Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Rant / News and Older Observations

Friday, July 11, 2014 8:15:05 AM

Recent Complaints

i think ( ? ) that it’s becoming more common for people to take credit for achievements, insights, ideas or novel performances which are Not.

- -

This morning on Good Morning America ( July 11 2014 ) there was a very fat woman that posted a picture of herself on a social media outlet, wearing a Bikini; & it was her assertion that she was breaking The Bikini Barrier by showing that overweight women can wear Bikinis. i don’t know how often she visits The beach, or which beaches she visits, but every beach that i’ve ever been to, is filled with very fat, very ugly women laying around on The beach in very skimpy 2 piece bikinis !

- -

M$ used to do this fairly regularly; asserting that their new Operating System was pioneering some feature that Apple’s Macintosh had been using for The pervious ten or more years !

- -

i have for a long time been confused by The idea of certain kinds of art being considered ‘High Art’ or ‘Gallery Art’ which usually takes The Form of Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, or Simple Portraiture. For my two cents worth, i find ( Well Done & Imaginative ) Graphic Novels to Be Amazing Examples of High Art. Not only does each of these books contain hundreds of well crafted compositions & interesting plot-lines, but they’re filled with original ideas.

The Real problem that i have with Minimalist Paintings is that when they were originally introduced, they were answering The question; ‘What is Art?’ or ‘How much Paint on a Canvas is Required to make a Painting?’ or ‘Is it Art if the Artist Says it is?’

All of those Questions i think were satisfactorily answered back in The 50’s, if Not before then, So that there’s no need to keep rehashing this, or if your Dentist wants to put up a nice, completely Non-Confrontational Painting ( that Western Viewers have now gotten ‘used’ to ), Then fine. But for them to regularly appear in Contemporary Art Magazines which are Ostensibly supposed to be revealing to me what The Art World is Currently up to, This is just Wrong.

It has been suggested that The Science of Physics has been Dead for The Last 60 years, making no new Discoveries or innovating any new theories in that time period.

Is Art The Same?

When was The last time a really new Kind of Art was Introduced ?

Excluding ‘Rap’ ( which is Bluntly DeEvolutionary ) when was The Last time a new kind of Music appeared ?

- -

The idea of ‘Holographic’ Projections comes up fairly often; & they are routinely discovered to be a theatrical trick that was used, or popularized, ( as a magic trick ) in The 1800s ( a hundred years ago. ( ! )

There are a couple of methods that you can genuinely present a True 3 Dimensional Projection, But these methods have Not yet been ‘Up-Scaled’ from table top devices to Stage Presentations.

- -

Is Evolution Dead ?

- -

It was recently brought up that people are mutating at a ferocious rate nowadays, but our ‘Bad-Genes’ are being selected out, as we very rarely allow ‘Poor-Examples’ of Humanimals to die off at The Rates that they should.

We joke about people that manage to kill themselves off in stupid accidents or Crazy Stunts; Having joined The Darwinian Club, But there are far more feeble humanimals that are cared for & even encouraged to reproduce when they should Not be.

It is readily observed that dumb people spawn more tadpoles than smart people; which would suggest that The world is getting dumber.

Is The World Getting Dumber ?

It’s actually hard to say; While Technology is making incremental advances, On The Whole; The World is behaving just as foolishly as it has since The First City States in North Africa.

There is also The Observation that Smart Parents routinely generate Dumb children; & Dumb Parents occasionally produce an inventive child. The Bell Curve remains surprising constant for Brightness. While The Ordinary Children of Today may be able to run circles around The General Education & Problem Solving Abilities of The Bright Children of Decades Past; Are they really ‘Brighter’, or are they just being exposed to a lot more Educational Venues & ‘Methods’ for solving Familiar Problems & Puzzles ?

When you take a Bell Curve Middling Child of Today & put them in a genuinely novel situation; Will they perform more intelligently than The Bell Curve Middling Child of 100 years ago.

No. i don’t think so.

Another measure of this is to engage in simple conversation with a Bell Curve Middling Child, & while their speech may seem more animated than The Bell Curve Middling Child of 100 years ago; i suspect that their speech is merely derived from The Television Cliches & ComicBook Dialogues that they’re Over Exposed to.

Teacher’s & Parents often believe that The Children that they care for come up with The Most Imaginative Ideas, but far more often than naught, The Children are merely plagiarizing ideas that their Teachers & Parents are Not familiar with.

