Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Craziness in The Building

Saturday, January 25, 2014 3:19:43 AM

More Craziness in The Building

Missive that i intended to send to Wei ( Will ) Yan

This is The Second Time that i’ve ‘Noticed’ this;
& that is ; TJ ( i think ? ) from Room 1 has come up to Room 5,
Usually in The Middle of The Night ( Now 3am ) & Started Banging on Bernabe’s door, claiming that she’s The Assistant Manager, & that he’s Evicted ! ( ? )
This Time; She was claiming that he’s a Wife Beater & So on.
Very Loud Stuff.
They Both ( TJ & Bernabe ) seemed Drunk
- - -
a) Is This Woman TJ ? ( Confirm with Additional Inquiry )
i did confirm this with Bernabe The Next Day

b) Is She The Assistant Manager ? ( That would be Crazy )

c) Is Bernabe Evicted ? ( ? ) [ Later on; i discovered ( ? ) that Bernabe & Barbara ( from 5 ) have Not actually been Evicted, but their Lease will Not be Extended ( ? ) Bernabe has on a few occasions gotten drunk & gone on a rampage through The building, but when he’s Not drunk, he seems very nice ( ? ) Barbara on The other hand, is always a Harpy ( ! ) ]

In any Case(s; This all seems very Crazy.

- -

i think it is FABULOUS that you have NOT simply cleaned out Room Three & Thrown everything out on The Sidewalk, as i have seen other Landlords do.

That is just Wrong.
But you do need to resolve this to Open The Room Up again.

Have you had any luck in Locating/Contacting Lee or Carey ?

Or Their Lease Contacts ?

[ This was later ( Discovered ) Resolved that Lee ( Boy ) had moved out, & Now Carrie ( Girl 50ish ) is living in 3, but she hasn’t been actually evicted either, although The police have been called to ‘settle’ things there on at least 3 occasions that i personally witnessed. One time The police had to kick The door in ! ) ]

- - -

If i were King of The Universe; i would make a very reasonable effort to Contact Lee &/or Carey or their Lease Contacts, To Determine where they’re stuff should be moved to.

( There may be Somekind of Address Book or ( ? ) in The Apartment that would help with this ( ? ) ! )

If this can Not be resolved in say 90_Days ( 120_Days ) ( ? )

i would Inventory everything in The Room, Separate Out things that Seem Personal/Sentimental & Legal from Furniture & Junk,

Then Put The Personal/Sentimental & Legal Stuff in Sealed Storage Containers somewheres for ( ? ) However long that seems Reasonable, Convenient or Financially Viable,

& Dispose of The Furniture & Junk to The Salvation Army or An Auction House, Depending upon it’s Estimated Worth.

Any Money’s made from that Auction would be Stored or Noted with The Other Saved Articles Awaiting Lee &/or Carey’s Return.

This latter Action assumes that there may be Items of Substantial Value ( Exceeding $300 ).

( ? ? ? )


Wednesday, February 12, 2014 6:43:44 PM

New Building Manager

Re: Duane Lee Comeslast ( Comes-Last ) ( ? )
Re: World Relief
Re: Wei ( Will ) Yan

i have often mentioned in The Past that i believe in Something(s that most featherless parakeets call ‘Angels’.

i prefer to believe that Angels are Non-Denominational, But when you specify that you’re talking about Non-Denominational Angels to Traffic Cones that are Certain that all The Angels are Members of their Particular Congregation or ‘Faith’, They choose to ridicule any additional proposals or comments that i may choose to make about these androgynous entities.

So; i now call them Ξ.6 controllers.

We are Ξ.5 Entities.

These Ξ.6 Controllers ( Zee point Six ) are Outside our Delimiters of Good & Evil. They are Not Good or Evil. There are Not Two Kinds of Ξ.6 Controllers, One Type Being Good & One Type Being Evil.

There are Just Generic, Amoral Ξ.6 Controllers.

They do What they Do.

- -

The Big Question is;

Just how much do they ‘Interfere’ or ‘Shape’ our Activities?

