Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slipping through universes

Crazy Ideas / Beliefs

One of my crazy ideas/beliefs is that i/we slip from one universe to another all The Time. That is; Routinely.

This is founded, or based on The Observation that The Universe that i’m living in today, is clearly & unambiguously Not The The Universe that i was living in Yesterday.

Obviously; The World is Constantly Changing,

But i’m thinking more along The Lines of Details which Flip one way one day, then another way, another day.

Such as The Color of a House i routinely pass by.

Or that The Deadbolt on my Door is sometimes very difficult to turn & on other days, very easy to Turn. On any such Day when it is one way or The other, i will try to replicate The conditions which make is difficult or easy to turn, without success.
For some of these things; i have a theory that i call;

The DisInterested Tangental Observation.

This is when you see something that you see everyday, but you don’t really take any special Note of it. Such as The Color that a Porch is Painted.

i might notice one day that it’s Red, & then at some later time, notice that it’s Blue, but in each case, i have Not taken any ‘Special’ Effort to Remember this Detail.

So that; The Next time i see it; It is The New Color, Say Blue, & i Recall, Vaguely, that it used to be Red, but i’m Not really sure.

Then at some point in time after this; my brain does something very quirky, it forgets which came first, The Red or The Blue Porch. So that Now whenever i see it, It is always Blue, but i’m thinking; Didn’t it used to be Blue, & then Red, & Now it’s Blue again ( !!! )

In Cases like this; It’s just a crazy Brain Flip.

But there are other observations that are less easy to explain.

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