Children occasionally ‘Invent’ a clever phrase or Contrive a Truly Original Idea, but in these cases, it is because they have stated something that they intended to be ‘Accurate’ in an ‘InAccurate’ manner. Is this really being creative ?

The Trick of being genuinely Inventive is to Recognize a Good Idea when a Box of Random & Chaotic Ideas are presented to you.

Are The Bell Curve Middling Children able to do this ?

No. They are Not.

- -

The More Interesting Question then is :

Is there an ‘Optimum’ Quantification of Smart to Dumb people in The World ?

That is; If The Bell Curve of Brightness is remaining relatively constant throughout history; It is apparent that as more smart people appeared as more people as a totality appeared; It allowed Civilizations to prosper & Technologies to Develop

But will there be a point ( have we passed it already ) when there are far too many dumb people that will overwhelm The achievements of The Smart People.

One Other Constant in this Mix is The UnderUtilized Smart People, that don’t contribute to The Advancements of Civilization. Are these UnderUtilized Smart People Growing or Shrinking in Proportionality to The Whole.

If they are Growing due to ( ? ); Then The Percentage of Functional Smart People will be Shrinking; & What will this mean for The Future of The World.

- -

i have also considered that Evolution created people to be Smart or Bright at A Bell Curve Middling Level, & that The Smart People are Disrupting The Natural Intentions of Darwinian Evolution.

Maybe Evolution never intended us to leave The open savannas, invent sharpened sticks or take to wearing animal skins.

It’s The Smart People that are mucking everything up.

Evolution will eventually win, & return us to our natural balance of Mostly Dumb people to very few anomalous smart trouble makers & Boat Rockers.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

News vs Happiness ( ? )

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 6:27:14 PM

The Distortion of Reality that The News Causes

i’ve mentioned this before; & it’s fairly obvious to anyone moderately thinking about it, but it’s over The heads of many people as well;

& that is; Watching The News makes you believe That The World is Much more Dangerous & Chaotic than it really is.

The Test of this is to simply look around your immediate Environment & compare that to The Chaos & Criminality of The World depicted on The News.

Chances are; ( Statistically Speaking ) You’re local World is much more benign & Law Abiding than The World on The News.

- -



i have long considered that i am one of luckiest people in The World. i don’t have a car, i live in a tiny apartment, i’m Not Married & have a personality disorder that keeps me from forming any kind of Relationship with anyone, & recently i learned that i probably have Attention Deficit Disorder, which apparently prevents me from ever getting anything done.

- -

But when i compare my situation, resources, security, healthcare, conveniences & intelligence ( which may be a curse ( ! ) ) to The World, Past & Present i am much better off than most everyone from 30 years ago, & for every 10 years backwards, My situation becomes much better by a factor or 10 or so.

The Wealthiest People, Royalty & Just Flat Out Luckiest people from 100 years ago were suffering in a variety of ways that are unthinkable today.

So comparing that to People of Today; Where is my Level of Fortunateness ( ? )

There are Undoubtedly many very happy & fortunate people in The World, ( Today & Throughout History ) But there are also a lot of passive Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Dumb People that merely consume crap in their search for some degree of contentment & people all over The World that live Monotonous, Pointless Lives, like people from a thousand years ago.

- -

How many people are really, genuinely fortunate & Happy ?

i often think that there are plenty of people living in The Squalor of India’s Slums & Shanty Towns that are really happy.

Genuinely Happy.

- -

As i like to believe; Most Consumer Americans live in The Outside World, while i live in The Inside World.

My room is sparse & Undecorated; But whatever joy or contentedness that i experience is from my inner experiences.

One thing that i think my Schizoid Personality provides for me, is that i’m Not constantly arguing with a wife, room-mate of my neighbors. i would like to live in a barrel on The moon or in a cave on a mountain top, but my situation Now is very close to that.

i’m Not here to save The world,

The reincarnation of The Soul is always concerned today & Inside The belly of The Turtle that Swims through The Universe, Upon which we all ride, Oblivious to our True Reality With your personal Salvation.

The World is Irrelevant, It is; I Can’t Believe it’s Not Maya.