A Lot ?

Just a Little ?

Only on Special Occasions ?

Are they Responsible for all of our Utterly Inane & Pointless Observations pertaining to Synchronous Events ?

Is Everything that Happens in this Reality on The Ξ.5 Level, Artifacts & Residue of Their Existence ?

- -

So : When something Quirky Happens,

Is it ‘Necessarily’ Meaningful ?

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Something Quirky Happened ( to ) me recently;

& i’m wondering; Is it Meaningful ?

Will it play out to Append my Best Interests.
- -

It might be noted here that Whatever my ‘Best Interests’ may be according to The Criteria of The Ξ.6 Controllers, Those Best Interests may be substantially contrary to my own Expectations of My Best Interests.

So Far : They have worked out that way ( ? ) i ( Think ) . ( ? )

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Quirky Thing is This :

Our Building Owner ( Wei Yan ) that likes to call himself, Will Yan, to apparently Westernize himself Which may be somewhat more successful if he spoke fluent English, which he does Not.


Wei Yan accepted a Man as a New Building Resident & also ‘Promoted’ him to something like Building Supervisor or Building Helper or Whatever.

When Duane ( Duane Lee ComesLast ) ( Sioux ) Introduced himself initially; i’m sure he did so with The Strong Suggestion or Actually said that he was The ( New ) Building Manager.

- - -

To Digress just a slight amount; Several Months ago; Wei Yan allowed or Invited ( ? ) several Families & Individuals from =World Relief= to move into Our 10 Unit Building. There were at least 5 ‘Sets’ i think.

And it turned into a Fiasco !

They were all Either from Burma or Eritrea, & None of them Spoke English. Plus; Their World Relief Handlers had every intention of simply dumping them here & abandoning them.

The Principle Problem with this was that for every problem that came up with them, there was No effective way to communicate with them to ‘Straighten it Out’ So that these little problems got bigger & Bigger.

One The Most Annoying Problems had to do My Subscription to Netflix. i had a larger envelope beside my tiny mailbox to accept them; which worked fine for about 5 years, Until one of The Burmese Children started taking them from it.

i didn’t know it was him for a few months, & it was never resolved conclusively, so i just quit The DVD Netflix Service.

Another problem was that they Family upstairs would let their children run naked through The Building, ( Not a Problem ) But The Younger ones would pee whenever they needed to.

They also didn’t seem to understand The Recycling Bins & The Garbage Dumpster. This should have been an easy problem to solve, but pantomime just didn’t seem to be working.

Fortunately; They all moved out after only about 6 months, except for one elderly Eritrean Couple.

-[ End of Digression ]-

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

From The Moment that i Met Duane; i didn’t like him.

He’s a Big Skinheaded Galoof that was obviously ( Strongly Suspected at The First Meeting ) a Compulsive Liar.

He also said something that i immediately thought was ‘odd’, but i didn’t follow up on it at that time.

And that was; Wei Yang [sic] was giving me ( Duane ) a Second Chance.

( ? ) A Second Chance from What ?

- - -

About a Week later ( or so ) i finally got around to looking up some things he said :

It turns out that he most certainly is Not a descendant of Sitting Bull. It turns out that there are so many Native Americans claiming to be a Descendant of Sitting Bull that The Real Descendants are getting pissed off ! And Furthermore; You’d think that there would be Hundred or Thousands of Descendants of Sitting Bull around The World by now, but there are actually only a dozen or so ( !!! )

The Other Thing that i found out was that Duane’s Second Chance was The Result of Duane being Arrested in July 2011 for Attempting to Murder his GirlFriend, or possibly any number of more recent crimes.

Wei Yan apparently ‘Knew’ about this ‘Incident’ with Duane’s Girlfriend, but only from what Duane had told him.

