Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Odd Sensation

a few weeks ago I reported that I had a 'premonition' of sorts, in that I had a distinct and unmistakable 'recollection' of a scene from breaking bad that I was sure that i'd just seen in a different film, but then came to 'realize' that it must have been from a dream.

I happened again.
this time it was with Ender's Game.
When ben Kingsley came on with the Tattooed face,
I had this incredible reaction that i'd seen that before,
only this time, I was sure that It came from Cloud Atlas.
Ben Kingsley was in Cloud Atlas with that exact same makeup.

But he wasn't.
he wasn't even in Cloud Atlas.
There were some other characters that had Tattoos in Cloud Atlas,
But nothing which could have caused this reaction that I had.
Again; I suspect that the Remembrance that I experienced, must have come from a Dream.
I searched the Web's image libraries to find another source for this confusion and I haven't found anything like this.
Plus; I am absolutely sure that there is no way that I could have seen that image of Ben Kingsley before I watched Ender's Game.

( ? )

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