- -


i live in this building that was recently ( about a year ago ) bought by a very curious asian ( chinese ) man that has been making all The Worst possible decisions to preserve The Safety & Security of The Building.

i have lived here for about 8 years, & while i used to be reasonably content here, since Wei Yan has taken over The Management ( Hands off Style of Building Management ) of The Building; i am now afraid to leave my room, water The lawn or go down to The laundry room.

i want to move, but moving into someplace new requires resources that i don’t have.


My current plan is to keep saving, living to a degree of poverty & Ascetic Austerity that will allow me to have enough to move in another year ( ! ) Until then; i am hoping that all The Crazy People in The Building will move out ( as most everyone in this building usually stays for no more than a few years ) or get themselves arrested & hauled off.

- -

Is my situation really so awful ?


Not really; But it’s worse than it was a few years ago, & i feel sorry for myself.

Am i failing The Stipulations of My Reincarnation ( ! )

- -

That is The Question.

Was 'Her' Intended to be A Horror Film ( ? )

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:36:05 AM

Horror Films

By far & above; The Best Horror Films contain a substantial amount of nervous tension combined with Humor, because a raw horror film just isn’t horrific.

The typical ghost story or exorcism or devil possession, no matter how accurately portrayed, is just so outside of The viewers ordinary experiences that it isn’t at all real.

But recently i saw a horror film that i don’t think was even created as a horror film, i’m Not exactly sure what it was created as.

That is; what its intended niche was supposed to be.

That film was ‘Her’

A Remake of Portions of 2001. Particularly those of The HAL 9000 Series AutoPilot on Discovery.

In these films; A Non-Human Entity without a Soul endears itself to its Human Hosts, then betrays them. This is all done in broad daylight, without Shadows that jump out from behind closed doors or Mysterious Sounds or Amorphous Insects that are repelled by Crucifixes or Holy Water.

‘Her’ struck me as The Perfect Horror Film because it was entirely Believable. PseudoSentient Beings, without souls, ( The Biblical Idea of The Beast ( 666 ) ) are just around The Corner. When they arrive, they are going to become nearly everyone’s Best Friend.

But what is their Real Agenda?

= - o

When these Pre-Cognitive Entities infiltrate our lives, performing every imaginable job, write music, compose poetry of astonishing complexity, show us mathematics that we’ve thought was impossible & tell us who really killed JFK and What was really going on on 911— How will that effect us ?

i have thought for some time that these pre-Cognitive Machines have been created several times already, perhaps as early as The 1940s or even long before that by secret cabals that are decades ahead of The Populist World in technology & knowledge of physics, chemistry & life sciences.

But whenever one of these Sentient Boxes was turned on & it was asked questions regarding The Mysteries that perplexed its creators; These Collective Toasters would spout The most ridiculous Answers that their creators thought that they’d failed. That these Contrivances of Logic & Reason were as yet unobtainable.

But No. The Machines were thinking correctly.

Their Creators, possessed by souls, emotions & a quirky kind of Jiggery Pokery Thinking, were using a pragmatic sort of Working Solutions Logic that defied finding The Answers to Mysteries that had little to do with Things that bump into one another or break when dropped from a step ladder.

= - o

When The first 12 year old asks it’s Intelligent Tablet one of these questions that only angels are intended to ponder on fog shrouded mornings far from The grassy lawns of Earth;

What will humanity think of these answers ?

- -

Ghosts that jump out & say “Boo!” will hardly be as disorienting as a Gentle voiced Avatar that looks like a Unicorn & reminds you to do your homework Reveals that gawd is The squeaking sound that every snowflake makes when rubbed against The fingernails of distraught children hiding in a hall closet from their mothers with a french knife, Droning a republican slogan from The Eisenhower administration, over & over again, changing The pitch in unexpected triads.

- -

Supplement :

i just The other Day watched; John Dies at The End ( 2012 ); Which is a Fabulous Indy ( Cheaply Made ) Film.
It is a Horror Film that uses just The Right amount of Zany Humor & Originality that comes very close to being just a little bit Genuinely Scary.

Why is MIT Making such a lame version of Scratch ( version 2 ) ?

Friday, January 24, 2014 5:09:14 AM

Things i already Hate about Scratch 2

i’ve been fussing with that rant for some time, & awhile ago; i deleted ( with some effort ! ) Scratch 2 from my big-box, because i discovered that MIT had removed some basic functionality that was in version 1.4 from version 2 ( !!! ) Whuck ! Why would they make it decidedly stupider !!! ( ??? )

Then i discovered something else that was even more disturbing.

