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Yellow Radish / Raw Ideas for a Story

Chub Cartwright’s Spirit Guide : Yellow Radish

Why was I chosen?

Why did Yellow Radish pick me?

Chub is building a Flying Saucer in his backyard.


Principle Characters

Chub Cartwright
Khaki Wormburrow
Impurity ( Papaya ) Doggeral
Incestia Fuchsia


When Chub was only 4 years old; It was apparent that he had a precocious talent for drawing, and mechanical drawing at that. His parents; Edith & Whitecollar began with early hopes of Chub becoming a famous Architect or Engineer, and although they bought him stacks of technical journals & expensive drawing tools, It was soon clear that Chub was only interested in drawing one thing. Flying Saucers, or more accurately; One Specific Flying Saucer.

Whitecollar Cartwright took his son to expensive psychologists and was gently told that Chub was probably Autistic, and would require life long supervision, as he would never emotionally or intellectually develop beyound that of a 6 year old.

The Cartwright’s didn’t believe this; As Chub seemed to be relatively normal other than his preoccupation with The Flying Saucer that he drew nearly constantly.

When he got to be 8; He suddenly stopped drawing The Flying Saucer and became an obsessive bookworm, reading mostly chemistry & physics texts. At least once a week, he would ride his bike to any one of The local universities or community Colleges, corner a physics professor and get them to explain some fine point regarding atomic theory, quantum structures or well established dogmas that he invariably rejected.

He became such a pest that several of The universities obtained court orders barring him from setting foot on their campus’. But this was largely unnecessary, as he soon tired of arguing with them anyways.

After a year or so of reading voraciously; He abruptly stopped and began doodling again.

When he started drawing again though, it wasn’t The Flying Saucer, But geometric looking graphs & what a lay viewer may have interpreted as algebraic equations. When his parents showed these papers to mathematicians & physicists though, they insisted that they were merely gibberish, and The School psychologist said that he was engaging in ‘Drawing Behaviour’; Which was quite different from actual drawing.

His parents were sure that these appraisals were mistaken, and refused to have him committed as everyone suggested that he should have been. The School District even went so far was to have Chub’s parents charged with Parental Neglect & Abuse, by forcing him to live at home & not in an institution where Chub could receive all The Medications that he obviously needed.

It was only after spending their live savings in legal fees were they able to fend off this attack. With what little money they had left; They moved to a small house in another town, changed their names to Peckeral & Magus Northtoes, And never mentioned Chub’s peculiar habits to anyone ever again.

Chub was able to remain Chub, as he refused to answer to any other name.

Magus; Chub’s mother. home schooled him The best she could, and despite Chub’s inability to learn any skills that might appeal to an employer; He won an Interstate Lottery for 238 million dollars which should have set him for life.

Chub gave 26 million to each of his parents and distributed most of The remainder to other relatives and 3 of his friends from his old neighborhood.

He kept only five hundred thousand for himself, which he converted into ten’s & twenty’s and hid all The bills in a series of shoeboxes that he hid in many different locations. Even his parents weren’t privy to where The shoeboxes were located.

He also was savvy enough to purchase a house of his own in a nice quiet neighborhood and arranged with The town’s council to pay for all his property taxes, electricity & Water for perpetuity in one lump sum payment which they readily agreed to. Apparently it was their belief that this amount, which was never disclosed, was quite excessive for The expected lifetime of Chub.

Then he started to build The Flying Saucer in his backyard.

He had chosen this house for two principle reasons;

One— The Backyard was sufficiently large enough to accommodate The Flying Saucer,

And Two— The lady that lived next door reminded him of A TV Character that he was especially fond of.

The lady next door; Horice Littlebats, turned out to be a very friendly woman that liked to bake cookies & pies, which she often shared with Chub. Everyone in The Neighborhood quickly came to understand that Chub was eccentric, in a harmless sort of way, and easily tolerated The Flying Saucer, even after The Initial Frame Work topped out over most of their houses. A local Television Crew came out to interview him about The Flying Saucer, but at that time; It looked quite ridiculous, and not at all like something that would even support its own weight, and all of The Answers that Chub gave The nice lady that interviewed him were completely incomprehensible to everyone there.

So that thereafter; No one showed too much interest in him or The Saucer.

Occasionally; Someone would drive through this town and hope to spot The Flying Saucer, but in The Summertime, The Thick Foliage hid it, And in The Bitter Winter months, The Snow kept everyone away.

It wasn’t until Chub made some friends with three girls that walked down his alley every day on their way to & from school that anyone really showed any substantial interest in Chub’s project.

That is where The Story Begins.

The Three Girls were:

Khaki Wormburrow
Impurity ( Papaya ) Doggeral
Incestia Fuchsia

They brought a pizza & A box of Diet Cokes over one sunny friday afternoon, On a day that Chub happened to be taking ‘off’ and was laying on The Grass beside The Saucer. A few flies were crawling on his bare back and this tiny amount of contact with other living beings seemed to be just The right amount to sustain his psychological equilibrium.

