Friday, June 27, 2014

Travatan Fiasco &/or Mystery ( ? )

The Travatan Fiasco

i’ve been applying Travatan Eye Drops since March 21st 2010 to Control My Eye Pressure ( Around 20 ( ? ) ) that’s related to Glaucoma.

 - - - Travatan / Travoprost Ophthalmic Solution5
 - - - 0.004% 5ml /
 - - - Price on June 21st 2011 : $ 203.49
 - - - One drop per eye per day

The Rule of Thumb for How many Drops would be in A Bottle is roughly 20 Drops per 10_ml, which depends on how accurate my aim is, The Size of The Droplet & Additional Irregularities, such as The Occasional ( Rare ) Squirting ( ! )
 or Capillary Seepage ( ? )

i usually get Around 10% more Drops than Expected from Each Bottle.
This means; 55 Applications ( 110 Drops ) per 5_ml Bottle.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Travatan Fiasco Started around The End of May 2014 when i realized that i wasn’t getting anywhere nearly The Number of Applications that i expected from A Bottle of Travatan.

Because i have what may be a Paranoid-Schizophrenic Personality Type
Along with A Diagnosed Schizoid Personality Type ( or Aspergers ) ? —

( Which means that i believe that there is -Always- An Intelligent Causality to Everything that happens. Nothing ever happens: Just Because; Or by Accident. All Synchronous Phenomena is meaningful, Arranged by NonDenominational Angels ( Ξ.6 Controllers ) & so on… ( ! ) )

— i immediately suspected that this Anomalous Deficiency was Due To a Vast Conspiracy Orchestrated by The Military-Industrial-Entertainment-MailArt Complex(s, Extraterrestrials, Time Travelers from The Future or Militant Canadian Eskimos using Travatan as A Chemical Base for A New Recreational Drug to Sap The Capitalistic Ambition from our School Children.

All Simple or Obvious Explanations were immediately Discarded.

The Next Time i was at my Local Pharmacy;
i mentioned this in an ‘Off-Handed Manner’ So as Not to Arouse Suspicions or Cause them to become Overly Defensive.
i also made a Graph of The Number or Applications that i was Used to, With The Unexpected Change in
The Most Recently Obtained Two Bottles—

figure i
Reduction Chart

Unfortunately; They could Not provide an explanation for this Observation of mine that The Bottle(s were dispensing
an Unusually Small Number of Applications.

About this Time; i needed to Refill my Prescription of Brimonidine;
Another Eye-Drop Solution, Also for my Glaucoma.
At this opportunity i again mentioned The Anomalous Quantity Shortage from The Travatan Bottle & This ‘Different’ Pharmacist revealed The Amazing Explanation !
Or At Least in Part ( ! ? )

The Solution that he offered was that Molina had Changed my Prescription from The 5_ml Bottle to what they believed ( presumably ) was a more Economical 3_ml Bottle !!!
It was a Smaller Bottle !!!
With Fewer Eye Drops !!!

But Curiously; That doesn’t Solve The Entire Mystery !
It Actually makes The Fiasco More Mysterious ! ( ! )
Because : The Bottle that i actually got was Not a 3_ml Bottle as Specified on The Prescription Documentation; But a 2.5_ml Bottle ( ! )

The Prescription Documentation clearly Indicates a 3_ml Bottle.

figure ii
Accompanying Documentation

As does The Label on The Box / Qty : 3
( Peeled off & Affixed in my Journal )
- - -
Notice also that The Price Sticker that was
Under The Box Label Is for [ $ ] 102.04
While The Price on The Documentation is [ $ ] 159.49
( ? )

figure iii
The Box Label & The Price Tag Under The Box Label

But The Box is for 2.5_ml
As is The Bottle
figure iv
Box & Bottle for The 2.5_ml Dispenser

It turns out that The 2.5_ml Bottle looks Exactly like The 5_ml Bottle,
Except that it’s a little Smaller—
You can’t really tell that it’s smaller,
Unless you’re comparing them side by side.
But More Curiously Still ( ! )
The Caps Are The Same Size for Both Bottles;
So that they may be Switched;
Or More Pertinently;
When you’re taking The Lid off of The Smaller Bottle,
It feels exactly The Same as Taking The Top off of The Larger Bottle !
- -
All of this means that when they Switched Bottles on me
Without Telling me that they’d switched Bottles,
It was Entirely Reasonable that i did Not Notice The Difference ( ! )
- -
Except ( ! ) that i did notice that The New Bottle was now slipping through The Grated Shelf in my Refrigerator— But i didn’t suspect that this was Because it was a smaller Bottle, That would have been Crazy ( ? ) !

figure v
Comparison of The 5_ml & 2.5_ml Bottles

So What i am Now Thinking is:
Is there ( Does there Exist ) a 3_ml Bottle,
& If Not; Why was one Prescribed for me ?

And: Is my Local Pharmacy ( SafeWay ) somehow defrauding Molina ?

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