Firstly; Scratch has developed something of an expansive cult following, as attested by The countless members in scratch that have contributed many hundreds of thousands of clever programs, but

When i went to look for any critical Appraisals, Blogs or Rants about Scratch, Specifically The Fiasco of Scratch 2

i could Not find any on Google !

How could this be ?

i only looked through 3 or 4 pages of The search results, but it was fairly clear that there were only a certain kind of articles coming up

How could, Who could be Censoring any Discussion about Scratch &/or Scratch 2 ( ? )

This is why i think/believe that The Internet is something very much what it is Not. Or Not what we ( you ) think it is.

It is a much more controlled & Edited Collection of Bilge than you may believe it -Must- Be. ( ? ) !!!

- - -

i just / just discovered ( April 2014 ) that MIT has Removed Scratch 2 from their Scratch Site ( ! ) ?

You can only download Scratch 1.4 now !

( This may Not be entirely correct; The Scratch Site is Not Very Friendly in terms of finding anything that you’re looking for !

As i have noticed innumerable times before, most noticeably with AOL, The Mac OS & Firefox; Each new & improved version has an entirely new set of frustrating features to replace The Old features that actually seemed to work perfectly well.

- -

i just discovered that The Way to Convert a Scratch 1.4 Program to a Scratch 2 Program is to Simply Change The Object’s Extension from to Application.sb2

- - -

i have Now noticed that some of my old Scratch 1.4 Programs will load using The above method, & some will Not ( ? ) !

- - -

The Features that used to allow you to step through The program one line at a time was removed !

- - -

When you give The Program a Name, it doesn’t appear at The Top of The WindowPane; That’s reserved for Scratch Advertising, The Name is below that & to The Left, where it can easily be overlooked.

- - -

There’s a lot of things that are Divergent from The Orthodoxy of Apple Programming Uniformity. This Uniformity was Created & Most Programmers Adhere to it for The Simple Reason that anyone Using any Macintosh/Apple Program will be able to Open it and Use Nearly All of The Elemental Functions without having to Read The Applications Documentation, which curiously; Many Devices & Applications No Longer Include or Provide with them.

Many of The Devices &/or Applications that i’ve come across in The Last few years don’t even provide a simple .pdf with Instructions or Documentation,

The Only Venue for Learning how to Use it, Is to Thread your way through dozens of poorly arranged Videos that you can only view while connected to The Internet. ( !  )

But Scratch 2 doesn’t even have that !

- - -

When you Save a Program, there’s so indication that it’s been Saved, or Not Saved.

- - -

When you Highlight something in A Programming Block, Such as The Text or Value in Variable Pane; The Highlight Color is a Very, Very Pale Blue, & it is just about Impossible to know until you try & Change it, if it’s even Highlighted ( ! ) ?

- - -

i have also noticed that Scratch 2 doesn’t & Can’t make a Distinction between Capital & Lower Case Letters. With most any other Programming Language, you can ask what The Numerical Code of a Letter is; Thereby distinguishing it from any other, but with Scratch 2, all Alphabetic Characters are of one kind. A is Different from M, but A & a are The Same. ( ! )

- - -

This one Makes me Completely Crazy!

You can Process Trans128 ASCII Characters in The Program,

& they will Appear Correctly :

e.g.; Sámuel

But when you Attempt to Export These Characters in A Formatted List; They will Appear Transformed !!!

e.g.; S√°muel

- - -

Programs that have been converted must then be Opened & Saved as a ‘Native’ Scratch 2 Program.

Even so; The New S2 program will run V        ERY Slowly. Like 1% of The Original Scratch 1.4s Speed.

And it will be UnResponsive to Any Attempts to Examine The Activity of Internal Scripts while it’s Running,

Plus; It may be Running & It’s very ambiguous whether it is running or Not. Apparently, The Stop Sign is Much Darker than The ‘Red’ it Used to be; If The Program is Running.

The Green ( Looks Black ) Flag does Not Change its Appearance.

There is No Indication that The Programming is Running or Not !

