Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Various DisOrganized Thoughts

Monday, June 16, 2014 6:49:35 AM

Various DisOrganized Thoughts

i have had a long standing pickle with ‘Charges’ against criminals in which The Police or Prosecutors ‘Add On’ or ‘Include’ a variety of ’Trivial’ or Superfluous Crimes, Simply because they can, & because it perhaps ( they believe ) makes The Criminal seem More Dangerous or indeed ‘Criminal’.

The Net Effect though; for anyone that is ‘Watching’ or ‘Observing’ this phenomena is that The Prosecutors attempts to create a lengthy list of crimes against their Captured Criminal Comes off as Deeply Comical or Very UnFair.

i Think that if a Criminal is in fact Guilty of any said ‘Principle’ Crime; they would demonstrate that they are in fact a Ne’er-do-well & they are undoubtedly guilty of a wide variety of unspecified &/or unknown crimes. That is a Given.

But by creating this long list of Venial, Incidental, Circumstantial or Picayune Acts of Malfeasance, They are actually diluting The Principle Crimes that are at The Top of The List. Whenever i hear all these particulars in such a listing, i immediately believe that The Prosecutors have a very weak case for The Principle Crimes & are attempting to Ensure a Successful Prosecution by Finding them Guilty of >Something< !

The Correct Approach should be to Assemble such a list for their own amusement, but then cut off The Lesser Two Thirds or Three Fourths.

- - -

The Thought occurred to me that it might ( Should ) be possible to create a Branch of Mathematics that allows for The Translation of any Mathematical, Algebraic or Geometrical Equation, Expression or Construction; As A Necktie.

This Necktie would be elaborately tied & knotted, so that an examination of The Necktie while it is worn, will reveal The solution in The Language of Neckties.

- - -

i have heard this criticism of ‘The News’ from other sources; So it is a Fairly Common Observation; & that is that The News ( TV, Newspapers, Radio & The Internet Venues ) is Heavily Weighted by Sad, Tragic or on Light News Days; Banally Frustrating Stories that are intended to simply evoke a Visceral Sensation of Outrage & Exasperation.

There was just such a Story on Good Morning America ( Actually Two ); & i’m wondering; What is The ‘Correct’ Response to these Presumably Very Rare & Non-Representative Accounts of Cruelty & Callousness ?

- -

The two Stories were :

A Employee of KFC insisted that a Grandmother & Her 3 Year Old GrandDaughter leave The Restaurant because The Girl was Too Ugly.


A Flight Attendant Brutally Assaulted A Mother & her 3 Year Old Daughter, because The Young Girl needed to use The Rest Room while The Plane was Staled on The Runway, waiting an interminable period of Takeoff.

- -

Should i be outraged at these people in The Story, or Should i be directing This Outrage at The Media Outlets for trying to make me believe that these accounts are representative of a World out of Control ( ? ) ( Purveying a Ideology of Fear Mongering  )

- -

Another subset ( ? ) of this are Hoax or Substantially Unsubstantiated ‘YouTube’, ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ Stories that require a little more flushing out before they’re presented as The Gospel Truth on National TV.

The Story just on to Demonstrate this; A 12 year old girl uses Facebook from her cell phone to plead for someone to call an ambulance for her father that was under a tree that fell on him. In The Story on The TV, they acknowledge that this girl was in a location in which her Cell-Phone service was Disrupted, but that =Somehow= she was able to get on Facebook.

( ? )

i’m Not an expert on these things, but it may have been an interesting bit of Pettifoggery to reveal that these two services ( if this is true ) are independent of one another.

i’d always believed that The Internet Service on these Cell phones operated through The Cell-Phone Lines ( ? )

i am willing to allow ( Not Reflexively Disbelieve ) that this is impossible, but i have never heard of anything like this.

i am much more inclined to believe that The original ‘Story’ was a hoax or promotional blurb for FaceBook ( ? )

- -

A Similar Case occurred a few months ago in which a British ‘Artist’ claimed to create a portrait of (x with a Tablet Painting App, that was substantially beyound photo-Realism. It was obviously ( & after a careful examination, proven ! to be ) a Hoax. But at The Time & for Sometime afterwards, The Major Media Outlets were promoting it as Completely True.

That is just confusing & disappointing.

- -

i Fully accept that much of The ‘Hard’ News is actually just press-releases from Local or National Government Agencies, but if The Lowest News & Highest News isn’t News; Is any of The News, News ?

- - -

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