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A Very Mischievous Terror Attack Plan

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7:46:48 PM

A Very Mischievous Terror Attack Plan

The Purpose ( Which everyone seems to have forgotten ! ) of Any Good Terrorist Attack; is to Change The Orthodoxy ( Status Quo ) So that they will Do The Right Thing.

Orthodoxies almost never want to do The Right Thing.

Especially if they have some momentum behind them.

People hate to change.

Everyone hates to change.

Even The people that want to change everything, hate to change in any way that is Not The way they want to change.

People & Policies will only change if they are under irresistible duress or are very cleverly tricked into changing, by making them believe that The change is Not a change, that The old ways were The changes that they want to avoid ( ! )

Which happens all The time by means of a Pervasive Mogul Media Network whose Agenda is Very Mysterious. ( Where are they Taking us ? )

- - -

i often reflect on how very curious it is that many of The Public Policies, Public Opinions, Laws & such that we ‘Now’ consider ‘Obviously Right’ & ‘Just’ were Adopted in The Very Recent Past.

After something like 25,000 ( ± ) years of Civilization, which also seems like a very short time, ( or The Use of Electricity being adopted within The Lifetimes of our Eldest Citizens ! ) — Civilization is still tepidly picking at ‘What is Right’.

The Laws of Today are Not Nearly as Silly as many of The Laws in Code of Hammurabi, They are now; Just as Silly ( ! )

- - -

So Anyways;

This Terrorist Attack, which would probably have to be replayed several times, in several different venues, before it finally achieved The Desired Effect, Which would be to Very Radically Change The World’s Judicial Regulators ( e.g.; The USA’s Law Enforcement Agencies ) to A More ‘Thoughtful’ Police Response, That is Less ‘Reactionary’, Or to A Less ‘Fearful’ Response to Crime; Violent Crime, Other Acts of Terrorism, Foreign Policies or An Overt Visitation/Contact by Aliens from The Stars.

- -

It might also be initially noted that The Number of Cases in which Police Officers use UnWarranted Force against ‘Civilians’ is Grossly & Methodically UnderReported by The Main Stream Media.

But This is Not The Principle Motivation of This Project;

The Principle Motivation is to Cause our Entire Society to become more ‘Reflective’ & More Respectful of Human, Animal & Plant Life; e.g.; The Miracle of Life, & Adopt a More ‘Conscious’ Attitude towards ‘Being Human’.

Step One :

Kidnap a bunch of Innocent Victims ( Sacrifices for The Cause ); Young Children, Clerical Workers, Relatives of The Police, Off Duty Police Officers, Or Whatever.

Step Two :

Obtain a House.

Step Three :

Gag all The Victims & Tie them up against The Walls of The House, or hang them from The Ceilings in a Benign Way, such as tying their hands together & suspending them from hooks, without harming them in any way.

Step Four :

Lure The Police ( SWAT Team ) To The House with some pretense.

Step Five :

Use Robots to shoot at The Police in such a manner that None of The Police are Harmed in any way ( Think : Terminator II, The Scene at Laboratory where The T-500 Body Parts are being kept ).

Consequence :

The Police shoot up The house, killing all of The Innocent Victims.

Repeat until Public Opinion finally adopts a position that The Police should never fire their guns unless they know exactly what they’re shooting at, & are fully capable/qualified/able to hit what they intend to. Even if this means taking on a very, very timid policy of ever shooting their weapons.

Perhaps even taking of a ‘No Violence’ Policy.

- - -

For many, many years, after The popular adoption of guns throughout Western Civilization, The British Bobbies ( Street Officers in Great Britain ) did Not Carry Guns. The thinking was; that such a policy would merely encourage The Criminals to Exhibit a Position of Parity with The Police.

i’ve often wondered; If The Police are shooting at you, do you have The Right to Defend Yourself ? Even if you’ve just committed some Criminal Act, & Maybe you were The One that shot first, Once Bullets start Flying, Are you Legally Obligated to allow The Police to Shoot you ?

