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The Theory of Permissions

Saturday, March 1, 2014 3:52:28 AM

The Theory of Permissions
or Validity / or Verification

says that people just can’t accept new ideas until they’ve been given permission to accept them, until they’ve been validated as being ‘True’, by an authoritative Source.

This is why or how we know things are True,

Why we believe all sort of Crazy things,

Why human’s can’t or don’t really ‘Think’ at all.

We merely ‘Believe’ things that have been validated for us.

Who does this Validating ?

Are those people Truly Thinking ?

Or is something else going on ?

In a Witches Brain; there is a molecule or Magic Seed that allows them to Truly believe things, so that anything that they Truly Believe may become Real.

But everyone has this Ability, ( Almost ).

Everyone can Truly Believe nearly anything, by merely allowing themselves to. All you have to do, is for a moment, without consciously realizing what you’re doing, believe something that hasn’t been previously validated.

Imaginative people find this easier to do than most people.

For them; The Imaginative People, they have a sieve that tells them when an idea is a good idea or a bad idea.

For most people; The Authoritative Source tells them when an idea is good or bad.

But even a comparatively ordinary person can experience a new idea & become ‘Aware’ that it is True.

This doesn’t happen very often, & this individual, by themselves, Usually, is Not, or does Not become an authoritative source; So that they may be The only person in The world to think this idea is a good idea But An Individual May become an Authoritative Source if they simply pretend to be. ( ! )

This next step may require a bit of conscientious forethought, or it may be assisted by a touch of Schizophrenia, but essentially, all that’s needed is for The Individual with a New Idea to go out & tell someone else their new idea, =as if= it were validated.

As if; ‘This isn’t a new Idea, this is an old Validated Idea, & maybe 20% of The People that hear it, will accept it as a validated idea.

And then it Cascades out, or propagates from there to become a Validated Idea, & where it came from, how it ever became validated may never be known.

Most Validated Ideas though come from Validation Sources that are Controlled by people with enough Hubris to willfully generated The Validation of Dozens of New Ideas every month through a Magazine or Television Program. The Difference or ‘Trick’ to this Validation process is that these ‘Ordinary’ People that are Distributing The Permission Slips to everyone to ‘Believe’ these New Ideas, is that they themselves do Not yet believe them.

For The Magazine Publisher or Television Producer, these are merely silly ‘comical’ ideas that should Not be taken seriously, But when these ideas appear in a professionally prepared Media Venue, They =are= taken Seriously.

They must be True.

No Rational, Reasonable person would ever believe that deliberately wearing your pants in a manner that made them look as if your belt or suspenders were broken, would be alright or ‘Kewl’; but if this ‘Look’ had been Validated; They it is True. It is Kewl, It must be adhered to.

Not ‘Everyone’ believes it though, because different castes have their own Validation Sources. Not everyone believes that New Ideas are true from Just Any Validation Source, The Source Itself has to be Validated in most cases.

Again though; This can be ‘Short-Circuited’ by an Individual that Claims that a New Idea, Born in their own Head that very morning, -Came from- a Valid Source that The Listeners usually follow. Thus; Reasonable ( ? ) people will often believe crazy things, because they don’t ‘Think’ for themselves, they only accept things that are ‘Validated’ for them by their Authoritative Sources.

Are People really no Smarter than Fish ?

Is it that People only Believe that they’re thinking, Because they ‘Think’ more ‘Cleverly’ with Greater Retention that Fish that Suffer from Short Term Memory Loss ?

Plus; People have Thumbs, While Fish Don’t.
- - -
i should note here that GoldFish are often thought to be very dumb, but keep in mind that A Goldfish in a Bowl in a very artificial Environment, & If you were put into a small room, in which you had to keep moving in order to breath; How Crazy or ( Dumb Looking ) would you’re behaviour become after only a few days ?

Also: Goldfish can be taught; In Stimulating Environments, Tricks & Routines comparable with performances often witnessed being accomplished by dogs or Rats.

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