Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DayMares & The Value of Things

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 9:36:39 AM


Do you ever have daymares ?
Maybe you call them something else;
Like an Anxiety Attack or Dark Fantasy,
Or A Betrayal Fantasy !

A Betrayal Fantasy is a Masturbation Fantasy in which The Principle Fantasy Character suddenly turns against You !

This sort of thing is common in Schizophrenics, in which their Inner Voices say The Most Disturbing, Disrespectful, ‘Self’ Depreciating Insults & even Suggestions of Suicide or Criminal Acts against others.


A Daymare is usually just a run away thought that has dark connotations. It’s an Unpleasant Train of Thought(s that pound away inside your head & you can’t get rid of them.

For some time; i have been making & leaving ‘BookMarkers’ in Library Books. These are little pieces of Artwork, Collages, Geometrical Doodles or Whatever, Cut & Clipped so that they look like ‘Bookmarkers’ rather than scraps of Art.

i have often wondered what becomes of them.

The Intent is that they just remain in The Book until someone else checks in out, then they either leave it there, or take it out & keep it.

Both of which are acceptable.

Some years ago; i was checking out some books & The librarian had figured out that i was doing this, & had been removing them from my returned books & was keeping them in a box under The counter !!!

i told her that this was a violation of The ( my ) intent, & i don’t know if she kept doing it or Not.

The Worst Case Scenario; ( which was The source of my recent Daymare, which included an epiphany of ‘Value’; occurred recently. )

The Worst Case Scenario is where The Librarian that is checking The book in, discovers The Bookmarker & Either Summarily Discards it ( Throws it away ) or puts it in The Lost & Found, where it will never be Returned to me or anyone else.

What becomes of things in The Lost & Found ?

Again; The Worst Case Scenario is that The ‘UnClaimed’ Items would be Discarded, Thrown Away.

The Daymare consisted of this thought.

The Time Limit for The Bookmarker in The Lost & Found is reached & The Head Librarian is throwing all these items away, when another librarian comes along & wishes to ‘reclaim’ some of The items, including my bookmarker.

And The Head Librarian Says ‘No!’ you can Not. They =Have to Be= Thrown Away.

This is The Epiphany Part !

The Reason that they Have To Be Thrown Away is because they don’t have an Owner. The Library, As an Institution of lending books, Can Not ReAssign Ownership to these Item. The Library does Not have The Cultural or Legal Authority to Do This.

All Items that are ‘UnOwned’ must be Discarded ( Thrown Away ) !

Even though this Bookmarker has The Equivalent Uniqueness of Any ‘Great’ Work of Art, Many of which are Considered Irreplaceable or Priceless; They Possess those ‘Properties’ because someone ‘Owns’ them.

The Bookmarker does Not have an ‘Owner’ which makes it ‘Worthless’.

The Qualities of It’s Artness are completely Irrelevant.

Which is entirely Consistent with The ‘Art Market’ which assigns Great Value to Many Works of Art; When you would Think ( Mistakenly ( Apparently ) ) that The Artness of The Works of Art are what makes them Valuable. But that would mean that a Simple Poster ( High Resolution Reproduction ) would have The Same ‘Value’ as The Original, But this is Clearly Incorrect.

It’s The Ownership of The Original Painting that gives it it’s Great Value.

This is another Argument for why i Believe that People are about as smart as fish.

There is something deeply wrong with our ‘Belief’ that Humanimals have The Ability to ‘Think’.

Humanimals merely Act.

They Express ‘Behaviours’ which are Instigated or ‘Caused’ by Conditioning & ElectroChemical Interactions in our Nervous Systems.

The Illusion of ‘Thinking’ never enters into any of it.

Are there ‘Beings’ that can ‘Think’ ?

If so; They are Not People. They are something else, that often look like people.

Sometimes they look like something else completely; Like Cats or Flies.

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