It seems to me that a much Crazier ( Morally Superior ) Position would be that if you were a criminal & you shot first at The Police to keep them from chasing you. The police would then take a more circumspect approach to your apprehension, always placing a great value on your ( criminal ) safety until you were satisfactorily ‘contained’. This may mean that The Police would be in Greater Jeopardy, as well as ‘Innocent Civilians’, But once this Policy was widely adopted; The Criminals would have less ‘Motivation’ to use force while ‘Playing The Cat & Mouse Game’. ( ? )

- - -

Why would this be desirable ?

Why Not just continue on with our current policies of showing no respect for anyone or anything, except yourself or The Status Quo, or The Corporate Check Writers.

Maybe it boils down to a ‘Perspective’ of ‘What is Human’.

Another of my Bête Noires is when Political Ideologists or Philosophers contrive to ‘Redefine’ ‘Science’ to fit their own Agendas or Doctrines.

Isn’t that what i’m doing now !!! ?

Aren’t i trying to convince you that ’True Human Nature’ is more Gentle, Fair, Respectful or Cognizant of The Miracle of Life than we as A Technological Civilization is Expressing our Societal Values.



i am genuinely very curious as to what True Human Nature is ?

It is so easily ‘Masked’ by Cultural Whims & The Madness of Kings, that it is difficult to know what are True Nature is ?

But as A First Step; You might look around you & see what your UnContrived Nature is. What is The UnContrived Nature of your Neighbors, of your Relatives ?

Yes; They sometimes act like Lunatics, But most of The Time, Most People just want to get along. They enjoy sitting & doing nothing, playing with sticks, telling tall stories & wasting their time.

They are Not usually concerned with fighting or making war, or causing mischief. These things are Symptoms of The Stress of living within an Artificial Civilization Construct.

- - -

What would a Post Terrorist Civilization be like ?

( This Assumes that The Terrorists have finally Won & that all of their Reasonable Demands have been superimposed on a Reluctant Corporate Hierarchy whose Underlying Agenda has always been deeply mysterious. )

- - -

i don’t want to get all ‘Socialist’ or Communistic here, but i’ve always found it very interesting that American Social Enculturation Programs, Taught in The Ubiquitous & Monopolistic Public Educational Systems, has always coached us that Jesus Christ was a Capitalist.

And Not a Modern Capitalist. No. A 19th Century Capitalist.

The Heathens; The Communists ( in some Idealistic Form ) were The Very Anti-Thesis of Christ’s Teachings, which advocated Universal Health Care, Sharing of Resources & providing Everyone with a Modest Habitat.

Why Communism usually went astray ( USSR & China / Not most European Countries ) was that their Central Governments had no Respect for The Everyman, They wanted to MicroManage everything. Which Never works.

The One Really Great Lesson that Adam Smith taught us; Was That of The Invisible Hand of Capitalism. It is Truly a Magical Phenomena. It is Manifest Chaos Theory. It is The Invisible Shepherding by Angels. ( ? )

When True Human Behaviour is allowed to Run its course, Then everything is Taken Care of. ( ? ) ( Within Constraints ( ? ) !!! )

- - -

Since this is my Terrorist Campaign;

i would advocate getting rid of The Big Cities, & Put everyone back in Small Villages, Reduce The World Population to 500 Million through a Passive system of Womyn’s Liberation, Birth Control Agents in Common Food Items & Encouraging People to marry same sex partners or Robots.

Wild Animals would Roam everywhere, & be kept at bay by making their own habitats more appealing.

Eliminate all The Taboos. ( Including ( foremost ) The Wearing of Pants )

All The Mechanizations of War would be Turned to Reforesting The Deserts, Providing Fresh Water to The Villages, Building Spaceships to The Stars ( If The Aliens will let us ( ? ) ) — Or Converting The Entire Earth to a Spaceship which will be able to survive any future Cosmological Catastrophe.

And to Always; Let everyone waste as much time as they want to, as Jehovah originally wanted us to in The Garden of Eden.

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