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Attractiveness ?

Saturday, June 21, 2014 2:26:48 AM

Attractiveness ?

i am fascinated by The Idea of Attractiveness.

Since i was in High School, & Possibly before then; i have noticed that Women are often attracted to, Date or Marry Very, Very UnAttractive Men. & Likewise; Men are often Attracted to or Marry very UnAttractive Women ( ? )

Obviously; They may be attracted to some other Quality or Qualities that The UnAttractive Possesses; Or More Likely They are Attracted to an Overwhelming Pheromone Susceptibility. You have no doubt found yourself in The presence of someone, such as someone on a elevator, that very suddenly causes you to become extremely sexually aroused ( ! )

Very Curiously; This Unexpected Arousal may last for days, weeks or Months, then suddenly disappear. You are then able to ‘See’ The Person ‘Clearly’ & wonder what ever made you ‘Like’ them in The First Place ( ! )

This sudden change may be caused by Menstrual Cycles, Medications that you or they have started or stopped taking, Dietary Changes or An Unknowable Factor.

Most of The Time though; People are Attracted to One Another for Substantially more Benign Reasons. An Opportunity to Mutually Exploit One Anothers Resources for Example. This may sound awfully cold blooded, but these ‘Resources’ may be The Sorts of things that everyone Craves, & aren’t necessarily something so Shallow as Money, Property or Social Positioning.

You may have noticed that some people that don’t seem terribly ‘Attractive’ in any conventional Sense; Are well liked by nearly everyone, both socially & sexually. While The Opposite(s is Also True; Attractive People that Aren’t Liked, Attractive People that are liked, UnAttractive People that are or aren’t liked.

As Well as Mean &/or Cruel People that are Liked; While Nice Men or Women that aren’t liked or universally ‘overlooked’.

Women have been thought to be attracted to ‘Bad Boys’; & many Men are Attracted to ‘Naughty Girls’ The Sorts of Women that they do Not want to Marry, but my be content to ‘Possess’ as Mistresses for many, many years.

Also; Both Men & Women seem to be Attracted to ‘Dumb’ Partners. People that are substantially Inferiour to their own Mental Acuity. There may be many reasons for this. My own attraction to Genuinely Retarded Women is that i find them very Relaxing to be Around, Like Cats or well behaved Dogs.

i also have this theory ( ? ) that many Women are Attracted to Mean, Cruel or Genuinely Abusive Men, for essentially The Same Reason that many Women find Bill Gates ‘Attractive’, & that is They are Seeking ‘Security’ at The Exclusion of all other Considerations. They believe that while their choice may be a Danger to them &/or their Children; So long as her ‘Mate’ doesn’t actually Kill them, He will provide them with Protection from The More Dangerous World, which may have been a very good Strategy a few million years ago, or in many modern Era Geographical Regions, such as The Inner Cities of North America.

Most Women however are able to recognize that a Milk-Toast Husband is perfectly acceptable now-a-days, as Their Security it Provided in Less Physically Tangible ways, Such as living in a nice neighborhood, financial resources, Extended Families  or A Lottery Jackpot.

Some other Considerations that i find curious about ‘Attractiveness’ is Many Women’s Obsession with ‘Making themselves’ Beautiful, with Makeup, Surgery or Fashions.

Men are attracted to many different Factors; But The Latest Fashions, i am pretty certain, is Not one of them.

What most men find most attractive is when a women shows an interest in them.

A Cheerful Smile is much more alluring than a Well Sculpted Face, Carefully applied Cheek Rouge, or A New Hair-do.

No Obtrusive Facial or Body Feature is A Necessary Deal Killer.

What i find most Amazing is that many Women with Large Noses, Quirky, Lazy Eyes; Facial Palsy, Poor Complexion or Misshapened, Asymmetrical Body Forms are Never-The-Less; Considered Very Attractive.

Sometimes this is because A Particular ‘Look’ has be ‘Validated’ by a Media Whore, Singer, Actor, Talking Head or Flash Celebrity that Becomes Popular for ‘Some Other Reason’, has a Very Unique & Autonomous ‘Look’ which ‘Catches On’ for awhile. It is very curious that when you look at Who was ‘Popular’ in Old High-School Annuals from years ago; They ( Mostly ) all have a distinctive look, & this look is usually mirrored by a Popular Media Whore of that Era.


If you’re able to ‘Separate Yourself’ from Cultural Bias &/or Validation Venues ( ? ) You may find it Amusing to look through a Fashion Magazine at all The ‘Super-Models’ & Scrutinize them for Genuine Attractiveness. What i find is that they are very often very Quirky looking, But rarely ‘Pretty’ or ‘Beautiful’ in Ways that have been Universally Accepted by 5th Grade Boys since The Invention of A Sharpened Stick. What i think The Fashion Magazine Photographers & Editors are going for is; ‘Startlingly Different’, Quirky or ‘The Flavor of The Month’, & then they ‘Validate’ this look by The Virtue of their Publication’s Weight. If The Publication was sufficient Weight, This ‘New Look’ will become ‘Popular’ Irregardless of how Butt Ugly it may have been a month ago.

As another Side Issue; We are constantly being reminded of how Cruel The ( Orthodox ) Islamic Communities are for forcing their women to wear Burkas &/or Niqabs ( ? )

But don’t we do The Same thing in Western ( Catholic & Protestant ) Societies ( ? ) We force or Men to Wear Business Suits if they want to be taken seriously; or Far More Insidious; We Force Women that want to be taken seriously in Professional Circles to put on a Clown Face whenever they leave The House. A Woman that appears in Public without her ClownFace On is Ridiculed & Ostracized. Men don’t have to Wear ClownFaces, In fact if they are caught wearing any sort of ‘Make-Up’ they are Ridiculed & Ostracized. ( !!! )

Recently; A Picture of Convict Jeremy Meeks_30 of Stockton California; ( June 18th 2014 ) has appeared in Cybernetic Social Circles & has been ‘Voted’ Most Attractive Man Ever ( ! )  ( Facebook Liked 64,000 ) What is it that is so Attractive about him & why did he Suddenly become so Attractive. Was he always ‘Considered’ Attractive, or did some new ‘Factor’ come into Play Recently ( ? )

i am willing to acknowledge that he does have an interesting & reasonably uniquely fetching jawline, but The most telling feature that i immediately noticed about him, is his ‘Dead & Lifeless’ Blue Eyes. They are Not Lupine, They are Corpse Like ( ! ) But as i mentioned earlier; Women are often attracted to Dull Witted or Bovinian Men.

But i suspect that The Real & Prominent Reason that Jeremy has become so ( Suddenly ) Popular is that he’s been Validated. Some Woman ( or Man ) found his mug-shot & published it, added a snarky comment to it & then by The Extremely Mysterious Process of Viralization; The Image began to Circulate, with Each New Tier of ‘Authentication’, A Greater Veneer of Legitimization was Added so that if any Woman ( or Man ) that Disavowed his Beguiling Status would be Snubbed as an Outsky ! Most everyone understands that when a New Fad begins to take off, you are under a very strong obligation is join in or be left out, Which feeds The Frenzy, & Makes things that have no Business being Popular, Very Excessively Popular.

Is Jeremy really Attractive ?

In Closing; If you Want to be Attractive; The Thing that Both Men & Women seem to find Attractive in Others; Is Subtle, UnBlinking Confidence. As Demonstrated with Politicians such as Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Michele Bachmann or Kim Jong II; We don’t want Leaders that are Smarter or More Attractive than we are; Only More Confident.

That is The Most Universally Accredited Aphrodisiac.

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