Friday, March 28, 2014

More Complaints Concerning E-Books ( ! )

Saturday, March 22, 2014 12:10:07 PM

More Complaints about E-Books

Illustrations, Special Characters or Anything that can Not or is Not an ASCII Character is invariably presented in it’s smallest possible size, Does Not change it’s Size when The Size of The Text is changed, & is often difficult to enlarge to view, especially if The item is near an edge or any other hot spot which causes some other effect to occur when you tap on The Character to Enlarge it ( ! )

Every Page of An EBook should allow Pinch to Enlarge, whether it’s an illustration, Text or Combination of Presentation Items.

This Pinch in Enlarge should be accompanied by all The ‘Usual’ Viewing Graphic Functions.

All Words, Terms & Phrases in The EBook should be in a Glossary Attached to The EBook. This may work in conjunction with The Tablet’s Own Dictionary, so that only The EBook’s own Esoteric Words, Terms & Phrases would be Included in this Special Supplement.

This ‘Bring Along’ Glossary would also include The Correct Pronunciation for all Words, Terms, Abbreviations & Phrases which The Tablet’s Text to Speech Functionality may Stumble over. 

The User should be able to Choose Between Page Flipping or Page Sliding along with Page Scrolling. Another Preference should then be to Scroll The Text at a Preset Velocity, which includes a Full Spectrum of Velocities, from Ridiculously Slow to Absurdly Fast.

i have this Feature on a Bible App, but its fasted Scrolling speed is still frustratingly slow.

The User Should be Allowed to ReDefine The EBook’s Hot Zones, So that if they have a Particular way that they like to hold The Tablet, they won’t have to worry around turning pages or activating other features accidentally.

There should also be more choices for Page & Text Colors.

Possibly even allowing The User to choose a texture for The Paper, & allow The User to install their favorite Fonts.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i’ve been toying with an idea for several years now;

Which would like to see Text to Speech Expanded to EBooks becoming Radio Dramas with Preferences that Extend in all Directions.

The Author, or Possibly an Appointed Editor would Parse The Book into a Variety of Sections, Including Narration, Characters, Sound Effects, Added Music, Subliminal Tones & InfraWaves, Hand Vibrations, Visual Effects & so on.

Although The Ebook would remain a Book in most senses; Whenever there is some ‘Action’ that would be desirably Supplemented by a Visual Effect, such a Bright Flash for Explosions, The Screen Going Dark when The Active Character is thrown into a pit, Or Fish Swimming by in The Background, behind The Text when Mermaids are being discussed.

Each of Characters would be given a very good Synthetic Voice, But if The Reader was Unhappy with The Voice of A Character, they’d be able to change it, Effectively choosing a New Actor to play a Role in The Story.

Likewise; Sound Effects could be subdued or accented.

Along with all The Usual Controls over Text Size, Color, Font & Paper Color & Texture. If The Text is Scrolling, The Paper Texture will Scroll with it.

- - -

Also; All EBooks that Feature Illustrations, should be open to Animated Illustrations, or even Inset Videos; Although these should be carefully selected to prevent The Idea of The EBook making The Transition to a Full Blow MultiMedia Presentation, which would be a Perfectly Viable Media Choice, But there should be Some EBooks that Remain EBooks.

- - -

Another Feature that i would like is to Cross Reference A Magazine with Articles in Previous Issues. i have several issues of Fortean Times in my Kindle, & They often refer to items in Previous Issues. If i have that Issue that The Issue i’m reading makes a Reference to, i should have The option of easily accessing The other article & then returning to my open issue.


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