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Reason # 87,028,018,763 For Why The Internet is Fake !

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:29:00 PM

Reason # 87,028,018,763 For Why The Internet is Fake !

About a Week or so ago i posted three ‘ReCaptioned’ Comix, Two Derived from The Family Circus & One from Dennis The Menace, to my Flickr Album.

They were Snarky.

So then a few days later; Adda Dada, who has posted many, many incredibly Brazenly Gay Public Nudity Photographs from The San Francisco Area to his Flickr Album, mentioned that my ‘ReCaptioned’ Comix were Infringing on Copyrights, & that i might be opening myself to Lawsuits, or Worse, have my Flickr Account Deleted !

i had a somewhat similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago on Flickr & had some pictures deleted & during this time, i read up on CopyRight Law a little, & have come to The Conclusion that these sorts of things are Legal under a few caveats of CopyRight Law; Fair Use, Parody & Original Artwork clauses.

But Flickr doesn’t take The Legal High Road in these Matters, They take The Path of Least Resistance, & their lawyers tell them that this path of least Resistance is to allow Crazy Fundamentalists of any given Deity or Atheist Based Religion or Cult to Bring Flickr down to The Lowest Common Denominator. They’ll take The side of whoever yells The loudest first, which means that if you complain about someone else’s pictures, irregardless of how benign or inoffensive they are, Flickr will side with you, & have those images deleted or expel Their Poster.

This policy is Very, Very Inconsistent, As there are Millions of Deeply Offensive Images & Copyright Infringing Images on Flickr, but no one has gotten around to complaining about them yet.

So on The One Hand, Flickr likes to keep it’s head in The Sand, but once someone pulls it out, they reach for their flamethrower.

- - -


i changed The Safety Rating on The Three Comix from ‘Safe’ to ‘Don’t Look at These’.

i don’t want to live in Fear, But if Flickr Does Delete my Account, i very much suspect that i will simply walk away from The Internet. They should be aware that you can’t keep chasing people away from The Internet forever.

i honestly believe that very few people use it now.

This is why The Economy is Collapsing, The Big Powers ( Them ), Think that we are in an Internet Economy, When we are Not.

They ( Them ) are being fed false numbers & making all The wrong decisions as a result.

All The Older & Younger People that i personally know, do Not know how to use any computer functions except for The most banal & fundimental, & Don’t know how to use a Computer Printer or Scanner.

Even The People that i know that use Facebook or Flickr can’t answer The easiest questions regarding their usage.

- - -


The New Reason that i think that The Internet is a Fake is Adda Dada mentioned that he had a personal experience with Gary Larson’s ( The Far Side ) Lawyers regarding a Comix that he had ReCaptioned some time ago.

i have seen many, many Family Circus ReCaptioned Comix & A Few Dennis The Menace ReCaptioned Comix, But Far Side Cartoons are OFF LIMITS. Everyone seems to know that. i have read about a few cases in years past where The Lawyers for Gary Larson have gone after & Crushed Independent Fans of The Far Side for Posting These Cartoons on their Blogs without ‘Permission’.

So i thought i would look up some of these cases that i remember having occurred; & i could Not find any ( ! ) ?

There is No Mention of any of these Legal Fiascos in The Wikipedia Article on Gary Larson & when i typed in to Google;

‘Is Gary Larson an Asshole?’

Which i expected to return at least few hits,

There were None.

i could Not find an Negative Reviews or Critical Articles on Gary Larson or The Far Side at all.

This is Inaccurate.

This Conflicts with my Personal Memory of Historical Events.

The Internet is being Edited by Gary Larson & His Lawyers.

So The Question is; How Common is this ?

How ‘Accurate’ is The Internet ?

If a mere Penny-Ante Millionaire can shape The Internet for their purposes, What are The Frosty Topped Elephants & Government Sponsored Walrus’ on Stilts doing.

If you believe that there was something hinky about 911 or The Moon Landings, then you should already suspect that all The News you hear is at best only 20% Accurate, But weren’t we all kind of hoping that At Least, The little things were usually mostly right.

- - -

Maybe even The Little Things are all wrong too.

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