Wei Yan did Not pursue any additional Inquiries as to Duane’s Background. Wei had ‘Assumed’ that The Seattle Arena, where Duane was Working as a MaintenanceMyn would have properly ‘Vetted’ him. Wei Called Duane’s ‘Supervisor’ which did Not express any concerns about Duane. ( ? ) It was my contention that The Seattle Arena hadn’t done a Backgrounds check on him either ( ? ) For A Minimal Wage, High TurnOver Job, why would they spend $60 for a through Check of his Background ( ? )

A Tiny Amount of Additional Searching on Google then Revealed that Duane had started his own Gang of 13 year olds that robbed, stole & peddled Crack Cocaine.

Duane’s Older Brother Travis is in Prison for The next 51 years for murdering a fellow drug dealer,

And Duane’s Younger Brother Kenneth is also in Prison for Murdering two Teenage Girls & Wounding a Third, when he was 15.

- - -

What is this All About ?

- - -

i forward all of this to Wei Yan & he seemed both Distressed & Defensive. He didn’t seem to think that The Attempted Murder of Duane’s Girl Friend was really that big of a Deal. After all; He’s Not in Jail Now, The Police must think that he’s perfectly safe to be around ( ? ) !

And his Brother’s problems are Not Duane’s Problems !

- - -

When i was leaving The Building The other day, i ran into a ‘Bunch’ of Duane’s friends hanging out in his apartment, & apparently there were so many, that they were pouring out into The hallway.

They were all like Zombies. Lifeless Drones that shuffled along with sunken eyes & drool leaking from The corners of their slack jawed maws.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

What i am ( Secretly ) hoping for is that Duane will Self Destruct in Some Manner so that we’ll be rid of him.

Wei can’t really evict him or even demote him from Building Helper, There’s every reason to believe that he’d do something crazy in retaliation.

Plus: i believe that Duane is making changes to The Building’s Security that isn’t helping our Security, but Duane’s own plans for The Building’s New Purpose ( ? )

Maybe Duane sees Wei as The Easy Patsy that he is.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Are The Ξ.6 Controllers overseeing all of this ?

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Additional Craziness !!!

Crazy Meeting with Duane

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 10:37:43 PM

Duane came over tonight & was ‘upset’ in a very passive/calm way that i was spreading a rumor that he was a sex offender ( ? ) !

Which i denied, & then readily admitted that i’d told some of The other people in The building that he had a criminal history, which he freely admitted to.

Then i wanted to straighten this out; So i went up to see The people in 8 & 9, whom i had mentioned this to, & told them that Duane had a criminal history, but wasn’t a sex criminal ( as far as i know ).

While i was up there; About 5 or 6 people gathered in The hallway & on The Stairs.

The people upstairs were mostly uncooperative about hearing this, or straightening it out, but Then Duane mentioned to everyone that The Couple in 5, 3, Jim & i were crazy, & that anything we said can Not be trusted; So i then readily revealed The i had Asperger’s or Schizoid Personality, but i think that they mostly ‘heard’ Aspergers.

Anyways; i also mentioned, after someone mentioned that Duane was the building manager, that Duane was The building helper, but everyone else insisted that Duane was The Building Manager ( ! )  Everyone insisted that Wei Yan acknowledged to them that Duane was The Manager ( ! )

And Duane said That Wei had just come over that afternoon & brought him some food, which makes me think that Duane & Wei have a longer history.

All in All, i think it went well.

Also; The consensus was that Carrie from [ 3 ] took my poster ( ? )

Also; It looks like Duane is Growing his hair out.

One other small detail; Duane at first suggested that we call Wei Yan, but then later backed down & said that that wouldn’t be necessary, after i got my phone & was preparing to call Wei Yan.
It’s very troubling that Wei is giving me, Duane & The other people in The building mixed messages about this ( ? ) !

Also Duane mentioned some other things, that he was involved with The Police & something about $450 ( ? ) ??? as payment for being The Building Manager ???

Wei Yan also mentioned that Duane has some ongoing dealings with The Police, but he was very vague about it. Duane mentioned some Acronyms that i wasn’t familiar with, so i don’t remember what he said ( ? )

It’s all very mysterious.

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