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Recent Oddness

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 8:03:01 AM

Recent Oddness ? Strange Sensations, Plus The Other Things

i don’t consider myself to have a particularly acute sense of smell, but occasionally, maybe twice a week or less often, i will become disturbingly aware of an odor that i will then be completely unable to localize.

These odors are usually cigarette smoke or urine.

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i have noticed what i think/believe are mouse poops in The bathroom, which i deduce are then because they go in there to get water that settles on The floor after showers.
As a result of this; i have checked my mouse trap several times, & it seems to be working properly, & i have put fresh popcorn in it as bait, but none have set it off yet, & The popcorn doesn’t look disturbed.
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Maybe i’m too much The Optimist, i shouldn’t believe that angels ( Ξ.6 Controllers ) are looking out for our best -immortal- ( Non-Temporal ) interests, or that while it may seem like The Dumbest People are running The World, or The Most Evil People are running The World; There are The Smartest People, in A Truly Secret Society Overseeing everything with a Long Term Plan or Objective in Mind that really is in our Best Interests

Which Contradicts all The Most Superficial Evidence.

The Local News this morning ( March 6 2014 - Spokane Washington ) is RePlaying a News Snippet Over & Over & Over again. Granted, it may be a Slow News Day, but it seems to me that on Slow News Days, they ( Channel 4 ) should have a repository of Little Stories that they can fill up any given 6 hours with. ( ? )

i’m sure that there are countless community oriented groups or local clubs that would love a little free publicity on these slow news days

So what is it ‘Really’ about ?

Why are they running this same News Clip Over & Over & Over again ?

In conjunction with this Snippet; There was another Story from Massachusetts this morning that revealed that their high court there decided that A Woman in Public, wearing clothes, is Not Nude & further, Does Not enjoy an Expectation of The Same Level of Privacy that she may expect in her own locked bathroom. ( This applied to ‘Up Skirt’ Photograph. ) Curiously; There was a Woman Legal Commentator that was implying that a Woman in Public that was wearing underwear or a bathing suit or gym pants WAS in Fact Nude, & Should enjoy that same level of Expected Privacy, Never mind that she’s wearing a skirt so short that merely walking in it would reveal if she’s having her period or is overly excited. She seemed to think that it’s The Gentleman’s Social Responsibility to ‘Look Away’, Unless of course, he’s attractive; Then he can Look. 

This same legal discussion came up here in Washington a few years ago, & they decided The Same thing: Being Rude is Not Criminal.

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This Brings up ( Short Digression ) a BiggleBug that i have concerning womyn that Cry Wolf when a man in The Work-Place ( Generally ) will ‘Accost’ her in a manner requiring legal action but it turns out that The Act itself wasn’t The Crime, it was that The Man accosting her wasn’t attractive enough, If he was more attractive, She would have enjoyed being Accosted.

( End of Digression )

- - -

The Snippet that our Local News Station kept playing over & Over & over again regarded a 20 something man that displayed his penis to a 16 yrold girl at The Central Downtown Metro Depot.

Another Digression : Aren’t laws ( Prohibitions ) like this saying that it’s Illegal ( Wrong ) to Be a Human Being ? That Socially Responsible ‘Citizens’ of a Post-Pre-Industrial Civilization should always disguise themselves so that no one can tell if they’re people or Not ? We think Islamic Burqas, Hijabs or Yashmaks are so Wrong, But aren’t Business Suits The Same Thing ? Aren’t The Impositions that Professional Western Womyn Must Wear a Clown Mask in Public The Same thing ?

Even i know that this is Not The Correct Interpretation, Although i don’t think that The Courts, & certainly Not The Damp Masses understand this ‘Taboo’.

The Taboo of Nudity is designed ( Was Designed by (x ( ? ) ) to be Stupid. The Purpose of Any Taboo is To Be So Stupid that No ‘OutWorlder’ would ever expect it to be a law & No ‘Foreigner’ could ever figure it out, UNLESS they were brought up in this Society. That’s The Purpose of these Taboos, To have Rules ( Very, Very Serious Laws ) that Are Completely Unexpected, But So Thoroughly Ground into Every Culture’s ’Psychic’ that Native Citizens would Never Violate them. If you Do; Then that means you must be an ‘OutWorlder’ or Crazy. Which was what this Young Man was. Was it really ‘Wrong’ though. No. It was The Opposite of Wrong. But We NEED to have these Rules so that we can Immediately & UnAmbiguously See who The OutWorlders ( Terrorists & Tourists ) are, Or if Your Crazy.

Not so long ago; Talking to yourself was a Taboo that indicated that you’re crazy, But Nowadays; Nearly everyone understands that nearly everyone ( seemingly ) goes around talking to themselves, & this Taboo is being discarded, although many people are putting up a fight to keep it.
- -
So The Question is :

Why was The News Station running this Story over & over again ?

Was it to remind us of this Taboo that maybe more & more young people are forgetting, or was it meant to make us Think that maybe this is a dumb taboo. We might all readily agree that The Young Man, that just incidentally was crazy, as being rude, but  just how ‘Wrong’ was it ? Illegally Wrong, Seriously Illegally Wrong ?

Are Smart People running The World & Subliminally Shaping our Thinking for The Better, or was this all intended to be nothing more than an exercise in permitted mischievous prurience.


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