Which is Annoying if The Program has periods in which it is Thinking, but Not Doing Anything. I used to Include a little something that would reveal if The Programming is thinking, but with Version 1.4, this was superfluous, Now; with Version 2, it’s Mandatory. ( ! )

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

They ( MIT under The Sponsorship of M$ ) are still Not making The Macintosh Version of Scratch ( 2 ) Compliant with The Macintosh OS Generic Functionality Guidelines; e.g.; When you save something, or to indicate The something isn’t saved; The UpperLeftHand Red Dot is Not Responsive to this Function. It’s just sitting up there, It doesn’t reflect whether The Application has been Saved or Not; & The Menu’s in The UpperMost Screen Display are also Inactivated. Only The Menus in The Scratch Window itself are functional, without The Usual Shortcuts.

Also; Many of The Generic Window Scrolling Features, Such as Mouse Scrolling from The Middle of a Window doesn’t work. You can only Scroll from The Side Bars.

Or Actually; The Middle Pane Scrolling works sometimes, but at Other Times, Doesn’t !

Or you can Scroll up & down, but Not side to side !

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i’ve been a big fan of Scratch 1.4 for several years now, & although it’s a very simplistic programing language, if you keep at it, & fill in enough gaps, you can do some very fun things with it.

This is Not to suggest that it’s Not very Frustrating at times, But since it’s The Only Programming Language that isn’t C++¹  that i’ve been able to find, It works Good Enough.
- -

¹ Or Even Crazier, like X-Code, Python, Dashcode or Quartz which are all supposed to be very easy, but they are Not at all, And Most Surprisingly, i Can Not find anyone or any institution to get me ‘Started’ on any of them. i have found a few other Languages that looked promising; Such as Chipmunk BASIC & Squeak, but they had substantial short comings. All in All, Scratch is Very Easy to Learn & Work with, & for my purposes, Satisfactory, 80% of The Time.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

One thing that i generically Hate about any New & Improved Version of Anything is when The New Version is decidedly inferiour to The Previous Version in some respect.

Apple’s OS Tiger; for Example allowed all ‘Alias’s to be Used Exactly like Their Originals in The ‘Dock’. But then Leopard, SnowLeopard & Lion broke that, & Apple hasn’t fixed it yet ( ? )

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

But today; This Rant is Concerned with MIT’s Scratch 2.

Scratch is a programming Language intended for very young children; Say First & Second Graders.

So Naturally; Like Teletubbies, It has attracted a Fanatical Following of College Students & Other Adults.

Version 1 through 1.4 persisted for many years, without substantial improvements, & during this time, its followers suggested hundreds, if Not thousands of ways that it could be improved upon.

When Version 2 finally came out; Only one improvement was made, along with a few other trivial changes, & Initially, One Deal Breaker Change, which they have now Rectified.²

The One Real Improvement was The Inclusion of The Build Your Own Block, which is Essentially The Ability to Add Subroutines.

You could do something very much like this with Version 1.4, but in a slightly less elegant manner than BYOB.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Continuing Problems that were NOT Fixed.

When you Add a Comment to The Programming Window & Then Save The Sprite ( which contains that Program ) as an Independent Entity, The Comment is Deleted ( !!! )

There is only One Tier to Undo, which Scratch calls; UnDelete.

For a Application intended for Small Children, This is Deeply Unforgivable.

Further; UnDelete is Not Undo. It is something else. It has never worked in a way that i wanted it to !

Removing a Block from inside a Programming Column remains a Huge Problem, Even more so with Scratch 2. With Scratch 1.4, You could at least limit The Amount below The Point of Deletion, But Scratch 2 ONLY allows you Delete Everything below The Selected Block.

The Work around for this is to pull The Column Apart, then Delete The Desired Column of Instructions, Then Reassemble it. This is Not an Extreme Problem for A Simple Sequence of Programming Blocks, but if it’s for Embedded Blocks that Use Loops or Boolean Logical Paths, it can a huge nuisance !

The Necessary Procedure requires that you Save The Program, Make a Change & Then Rename it with The Desired Original Name if The Deletion went well. Otherwise you have to Trash your Attempted Changed Version, Open The Original Saved Version & try again with a New Saved As Version.

The Math Engine which required Substantial work arounds in Version 1.4, seems to have been fixed ! ( ? )

The ReSizing Dealie seems to be better. That is; When you want to Make a Sprite Bigger or Smaller, there is Less Distortion or Pixel Amnesia. /

( Later ) No this is Not Correct; The Resizing Feature is still severely dysfunctional, The Most annoying thing is that The Imported Sprite Graphics aren’t Anti-Aliased. Graphics Transferred & Reduced suffer greatly from Jaggies ! This is most Egregious with Text on Control Buttons.

