Friday, February 21, 2014

Not Strange Sensations

Friday, February 21, 2014 9:15:57 AM

Wrongly Filed Under:
Strange Sensations

i frequently experience a ( few ) kinds of episodes of disorientation that are Not exactly ‘Sensations’ but: What are they ( ? )

a} i recall something with vivid certainty, to The extent that i know that such & such a ‘reference’ or ‘idea’ was thoroughly documented in such & such a file or document somewheres But no amount of searching will allow me to recover or find it !

b} i recall or Open a file that contains a fully documented account or program or instructions for (x, which when examined; Contains numerous accurate examples of The programs intentions, But The program & instructions for The program ( for my HP48 Programmable Calculator or Scratch Application ) do Not make any sense whatsoever, & more-so; No amount of ‘Back-Thinking’ & Extrapolation of The Available Material, Will make a lick a sense from any of it ( !!! )

c} i believe ( ? ) that i have the ability that is somewhere in The vicinity of An ‘Eidetic’ ( Photographic ) memory, & have on various occasions demonstrated this ability. i often recall ( to my satisfaction ) various fine details of a conversation, days or weeks later that The speaker of these items has forgotten or Now refutes; Which is very common behaviour for ‘common’ or ‘ordinary’ liars, But these details would seem to be ‘True’ & thus should be Indelibly recalled by The Original Speaker. / The Diametric End of this ‘Ability’ though is that i often listen to someone or Read a Book, or Watch a Film, Often one that i enjoyed, & then hours or days later, have no recollection of it at all. / i have frequently come across a DVD at The library that i am reasonably sure i have Not Watched, & then having read The Blurb on The Back of The Packaging, & with Great Effort, Recalled a sufficient number of ‘Incidents’ within The Film to Satisfy myself & i have in fact watched it, perhaps less than a week ago ( !!! )

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