Friday, May 23, 2014

Bête Noire # 8,928,362,837,002,821

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7:46:18 PM

Bête Noire  # 8,928,362,837,002,821

Cardiac Resuscitation on TV / Sometimes called; Artificial Resuscitation.

It is very curious that we are now being taught that The Breaths are No longer necessary, & furthermore, that successfully administering Cardiac Resuscitation to a person that has collapsed at The Supermarket or Rock Concert, is Almost Never Occurs. Under The Most Ideal circumstances; which would be if you just happened to be standing right next to The person as they fell, & you recognized that their heart as stopped immediately; The Chances of Reviving them is still very low.

But aside from that:

What Irks me is that when this is shown on TV or in The Movies, it is Exhibited ( as a Tutorial ) So Incorrectly that it’s Essentially showing The Viewer how to murder someone.

Even in Hospital Programs; It is so clear that The Administrator The Procedure is Not At All Pressing down on The Victims Chest as to be Laughable !

When administered Properly; There should be a reasonable chance of breaking The Victim’s Sternum ( The Butterfly Bone in The Middle of your Chest ).

It seems to me that it should be comparatively easy for these programs to replace The Actor with an Entirely Believable ‘Dummy’ for these Compression Scenes, Since you don’t want to actually administer these compressions on a healthy person !

Such an UnNecessary Procedure will probably Cause A Heart Attack !

Anyways. ( Sigh )

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