When Chub saw that The girls had brought a pizza, he immediately warmed to them, and was also delighted that when they asked questions about The Flying Saucer, they asked intelligent followup questions which strongly suggested that they were attentively & thoughtfully listening to his expositions.

No one had ever ‘really’ shown any interest in The Project before.


That morning, Chub had been painting over The (x Section with a Paint that Catalytically Hardened into a Material substantially Stronger than Diamond. This was Interlaced with Another ‘Paint’ that Foamed up when drying, forming a QuaziCyrstaline lattice that was also substantially stronger than any material known to mankind.

When Impurity Doggeral, Whom most everyone called; Papaya, asked where he’d gotten these paints from; Chub said that he’d created them himself, although The Formulas came to him in waking dreams that ‘Yellow Radish’ had transmitted to him.

This was The First Day, The first time; That he had ever mentioned Yellow Radish to anyone. That was how comfortable he felt around these girls. He went on to explain that The Name; Yellow Radish was probably not The Actual Name of Yellow Radish, but that’s what it ’Sounded’ like, although; He’d never really heard The Name either.

The Waking Dreams were very odd; As if he were perceiving them with Senses that his Body wasn’t equipped with. He would see & hear & feel things in these waking dreams, but The Colors were outside The Colors he could see with his Eyes, The Sounds were unlike anything he could hear with his Ears and he felt things that only his Soul could Touch.

The Girls nodded, taking this all in, and actually seemed to empathize with what he was saying. This was so uncharacteristic of all of Chub’s prior experiences with people that he began to suspect that there was something very odd about these girls and frankly told them so.

‘Oh yes; Everyone thinks we’re odd.’ blurted Incestia.

The other girls nodded knowingly.

‘You’re The Only person that I’ve ever met that didn’t seem completely crazy.’ Added Khaki.

‘What about me?’ Shot Papaya.

‘Without Saying; You Two as well!’

‘Hehm.’ sighed Papaya.

Chub went on to Explain how he made The Paints and some other structural innovations as well. He even showed them The Horn of Plenty which wasn’t working yet. When I get it operational; It will make everything else that I need all by itself, but it’s slow going.

I have to build The Formation Grid on The Atomic Scale, And that required that I incrementally created 18 levels of progressively smaller tools, Each one was used to make The Next Smaller Level. I’ll need 6 more levels before I can begin to assemble The First Plate; And once that’s fully functional; It should all go pretty quickly after that.

‘So how much longer will it all take?’ asked Khaki.

‘At least 3 more years.’

‘And you’ve already been at it for 6 years.’ said Papaya.

‘And then what?’ Asked Incestia.

‘And then?’ mused Chub.

‘I don’t know. I suppose I’ll fly it off somewheres, but Yellow Radish hasn’t suggested at all why I’m building it. And curiously; I have not been particularly curious.’

‘Well; that’s not entirely reasonable.’ Interjected Khaki.

‘How can you not wonder what this is for? Who is Yellow Radish and Why did S’he (it pick you to for this?’

‘OhKay; I have wondered a little. And I did mention to a Psychologist when i was 9 that someone was showing me The Flying Saucer that I was Drawing back then. And he said; ‘Who is Showing You?’ and I tried to explain how The Images came to me, and Dr. Greenleaves made it clear that he thought that I was possessed by a Daemon.’

‘And did he arrange to have you Exorcised?’ Asked Incestia.

‘No; I refused to see him anymore and I never mentioned where The Images were coming from. After that; I just let The Process come through me without giving it anymore thought. It was so incredible to See & Experience what Yellow Radish was showing me, I thought that if i began to Question it; It would stop, And i most definitely didn’t want it to stop.’

‘Well; It’s probably an Alien, And you just happened to have The Same Brain Frequency that S’he(it does.’ Suggested Khaki.

‘Or maybe Chub is A Reincarnated Alien and his visions are Memories from when he was A Completely Different kind of Being.’ Added Papaya.

‘Maybe it’s an Evil Alien, and his isn’t a Flying Saucer, But a Doomsday Device that Will Destroy The Earth!’ Screamed Incestia.

‘We’ll just have to wait and see.’ Concluded Chub.

‘Aren’t you worried, At least a little bit?’ Asked Incestia.

‘I can’t explain my confidence that this is going to be all right, and I can’t even begin to suggest how Important this all is; But I’m absolutely sure that things are being taken care of to complete this project beyound my backyard.’

‘What do mean by that?’ Asked Incestia.

‘Things have happened; Very unlikely coincidences & such that have forced me to conclude that I am only a small part of A Larger Scheme. If any of The Other members of This Project have doubts, The World will either be destroyed or Saved by Action or Inaction.’

‘We’ll just have to wait and see.’ sighed Incestia.

When The Girls left later that first afternoon, each was sure that they’d become part of this Greater Scheme.

And they were.

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