal Torment of Perdition.

* And these Exceptions are pretty Quirky.


- - -

If you consider this for a moment; You should suddenly realize The Obvious Fact that The Entire Bible is A Crazy Litmus Test.

- - -

Just Imagine for A Moment that you are gawd.

You have recently ( after an infinity of ponderance ) realized that you have The Ability to Create New Souls !

After trying this recipe a few times & investigating many different combinations of ingredients, you are sorely disappointed that you can’t create a consistently ‘Noble Savage’ !

In Fact; The Proportion of Good Results to Very Disappointing Outcomes is something like 1 in a Million.

Creating Millions of New Souls & Discarding these vast numbers of C Quality Featherless Parakeets into hir compost heap begins to wear on gawds soul ! All of these New Beings are perfectly conscious beings which are alive only long enough to betray their Cowardly Odiousness Nature before they are shunted to a Purgatory of Eternal Misery; As gawd has discovered that once a New Droplet of Autonomous Cognition is Created, It can Not be destroyed ( ! )

So gawd invents an Automated Sieve that s’he/it can fill with New Souls, Where The Wicked, Craven Souls can live in a Reasonably Tolerable Purgatory, for Incarnation after Incarnation, While The ‘Process’ Creates New Souls, from which gawd can Glean for gawd’s own Private League of Comparatively Equal Colleagues.

- - -

After setting this all up; gawd finds that it is very tiresome to wait & wait & wait for good souls to percolate up from The dredge.

What gawd needs is an Accelerant. A Catalyst that will immediately show which are The Feeble, Decrepit Souls that should be ignored, While Exposing The Strong Willed Ubermyn that s’he/it wants to Harvest.

- - -

There are Two Approaches to this :

One is to Tell These Damp Masses that you’re looking for Strapping, Self Assured & Vigorous Souls to Invite to your Special Discotheque that Parties for Nobility, Apprehension of The Universe & Simple Tactile Pleasures.

Or You can Advertise for Exactly The Opposite; Urging The Spinelessly Meek & Underachieving Soft Bellied Bottom Feeders to Stick their Head in a Bucket of Water, Mutilate their Genitals, Persecute The Tyrannized Kittens that have sought a Life of Individuality, And Assure them An Afterlife of Eternal Bliss.

- -

The First option is sure to produce many false positives, While The Second ingenious method will clearly expose those that are willing to Risk Everything, including their own eternal soul to an bottomless realm of horror; In Exchange for a Single Well Spent Life of Virtue.

- - -

Thus; Gawd Commissions The Bible to Be Written, which essentially promises to those that can read between The Lines & are Strong enough to Live According to their Principled Convictions, That only The Damned will be allowed into Heaven.

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