Friday, March 14, 2014

An Alternative To Democracy

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 12:49:26 AM

An Alternative To Democracy

Initial Questions :

What is Good ?

What is The Best Solution for Dealing with Bad People ?

What is Worthwhile ?

How do you know if something is True ?

Is Life The Best Solution to Existence ?

What should a Mind Strive Towards ?

What comes after Evolutionary Consciousness ?

What is The Best Way to Keep Busy ?

Is Keeping Busy Important ?

- - -

If you Take Away All The Directives of Organic Living,

What Directives are Left ?

Should Directives be Imposed ?

Can Directives be Chosen ?

- - -

What does Democracy Assume ?

Is A Single Consistent Dream of One Leader Desirable ?

What if you Removed The Dream of The Leader ?

How would Anarchy Work, If it did Work ?

What is Human Nature ?

Would a Hive Mind Be Best ?

- - -

If everyone Played by One Set of Rules;

Government would be Irrelevant.

What are These Rules ?

Why would anyone believe anything Contrary to The Rules ?

- - -

Additional Commentary :

The Purpose of Any Government is to Superimpose an artificial Set of Objectives & Direction onto A Population of Damp Sponges;

But Certainly An Artificial Set of Anything is Just Wrong.

Unless you assume that there is No ‘Real’ Objectives.

Scientific Evolution teaches us this;

That everything is merely an Accident,

& Any Directives we Choose to Follow other than The Procreation & Replication of our DNA are Completely Artificial.

Is this Wrong ?

If it is ‘Right’; Then by Assuming it’s Wrong, it’s Irrelevant.

So If it is Right; There are No Directives, There is No Best Way to Keep Busy; Then any Artificial Directives which Claim to be The Bsst Way to Keep Busy is Acceptable.

But if There is A Best Way to Keep Busy;

What is that ?

If there is a Best Way to Keep Busy;

This Activity Shouldn’t be Hacked out by a Democracy,

It needs to be ‘Revealed’ & once Revealed;

It should be ‘Obviously True’.

If it is Not Obviously True, & Is True;

How could anyone believe that it’s Not True ?

Are these Individuals Insane ?

Isn’t this how Governments have always Worked ?

Anyone that doesn’t See The Correctness of Their Countries Taboos, Mores, Laws, Cultural Conventions & Praxis Must be Insane.

So how can a Reasonable Person, that is Seeking The True Way to Keep Busy know if The Correct way is The Correct Way ?

The Problem is that People are only as smart as fish.

But if this were True; Then all of our ( Human ) activity would Not be from The Generation of Thoughts, but from Instincts

Which would by these Definitions; Would be True as Selected by The Grinder of Evolution; Which only produces Pragmatic Truths.

It is also true however, that Evolution does make mistakes,

So it may be That this Ultimate Solution to :

What is The Best Way to Keep Busy ?

Will have to wait until Evolution Stumbles upon a Brain that Can Actually Think Properly.

Until Then; Any Government or Human Behaviour that is in Existence, was produced by Evolutionary Condiments,

Which is The Only Method that is Now Available to us.

- - -

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