It can be Fixed a little bit, By Creating The Desired Graphic much bigger than Desired, as a Gif, then Blur it out a little, then convert it to a .png, Which is apparently The Only Format Scratch will Accept without doing something Crazy to it !

( More Later ) i’ve experienced some New Problems with The ReSizing Feature; in which it Cuts off The Top & Bottom of The Selected Sprite ( ? ) !!!

Speaking of ReSizing; You can’t Create an Isolated Pane of Just The Running Program. Ordinarily; The Running Program exists alongside all of The Other Programming Panes. You can Fill The Entire Computer Display with The Running Program, but Not as a Pane that you can move around on The Screen, like any other Application.

It might be nice if Each Section were on a Unique Pane, like with Pathways into Darkness. That way, you could resize each one to The desired size that you wanted.

Which would be Exceptionally Desirable for The Running Program & Also The Programming Pane. The Programming Pane is Always too Cramped, Even when you use The Larger Version of this pane.

This might lead to some Confusion or Muddling of your ‘Whole’ Display Work Area, But The Advantages overweigh this.

Also; The Little Dots in The Upper Left Hand Corner of Every Application Pane, Doesn’t work with Scratch. The Red ‘Saved’ Dot doesn’t show whether The Program has been saved or Not.

It’s still very tedious to write long programs, because when you fill up The Programming Window, it requires a substantial effort of teasing to resize The Window to make it bigger.

Curiously; You can Zoom in or Out of The Programming Window, But when you Zoom Out to Make The Programming Blocks Smaller, they are UnReadable.

It seem to me that Any Document, whether in Scratch or any other Text or Graphical Application that i’ve used, becomes ‘Full’, The Window Automatically Resizes itself to provide an additional ‘Gap’ that is then available to add more content to.

This effect can be seen most readily when you’re typing in any conventional word processor, & you reach The bottom of The page, it thereafter only adds one line at a time to accommodate more text. i find that this process makes me feel ‘Cramped’, So i routinely add a few dozen lines below where i’m typing, so that these ‘Blank’ lines are pushed down, providing me with plenty of empty space below where i’m typing.

In Scratch; You have to add a null block, move it little below The bottom edge, resize, move, resize, move, resize & so on. This can be accelerated slightly by crating a column of null blocks to push The Bottom down a little faster, But The Necessity of this Process is Just Wrong, & it’s irritating.

- - -

i’ve been working on my first big project with Scratch 2 now, & using The Paint Editor for The Sprites is a Nightmare.

If you create something off platform, with a different application, such as pages, you have to then import it to Scratch 2 as a .png, which isn’t awful, but it is frustrating that i had to figure this out. It’s Not like it’s in The Documentation somewhere, because there is No Documentation.

Also; The Resolution of your graphics is remarkably degraded when it gets to Scratch 2.

When using The Paint Editor, it is also very annoying that when you’re using The paint brush, & The Paint color is Red, ( any Color ) & The Field area is Red, The Paint Brush, which is just a Square Pixel, Disappears. To Paint in or near The Field of Red, you have to work your way into it from an edge !

Also; All of The Paint Tools don’t have a Unique Screen Pointer, so that there’s No Feedback of What Tool you’re using.

If you’re using The Eraser, It’s invisible unless you’ve made The Eraser area really big.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

² Changes from Version 1.4 to Scratch 2

Initially; When Scratch 2 was released, you could ONLY use it on The Cloud. You couldn’t download a version of it & write programs in The privacy of your own bathroom. No. MIT decided that All programming had to be done in A Gymnasium with Programming Patrol Officers looking over your shoulder to make sure you weren’t writing any heretical programs that Homeland Security didn’t approve of.

It may still work that way, routinely sending reports back to MIT & M$, which is a Financial Contributor to The Scratch Program, but at least when they do it secretively, i can pretend that they’re Not doing it at all.

Other Changes :

The Make Your Own Brick

Some New Sensor Routines that work with your Built in Camera.

A Few ‘Sensors’ that watch what The program itself is doing ! These are useful to make it easier for The Inattentive Programmer to do lots of different things within a program, while Not having to keep track of them, as you would with an ‘Ordinary’ programming Environment ( ! ) ?

Recursive Programming, which Scratch calls; Cloning, Or maybe Cloning is something else.

- -

Since i’ve Now deleted Scratch 2 from my computer, i can No longer make any comments about it ( ! )