Friday, March 21, 2014

The Luckiest Amoebae

Friday, March 21, 2014 12:04:29 AM

The Luckiest Amoebae

When an Amoebae Divides; Does it produce two daughters, one mother & one daughter, two new mothers, two clones or two originals.

The Answer is Two Originals.

The Mother’s Name is Amy & now there are two Amys.

It’s all very confusing, because Not only are all Amoeba’s

( Amoebae ( Amoeba ( Singular; but i prefer The Spelling with ae !!! ( They’re both pronounced The Same, & Even if you do Say; Amoeb-eye, People will just think your British ( ? ) ) )

named Amy, but all other Single Celled Protozoa whose grandparents were originally The First Self Replicating Prokaryotic Cell, are also Amy. ( ! )

The Wild bit then is this:

Everyone of these Amy’s has never experienced The slightest misfortune. They are all The Single Surviving Thread from The Original ! They are all The Original Prokaryotic Cell from 3.5 Billion years ago, that have split Trillions of Times, & throughout their History; Have never been eaten. Never gone hungry, never torn their external membrane, Never gotten seriously ill or was ever washed up on a sun baked rock.

Furthermore; Every Genetic or Cellular Mutation was for their Advantage. Millions & Millions of them, one after another, Everyone of them was for The Best.

All this time; All around them, they witnessed The Horrors of their Sisters befalling The Worst Misfortunes, but somehow, they skittered untouched by Personal Sorrows & Misery.

Mathematicians have this thing they call The Sigma Index of Certainty in which they’ve decided ( arbitrarily ) that if you can Produce some Phenomena with a Statistical Probability with an Equivalency of Flipping 8 Coin-Heads in a Row, ( 1 in 256 ) That is Unlikely ( Improbable ) enough to Reasonably Expect that there is an Underlying Causality to What Just Happened.

The Crazier Aspect of this is that if you were to Flip a Coin a Hundred Times, There is an Entirely Reasonable chance of getting 8 heads in a row.

There is a Fun Trick that you can play on a Class of Young Mathematicians having to do with ‘Unlikeliness’.

You create two teams; The Coin Flipping Team & The Guessing Team, The Coin Flipping Team flips a coin 100 times & records all The Heads as 1’s & all The Tails as 0’s on The Blackboard. The Guessing Team simply writes 100 1’s & 0’s on The Board in what they suppose is a Random Sequence.

You don’t watch any of this. You are outside The room until they’re done. When they call you back in. You then examine both Blackboard Arrays & declare which is The Real Sequence of Random Heads & Tails & which isn’t.

The Trick is to look for The Unlikely Stretches of 1’s or 0’s.

That’s The One that was made by The Coin Flipping Team.

People don’t feel comfortable with writing more than 4 or 5 1’s or 0’s in a row if they think it’s supposed to be random !!!

But these ‘Runs’ are actually pretty common.

No matter how Unlikely something is presumed to be,

It is Statistically Expected that it will happen sooner or later, & if there’s a Million to one chance of it happening, you won’t have to wait a Million Trials for it happen, You’ll probably only have to wait for a half a Million trials or less.

And if it’s The Sort of thing that you do all The Time, day in & day out; You should expect it to turn wonky on a fairly regular basis.

Just how Strange is The World,
When it’s Not being Strange at all?

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