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Breaking Bad

Thursday, March 20, 2014 10:59:47 PM

Breaking Bad

i just recently watched The final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, which came to Netflix Streaming Video.

After The 8 Episodes that came before this; The first Half of The Last Season, i’d heard some things about The second half, & now, i’m disappointed.

i’m disappointed that The Shooting Machine that Mr. White Built was so simple. i’d been led to believe that it’d be substantially more complicated; Plus; The Functionality of it depended largely on The Precise Aiming of The Device by The Placement of The Car, but how could Mr. White have known The Layout of The Compound, or where they’d be meeting.

It seems to me that The Device should have had an additional feature which would have allowed it to orient it’s Focal Wedge of The Firing Solution on The Device that Mr. White was Carrying, with The Caveat that it aim slightly higher than Than The Primary Line of Sight. i would have also arranged so that it would shoot in random spurts, so that The victims would be more likely to pop their heads up from time to time, to attempt to return fire, as opposed to simply diving for The floor throughout The entire barrage.

i was also very disappointed & perplexed by The Murder of Gail, & in The Last Episodes, This Murder is Mocked ( ! ) by Jesse’s account of The Murder being Cut off, just as he was getting to The point in his confession where The Incongruous Elements of The Murder would have been explained !!! ( ? ) Was this entire ’episode’ inserted just to add a whiff of DADA ?

In The ‘Confession’ that Mr. White hands to Hank to get him to back off, Why would Mr. White have paid $ 177,000 for Hanks Rehabilitation if Hank was The Mastermind ? Hank would have had The lion’s share of The profits.

i can understand why Hank was reluctant to go to his DEA Partners with is suspicions of Mr. White, but it’s annoying that that secrecy was largely responsible for his downfall. That sort of Plot ‘Snag’ occurs often enough that it should have a cinematic term to refer to it.

i never really understood why Mr. White poisoned The little boy that was Jesse’s ‘girl friends’ son. Was it to break them up ? Mr White latter suggested that it was to get Jesse ‘On Board’ for The Murder of Fring, but i didn’t get how that all fit together. It was Jesse’s ( assumed ) bungling of The Rican Capsule that made Jesse believe that he was responsible, but then he later learned that it wasn’t The Rican, & furthermore, that The poisoning was probably an accidental ingestion or contact with a local toxic plant. ( ? )

Also; i’d heard that Mr. White Blackmailed his two former business partners into laundering his last 9 Million Dollars ( Close to his Original Desired Estimate ( ? ( or was that less than 1 Million ( ? ) ) ) to his Family, but then it turned out that this was all very clumsy. i was hoping for some explanation of their original breakup, why Mr. White Left The Company, & then somehow used that information to blackmail them, but it turned out to be just thuggery.

What was The point of leaving for New Hampshire if he never really intended to leave. Part of his return was spurred on by seeing his former business partners on TV, but cleaning up The Thugs that killed Hank were always on his list of things to do; he was discussing that with Saul before he left.

One of The Principle Considerations throughout The Series was The Futility of Amassing a Stupendous Amount of Money, & then Not being able to Spend it. Especially nowadays, i personally almost never buy anything with money. i have an elderly aunt that still has a purse full of money & writes checks As she doesn’t trust The Debit & Credit Cards Security Issues, But The larger problem is; How does one properly Launder a Large amount of Money like that ? It seems to me that Fring should have laundered The Money for Mr. White & Jesse when they were working for him, Or; His Lawyer, Saul should have shown him how to do it more effectively than nickel & diming it through these small businesses.

When Mr. White First Started; He should have told Skyler that some of his old ‘Chemical Processes or Materials Patents’ were finally being used by Overseas Corporations, & Saul could have then routed The money back into local Banks under that pretext.

You would also want to widely diversify your earnings through dozens of small businesses & investments through shell venture capitalists to insulate you from any future investigations & confiscations, should things go sour like a hamburger left out on The counter overnight.

You might also take a lesson from The Audrey Hepburn film ‘Charade’ & turn some of The Money into seemingly inconsequential Knick-Knacks, Relics or Books that can be hidden in plain sight or lent to ‘( Clean ) Friends’ to keep for you.

If Mr. White was such a genius, why didn’t he ever start up another Company ? Even something small that would have allowed him to invent a few new materials for industry & then sell The patents for quick money.

That seems The way to go to me if you’re a genius, Start original product or service companies, get them off The ground, then sell them. Repeat.

You might continue to make a few dollars by acting as a consultant to solve on-going problems as they arise, without burying you with all The nightmares of actually running a struggling business.

Obviously; The Premise of The Entire Series was that for some people, if you discover that you’re dying, it might unleash a previously deeply repressed alternate Personality.

Was Mr. White Always a Psychopath ?

Or might it be that anyone can become a psychopath under The right circumstances.

The latter position is probably The correct interpretation, it is most commonly demonstrated by perfectly ordinary young boys going off to war & discovering that if they’re given permission to do The most horrific acts, they will eagerly participate without reflecting for a moment on The Ethical Consequences.

That’s our true Human Nature.

We wear clothes in a Civilized Society so that we’ll be just that much more removed from our actual, easily recovered awareness that we’re animals.

Cannibalistic Animals. The Tiniest Amount of Introspection should cause any reasonable thinking being to wonder why we adhere to such ridiculous constraints pertaining to only eating animals that look differently from ourselves.

Animals are Animals. Everything is Food.

Is that what Breaking Bad had intended to show us ?

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