Thursday, January 02, 2014

Two Items

World Out of Order (b by chrstphre
World Out of Order (b, a photo by chrstphre on Flickr.
We are having a major problem with overflowing trash at our dumpster, and this makes me aware ( again ) that the difference between the rich and the poor is basically only one thing; The Rich are able to solve simple problems very easily, while simple problems for the poor are often uncontrollable and devastating !
Big problems; such as Cancer or your house burning down are about the same for both rich & poor.
Also; The poor could easily live in opulence if they only took the time to take care of what they have and use a little free imagination to dolly up their house and lawn.

The Local news is ( making up ? ) stories again or someone is suppressing a news story ? The other night, the local news ( kxly Spokane Washington ) reported ( Briefly ) a story in which a police officer shot a 4 year old child. No details were forthcoming. The story included a map in which the incident apparently happened in Mid-Washington State, just recently ( ? )
I looked all over ( ? ) the interweb, using Dogpile and there is no sign of this story ?


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