Friday, June 06, 2014

More Evidence that The Internet is Fake !

Thursday, June 5, 2014 4:58:32 PM

More Evidence that The Internet is Fake !

i’ve been having a little ‘trouble’ with my Kindle Fire lately, & i thought that i’d go to The Internet to see if i could find The Answer to The Thing that was Troubling me.

The thing that is troubling me is this :

While i’ve mentioned that when i got The Kindle Fire, i was sure that The 16_Gb ( more like 12_Gb ) that it came with, would be insufficient, it has shown me to be in error. You can fit Lots of of books & Magazines into 12_Gb with room left over for lots of pictures & games. Plus; i have The Cloud that remembers & ‘Stores’ all The books that i’ve bought, but are Not on my Tablet. i can download them at any time, & it would take about a minute per book.

But it is still a finite amount of memory, & i recently got down to my last Gb, which concerned The Kindle Fire. It started nagging me about cleaning it up & getting rid of some of The junk that was piling up in it.

So i brought up The Memory Storage Screen, which showed that all of The books i had ( 50 or so ! ) was less than ½ a GigaByte.

What was taking up so much space was my photographs, apps & Docs.

i have a folder of Documents that i’ve loaded, which consists of some pdfs that i’ve made myself, files from The internet & so on, but all of these take up only a few hundred KiloBytes.

So i was very surprised to discover that this Doc Region has 2.5 Gb in it, And — It wouldn’t tell me what was in it. ( ! ) ???

All of The Regions ( Folders ) would tell me exactly what was in them, but this one would Not ( ! ) ( ? ) ???

So that’s why i wanted to go on The internet & find out about this mysterious Docs Folder, & what was in it !

& i could Not.


i hate all of The Search Engines.

They are so Stupid.

It seems to me that you should be able to ask a refining question, which would be parsed on my computer & then sent in a more ‘Structured’ form to Google or whatever, & they would find The one website ( or 20 or so ) that i was interested in;

Rather than Returning Tens of thousands of ‘hits’ which pertained only to Single Words Searches.

So i could’t find what i was looking for.

But i thought; There must me something like a Kindle Fire Newsgroup or a Kindle Newsgroup—

& this is The Evidence that i’m referring to.

That The Internet is a Hoax.

There is No Kindle or Kindle Fire Newsgroups !

Not through Google at least.

What else is there ?

A few years ago; there were Newsgroups for everything, i mean, everything— !

& i am willing to allow that The Idea of Newsgroups have been superseded by something else, but what this something else is; i have Not been privy to discovering.

So what is going on here ?

Why is Amazon so Adamant about Not allowing Their Kindle Users to ask questions about these Tablets ? And how could they even do that; If The Internet were as free & unrestrained as it’s supposed to be.

Because it’s Not.

It’s really only one guy in one basement with an unused bedroom full of old Atari & Commodore Disk-Drives pretending to be a world wide Cybernetic hive mind.

- - -
Later :
i discovered that while there doesn't seem to be a Kindle Fire Newsgroup;
There is a Kindle Fire Facebook Page ( ? )
Which is Functionally, nearly the same thing.
( ? )

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